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Manchester, Michigan

can be found within the county of Washtenaw, and though this is a smaller town than most on this list, there are still quite a few excellent places to drink and dine within the city. You will be able to find all of these within the zip code of 48158, and we hope that you will enjoy them when you find yourself in the area with Limo Detroit. Here they are.

♦ The Hungry Wolf ♦
The Hungry Wolf is one of our favorites in the area when we are craving a great hamburger and fries. They really have some of the juiciest hamburgers around, and their french fries are so mouth wateringly delicious. They've also got enormous salads that will fill you up, and a double stacked grilled cheese that nobody that we know can resist! The people who work here are always very friendly, and they keep the place nice and clean too. You will be able to find The Hungry Wolf at 20400 E Austin Rd right here in Manchester. One of our highest recommendations in the area, without a doubt!

♦ Dan's River Grill ♦
Dan's River Grill has always been another one of our favorites in this area, thanks to their big menu with so many options, and the high quality ingredients that make all of their dishes so delicious to eat. They've got all your traditional favorites here, plus some unique surprises to keep you on your toes. They've got a nice selection of beers too, and a wine list that is more than impressive. It's true that the service can be a little bit hit or miss, but we find that the quality of everything that they offer here is worth it. If you're coming here for a special event, you know that you are in for a real treat. You can find Dan's River Grill at 223 E Main right here in Manchester.

♦ Ollie's Main Street Pizza ♦
Ollie's Main Street Pizza is a real standout location here in Manchester. It's got a prominent location right on Main Street, and they have space for dine-in guests as well as carryout and delivery. Their pizza slices are an absolute steal for a cheap lunch, and the strombolies are just so delicious. They've got half subs that will fill you up too. Note that they are very busy at lunchtime, and sometimes they run out before the rush is through, so arrive early! Their homemade ranch is superb, so be sure to order that with whatever you get. Even with the breadsticks, we love it! You can find Ollie's Main Street Pizza at 138 E Main St in Manchester.

♦ Classic Pizza ♦
Classic Pizza is another great option whenever you find yourself in the Manchester area and craving a delicious pizza pie. They've got a lot of combos that will really save you dough, which include a pizza plus your choice of wings, cheese bread, breadsticks, and even pop with some deals. You can really save a lot of dough (so to speak!) by taking advantage of those deals! They've got everything here, including subs and subzones, calzones, salads, wings, and even Chicago style deep dish pizza which is one of their latest additions! The people who run this business really put a lot of effort into everything that they do. You can find Classic Pizza at 327 W Main St right here in Manchester.

♦ Whistle Stop Restaurant ♦
Whistle Stop Restaurant is a cute little spot located on Main St, where you can get a lot of your traditional favorites in a setting that is also pleasing and comfortable. The price range is super inexpensive, the attire is casual and relaxed, and there is plenty of room here for groups and families with kids too. They do not serve alcohol here, but their large menu of delicious choices is enough to bring us back time after time even without any beer or wine to entice us! You'll be able to find the one and only Whistle Stop Restaurant at 114 E Main St right here in Manchester!

♦ Black Sheep Tavern ♦

The Black Sheep Tavern is an awesome place to go with friends, especially on Mexican night or German night! Any night of the week you can't go wrong with a hamburger and a beer for less than six bucks! They've got a very cool ambiance here with plenty of retro accents including old fashioned tin ceilings and exposed brick. You can kick back and enjoy a game of chess, or come in during one of their special events for a really good time with your friends. The turkey reubens and bleu cheese burgers are two of our favorites here. Be sure to check out the Michigan microbrews that they offer! You can find Black Sheep Tavern at 115 E Main St right here in Manchester!

♦ Kim's Country Kitchen ♦
Looking forward to a traditional home cooked meal in Manchester? Give Kim's Country Kitchen a try. For a real breakfast, you won't find a better restaurant in the area than this one. It's actually located on the same property as the local livestock auction house, so everything is super fresh and authentic. It's a very unique experience here. Especially if you're not from the area, you'll really feel like you've moved out to the country and are enjoying a traditional country breakfast. High quality ingredients, a not-too-hard-to-find location, and a friendly waitstaff that really makes all the difference! Find this one at 9610 MI State Road 52 in Manchester!

♦ Frank's Place ♦
Frank's Place is THE place to go for pizza in the Manchester area! It's been going strong for something like 25 years, and we just can't get enough of that authentic delicious flavor! They've got a wonderful salad bar there too, and we just love a good pizza and salad. You can really fill up and enjoy a fresh flavorful meal at a price that's affordable for anyone. They've also got hamburgers and wraps and lots of sandwiches to choose from, and great fish here too. Outdoor seating to enjoy in the warmer months of the year too! You will be able to find Frank's Place at 104 E Main St right here in Manchester.

♦ Hot-N-Now♦
Hot-N-Now is one of the fast food restaurants that is becoming harder and harder to find here in Michigan, so whenever our customers end up in Manchester, this is a frequent request. Stopping at the drive-thru for some of their delicious hamburgers and fries is a no-brainer, and we find that the staff at this location is always so happy and friendly, that it really makes you feel good about stopping there. We tend to think of Hot-N-Now as a little more of an old fashioned fast food experience than most of the other fast food restaurants nowadays, so this is always a fun place to go. You can find this one at 17800 W Pleasant Lake Rd right here in Manchester.

♦ Linda's Diner ♦
Looking for a great hot meal here in Manchester? Why not try Linda's Diner? This is one of those old fashioned spots that nobody can resist, and whenever our customers ask us to go to Manchester, this restaurant is usually one of the places that they ask to visit the most. They've got lots of your traditional favorites here, and you can always count on the waitstaff to go out of their way to really make you feel at home. Great breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, all the time! You'll be able to find Linda's diner at 9610 MI State Road 52 right here in Manchester.

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