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Mason, Michigan

is found within Ingham County, and when you're passing through its zip code of 48854, you'll love visiting these bars and restaurants that are located both in Mason and in the surrounding area of Holt. Please enjoy checking these out, and next time you're traveling with Limo Detroit in this area, maybe you'll want to visit a few of these!

♦ Big Boy ♦
Big Boy is always such a classic choice, and this location is no exception. Whenever you find yourself in this area and you're craving a generously sized Big Boy burger or maybe one of their slimmer yet just as indulgent Slim Jims, you know where to go! They've got such a wide array of things to choose from here — from heart-healthy choices to country fried steak, it's all here! They've got a wonderful soup and salad bar too, and breakfast is a hot ticket time to visit as well. You can find this Big Boy location at 660 N Cedar St right here in Mason.

♦ Jade Garden ♦
Jade Garden is a small family-run Chinese restaurant that we have really enjoyed over the last couple of years or so. It's not super authentic, rather a more Americanized version of the real thing, but it is the traditional Michigan-style Chinese food that you're probably used to from your youth into today, and we love it that way. The General Tso's Chicken is one of our favorite things here, and we also enjoy their fried dumplings. We love their buffet for lunch too, or just ordering a nice helping of their incredible orange chicken! No matter what you get here, it's all good. Jade Garden is found at 1979 Aurelius Rd, right nearby in the neighboring city of Holt.

♦ The Vault Deli ♦
The Vault Deli is one that we simply could not leave off this list. It's located in an old bank building (get it?), and we especially love the wine cellar that they've put in the old bank vault! It's got the authentic bank vault door and everything. How could you not love that? As cool as all that is, the star of the show is really the food. They've got an enormous selection of sandwiches here, including our personal favorite, number six — which features prime rib, exquisitely aged cheddar, cucumbers, red onions, and more. Try the Michigan wines too! The Vault Deli is a real gem, and it may be found at this address: 368 S Jefferson St right here in Mason.

♦ Darb's Tavern & Eatery ♦
Darb's Tavern & Eatery has been one of our favorite places to eat and drink in this area for quite some time now. It's just sensational. It doesn't matter what you order here, it will be wonderful, and you will go on to recommend this place just as highly as we do! The vibe of this bar is very Northern Michigan — very Upper Peninsula, in fact. If you haven't been up that way in a while, you'll enjoy not having to go so far to experience that feeling! The deep fried pickles are a real favorite of ours, and we love the reuben sandwich here too. Darb's Tavern & Eatery can be found at 117 S Cedar St right here in Mason.

♦ Mason Depot Diner ♦
Mason Depot Diner is really a cool spot to go for a great meal. Some of our customers go antiquing in this area, and they rent our limos to take them around to the shops, and then they end up here. They always enjoy themselves, and a few of them insisted that we don't leave this diner off the list! They love the classics here — juicy hamburgers, chips, pop — and we prefer the more exotic choices like the homemade mushroom quiche! So good. Mason Depot Diner can be found at 111 Mason St, conveniently right here in Mason.

♦ Imperial Garden ♦

The Imperial Garden is without a doubt the cheapest Chinese food that you will find in this area, but it's also very good! Their lunch buffet really helps you save some dough, especially if you happen to be the one who is paying for the rest of your party. You can really fill up on some of the best Chinese buffet style food in the area, and all for less than six dollars per person for lunch! Now that's what we're talking about. Add on a drink for just a dollar, and the refills are free too. Sometimes cheap is better than gourmet, and if that's the case, then try this one! Imperial Garden can be located at 147 W Maple St right here in Mason.

♦ Subway ♦
Subway is always a great option when you're stuck getting fast food but you want something that's a little bit healthier and a whole lot fresher tasting than most fast food options out there! We're big fans of the veggie delite, and we also love the sweet onion teriyaki chicken, as well as the buffalo chicken when it's available! We're hoping that one will become a permanent part of the lineup. The salads are superb here too — and you can turn any sub into a salad! How great is that? Subway is always a great choice for a quick fast food meal, and you'll be able to find this location at 620 N Cedar St right here in Mason.

♦ Baja Grille ♦
Baja Grille is a superb place to get some delicious and fresh food, but don't make the mistake of thinking that it's all Mexican food here based on the name alone. They've got some really great hamburgers here, and some incredible fries too. They've got a delicious Caesar salad here, and even a straightforward grilled cheese sandwich that's so tasty and good. The fried cauliflower is a big hit with everyone too. Of course they do have Mexican food here, but that doesn't seem to be the focus of the menu. Definitely an interesting spot to dine, and always a casual good time here. Baja Grille can be found at 402 S Jefferson St right here in Mason.

♦ Delhi Cafe♦
Delhi Cafe is a really good place to grab a bite to eat. We are big fans of their grilled swiss cheese on rye bread — definitely the grown up version of the usual grilled cheese sandwiches that are on most menus. The flavor is just so wonderful, and it's even better with fruit as a side dish! Wonderful contrast there. They serve beer and wine here too, which is very nice to pair with just about anything on the menu. They keep it super clean here, and the prices are just as low as the quality is high! Delhi Cafe is located at 4625 Willoughby Rd in the neighboring city of Holt.

♦ Pizza Alforno ♦
Pizza Alforno has alway been one of our favorite places to grab a delicious pizza in this area, and now that you're asking us which are the best places to dine around here, we thought we'd pass on the recommendation to you! The white pizza is one of our favorite things here — so delicious with fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, white sauce, basil... these toppings will blow your mind. We love the thin crust pizzas here, and they're really of a much higher quality than what you area probably used to. Pair it with a salad, and you're good to go! Pizza Alforno — one of the best! — can be found at 1943 Cedar St right alongside Mason in nearby Holt.

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