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Milan, Michigan

is just packed with tons of great places to eat, so when you are hanging out in the area with Milan limo service, you'll be able to refer to this list of great eateries and lounges in the 48160 zip code. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as all of us do at Milan limos!

♦ Milan Grill ♦
Milan Grill may possibly be the most beloved restaurant in the city, with a great bar and restaurant atmosphere, including televisions making it the perfect location even when you can't peel yourself away from the screen. It's wonderful for dining in groups, whether it's friends or families with kids, and this also happens to be one of the restaurants that stays open later than most, most days they are open until 11 PM and on Fri & Sat. they stay open an extra hour. We really love the prime rib here, and the Michigan Salad is also really wonderful. They have an eggplant parmesan that's noteworthy, and when it comes to dessert it's hard to pass up the creme brulee. If you decide to order an appetizer, definitely opt for the pulled pork nachos! Milan Grill is located at 39 E Main St.

♦ Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers ♦
Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers known as one of the best casual diner style restaurants that you can try when you are traveling with Milan limousine. The barbecued pork is our favorite thing here, and that's pretty much what we always come here for. Their pulled pork sandwiches are also really amazing, and honestly probably the best in the entire state. It's true that this is just a laid back hole in the wall greasy spoon restaurant, but if you can appreciate that as much as we do, you should really stop by and check this place out. The quality never wavers here, and that's part of the reason that we're so loyal to Roy's. Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers is found at 25 Wabash St.

♦ China One ♦
When you are craving some really great Chinese food in Milan, then you should do yourself a favor and choose China One. The price is about as low as it can get, and though the ambiance isn't much to write home about (just located in a strip mall and pretty basic in terms of decor), the focus is on the food and that is NOT a bad thing. The hot and sour soup is the perfect beginning to any meal, and of course you just can't go wrong with their crab rangoon at this restaurant. They serve really huge portions here, and that makes it even more worth your time and money. What makes the flavors so unique here is that the owners hail from the Fujian Province. Definitely makes all the difference. China One is found conveniently at 29 E Main St.

♦ Lighthouse Coffee Company ♦
Lighthouse Coffee Company is a refreshing change from the norm in Milan. We are big coffee lovers, and they even go so far as to have their own special roasts here which is a big attraction for us. They do not roast them on the premises, but they are specially made for this location, and that's what makes it the very best. When you're hungry you can definitely rely on their sandwiches, and we'd most highly recommend the turkey panini with cranberries and fresh sprouts. Really amazing. Though the food and the coffee is on a completely different level than what you'll find elsewhere, and their pricing is more reasonable than most competitors. Another great surprise! We just adore this place and recommend it very highly to you. Lighthouse Coffee Company is found at 9 W Main St.

♦ Big Boy ♦
Big Boy is of course known for its huge variety of food, their breakfast, and that delicious soup and salad bar. They have something for just about everybody, and that's why it's such a beloved family restaurant. Consistency between restaurants is not something that we think of when we think of Big Boy's--we prefer certain locations over other ones. But this is one that we'd put near the top of the list. The thing that stands out above all else is the wonderful staff that they hire here. They really know how to wait on tables, taking care of the customer and making sure that you have everything that you need. Our favorites here are always the classics--the Big Boy and the Slim Jim. They of course have many franchises all over but you'll find this Big Boy location at 1000 Dexter St.

♦ Hungry Howie's ♦

We are very loyal to Hungry Howie's no matter what location we're talking about, and the primary reason for that is that they always have so many great deals going on to help you save money on all their delicious food! The pizzas are what we love the best here, with the fabulous flavored crusts that they are known for, and the delicious sauce and cheese that everybody loves so much. The subs are also incredibly good, Calzone style, and just soooo tasty. They really load them up with tons of high quality ingredients, and they pair very well with a slice of that pizza too! Either order through their website or visit this Hungry Howie's location at 6 W Main St.

♦ Marco's Pizza ♦
Marco's Pizza is a place that has been going strong forever and the best part about this place is that they always have great coupon deals to help you save a bunch of bucks when you're dining there. The pizza is what they are most known for, but we would vouch for the fact that their sandwiches are equally good, and their cheese bread is just fantastic! They have both carryout and delivery here, so that makes it just perfect for travel with Milan limousine, and they accept all major credit cards here so you don't need to worry about having cash on you or stopping by the bank. Very low prices here too, and a wonderful staff that just makes everything so good! You can find Marco's PIzza at 1154 Dexter St!

♦ Milan Coney Island ♦
Milan Coney Island serves as the ideal location for a great lunch when in Milan. Their gyros are so good, made from high quality gyro meat, fresh pitas, and plenty of tomatoes and onions plus that zesty tzatziki sauce that we all love so much! They of course have really great coneys, breakfast fare, and wonderful sandwiches and salads here, and you'd be hard pressed to find a cheaper or more delicious lunch spot in the area. We've had great meals here many times in the past, and with that in mind, we would very highly recommend this place to you. Do not miss this one, you'll love it! Milan Coney Island is located at 1152 Dexter St.

♦ Campfire Family Steak House ♦
We've had many great meals at Campfire Family Steak House over the years, and that's why we recommend it to you so highly here. It's perfect for families and groups of friends who want to go out and have a really great meal without breaking the bank. The price is right, the ambiance is very comfortable, with employees who display skill and caring attitudes making it the whole package. The menu is pretty extensive here, with many different choices from salads to steaks, from sandwiches to chicken, even to delicious fish. They have just about everything that you could crave here, from classic favorites to exciting new flavors. Campfire Family Steak House can be found at 1035 Dexter St.

♦ Kroger ♦
Wondering why we put Kroger on the list of great eateries? When you are in Milan and you want to put together a really great deli lunch, you cannot go wrong with this grocery store! Their deli is packed with all the freshest salads and sandwiches, all high quality and freshly made. If you've got one of their cards, you can save a substantial amount on things here too, making your lunch even cheaper and yet still the same high quality. Either before or after you hit the deli section, you may want to grab something good to drink out of the cooler. With a little work you can create a great meal here for a much lower price than you'll pay at any deli or restaurant. You'll be able to find Kroger at 531 W Main St!

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