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Melvindale, Michigan

When you're visiting the Downriver area, and most specifically Melvindale, you will want to know where to drink and dine in the area! Here are a few of our favorites in that are found within the Melvindale zip code of 48122.

♦ White Rhino Sports Bar ♦
The White Rhino Sports Bar is a beloved place for everyone in Melvindale, found conveniently on Oakwood Blvd. They've got lots of different beers to choose from here, plus plenty of televisions around the building so every seat in the house can watch the game. They've got karaoke on Fridays which is always fun, if you are looking for what sets them apart and makes them different, they've got a liquor luge on the weekends too. The drink prices are nice and low, and you can take advantage of their 99 cent lunch menu too! White Rhino Sports Bar at 4328 Oakwood Blvd right here in Melvindale. Don't miss it. They also have other locations throughout the area.

♦ Mel-Bar ♦
Mel-Bar is a true classic in this area. It's been here in the city our whole lives, and we're guessing it's been around a whole lot longer than that! They've got that old fashioned bar vibe here with the dim lighting and minimal decor, and we love that. Thursday is our favorite day to stop in because they've got really great steak dinners for less than a ten spot. Friday is of course their fish fry day, and it's great. Both cod and perch! They have a wonderful staff providing good service, and if you went to school in the Melvindale area you can be sure to run into a few of your old friends while you're there. You can find Mel-Bar at 17993 Allen Rd right here in Melvindale, of course!

♦ Canton Inn ♦
Canton Inn is the go-to Chinese restaurant in this area, and their food is just superb. The almond boneless chicken is the top item here, as it is at many of the more old fashioned Chinese restaurants downriver. It's really great. The General Tso's is also a cut above the rest, making it something you simply must try. They don't serve alcohol here unfortunately, but if you're just wanting food, they have you covered. Chinese, Szechuan, and Cantonese food, and all so affordable and delicious. Found conveniently for Canton Inn customers at 19333 Dix Rd in Melvindale. Very highly recommended any day of the week for an affordable and delicious lunch or dinner!

♦ Sabina's Restaurant ♦
Sabina's Restaurant is the place to go for delicious Polish food in Melvindale. But don't worry if you've got people in your party who don't like Polish cuisine — they've got plenty of American specialties here as well. No matter what you order, it's all homemade, just like all proper pierogies. So delicious! They've got all your favorites here from potato pancakes to city chicken, and you'll love their desserts too, including their apple crumb cake. Everything is cheap, plentiful, and delicious! Stop in to Sabina's Restaurant at 3840 Oakwood Blvd in Melvindale! We think you'll love it.

♦ Jake's Crossroads Bar ♦
Jake's Crossroads Bar find itself our foremost choice for karaoke in the downriver area, and we also really enjoy their open mic nights on Saturdays. The burgers are fantastic here because they're made of Angus beef, and how about their one dollar spaghetti night? The portions are huge too! We don't know how they do it, but it is definitely worth a stop when you're in the area. We've always felt so welcome here thanks to the friendly staff, and we've never had anything but an excellent time here. You can find Jake's Crossroads Bar at 2704 Oakwood Blvd in Melvindale.

♦ Ming Sun Restaurant ♦

The Ming Sun Restaurant is another great Chinese restaurant in the downriver area, located conveniently on Allen Road right here in Melvindale. Their General Tso's Chicken just may be the tops we've ever had, but the whole menu is aces you gotta experience it. If you're wanting to try something new and different, your waiter or waitress will happily give you a pointer. One thing that we recommend that you don't skip is the egg rolls — everybody raves about them, and they really are that scrumptious! You'll be able to locate Ming Sun Restaurant at 18300 Allen Rd right here in Melvindale. A true classic.

♦ Yum Yum Tasty Doughnuts ♦
Yum Yum Tasty Doughnuts is still going strong after all these years on Oakwood Blvd in Melvindale. This location is known for their apple fritters, but of course all varieties are wonderful and it comes down to your personal taste in the doughnuts that they make here. They've also got great bagels, and some really mean breakfasts that will get your day off to a good start! You can't beat the prices, and you won't find a friendlier staff in the entire downriver area. Great coffee here too! You'll be able to find Yum Yum Tasty Doughnuts at 3741 Oakwood Blvd in Melvindale.

♦ Sicilian Deli ♦
Sicilian Deli is one of the newer additions in this area, having only opened within the past couple of years. Nothing seems to last too long in this location so we're pulling for this one will stay around for a while! If the quality is any indication, they will be here for a very long time to come. They've got the best prosciutto in town, and the biggest subs that you will get in the area. Great daily specials too, and a very friendly staff that really help you feel right at home. You will be able to find this deli called Sicilian Deli at 18863 Allen Rd in Melvindale! Very highly recommended!

♦ Fredi's♦
Fredi's is a great Italian takeout restaurant that we are really big fans of. It's found in the former Hungry Howie's location between Allen and Prospect, and this one isn't the kind of place where you'd dine in, though they do have a few tables if you really wanted to. The pasta is not homemade here (the sauce is), but it's really good, and really cheap. You won't believe how cheap it is for huge portions of ravioli or gnocchi, and you can even add sausage or meatballs or even delicious mushrooms. They've also got pizza and some other items that we haven't had the opportunity to taste yet, so we're looking forward to trying it all very soon! You can find Fredi's at 17900 Allen Rd in Melvindale.

♦ Hops & Barley Bar & Grill ♦
Hops & Barley Bar & Grill finds itself well know for it's cheap drinks and great company! Even the long islands are just five bucks, and where are you going to find them that cheap? There are some good things here like king crab legs and peel and eat shrimp, and we also love their cheesesteaks. Even just the plain bar burgers are so tasty and good. The place isn't bad at all in terms of decor — they've got a nice bar crafted from wood and high quality wood floors too. Not bad at all. You'll be able to find Hops & Barley Bar & Grill at 18561 Allen Rd in Melvindale.

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