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Livonia, Michigan

has definitely got some of our favorite bars and restaurants, and when you are traveling with Livonia limo service, you can't go wrong with any of these. All found within the 48150 zip! Very highly recommended whether you're with Livonia limos or on your own!

♦ Mason's Cocktail Lounge ♦
Though Mason's Cocktail Lounge is named for its cocktails, we love it best for its burgers! That's right, we come in here time after time to scarf down some of those delicious hamburgers, and all the locals will tell you that's what they are known for too. When it comes to the drinks, the best thing about them is that they are so tasty, so good and strong, and of course so cheap! It's tough to find a cheaper place to drink than this, and why bother when Mason's has got the ambiance, the food, and the low prices that you love? They have a really great staff here that goes out of their way to make sure that you are having a wonderful time. You will be able to locate Mason's Cocktal Lounge at 13490 Farmington Rd.

♦ Bench Pub ♦
If you are seeking a great sports bar in Livonia, you'll be hard pressed to find a better one than Bench Pub. They're actually best known for their darts leagues here, so if you're great at hitting that bullseye you might want to think about becoming a part of it! They have both old fashioned dart boards and electronic ones here, and it's tough to find that elsewhere. Even if you're not interested in playing darts, they've got plenty of other stuff to keep you amused here, including a great jukebox that plays all the hits. Delicious drinks, cheap prices, and a really friendly waitstaff that makes all the difference. You can find Bench Pub at 33653 5 Mild Rd.

♦ Bar Louie ♦
Bar Louie is one of our favorite bars no matter what city you are talking about! We love the Livonia location most for its great martinis (try the dirty martini, it's our fave!) and with a convenient location like this, it's just too easy to choose this as your favorite after-work spot or for a quick stop on a trip with Livonia limousine. They have really enormous sandwiches here that you will want to dive right into, especially after a long day at work when you are just famished. All of the drinks pair well with those sandwiches, so you can't really make a mistake ordering here. Incredible staff, great ambiance, and just an all around great dining and drinking experience! You can find Bar Louie at 37716 6 Mile Rd.

♦ Bates Hamburgers ♦
Bates Hamburgers is always a great place to stop when you are traveling with Livonia limo service. They have been here for decades, and there's little wonder why they have lasted this long. The hamburgers are just the best sliders that you will ever taste, and perhaps even better than those are the famous crinkle fries! It's true that the parking can be a little bit difficult here, but it's worth it to get your hands on one of those famous hamburgers. We love to order them with extra everything, or at least extra pickles. So good. They have excellent chocolate shakes here too, so when you want to cool down in the summertime that's a great option. You will be able to find Bates Hamburgers at 33406 5 Mile Rd.

♦ Buddy's Pizza ♦
As you know, Buddy's Pizza is a real gem here in Michigan no matter what location you are speaking of. We are particularly big fans of the location in Livonia, and beyond the incredible pizzas that you are most likely already familiar with, you'll also want to try the antipasto salad which is enormous and really packed with high quality ingredients, as well as the fries with ranch, bacon, and cheddar cheese. We can never get past how great those are, and you'll be craving them for a long time to come after that first bite. The Buddy bread is really good here too! We've never been disappointed with the quality of the food, nor have we been disappointed with the price! You will be able to find Buddy's Pizza at 33605 Plymouth Rd.

♦ Doc's Sports Retreat ♦

Doc's Sports Retreat is another favorite sports bar in Livonia, and there are a million and one reasons that it is. For one, they have tons of televisions here! We've never seen a bar with more TVs, and that means that you can catch the game no matter where you happen to be hanging out on the premises. That's great. They also have some of the cheapest drinks around, and some really fantastic bar fare and pizzas as well. Happy hour is a great time to stop in because you'll get a full fifty percent off all the appetizers! Very nice. The sandwiches and hamburgers are also a great reason to come down. You will be able to find Doc's Sports Retreat in its convenient location at 19265 Victor Pkwy. Be sure to check this one out when you are traveling with Livonia limousine.

♦ Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar ♦
If you love steaks and seafood as much as we do, Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is a real essential, especially when you are traveling with Livonia limos. We love the all-business approach here, the way that they deliver such consistently high quality food without any deviations in that quality or service. The lobster tails, ahi tuna, and filet mignon are our favorite things here, and they also have very good soups and salads. The simple things are really good here too, like the french fries and onion rings. The prices here are really not bad for the amazingly high quality that you receive, and of course that one of a kind ambiance that you can only get at Fleming's. Great desserts and drinks here too! You will be able to find Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar at 17400 Haggerty Rd.

♦ Bread Basket ♦
Bread Basket is a wonderful deli conveniently located on Middlebelt Road. You aren't going to find any better corned beef than this! We don't care where you go in Michigan, it's just not possible to find any better than this. We love all the pickles that they serve here, and the sweet potato fries are excellent too. The sandwiches are just enormous here, so you can really fill up without breaking the bank, and we also love the fact that their pop is just served in cans rather than being from a fountain. Something about that is just so cool and casual. For something unusual with a bit more of a barbecue restaurant type of flavor, try the beef brisket, and we recommend it on rye. Very good. You will be able to find Bread Basket at 11320 Middlebelt Rd.

♦ Giulio's Cucina Italiana ♦
When you are traveling with Livonia limousine, especially for really special occasions, you will want to know of a great Italian restaurant in the area where you can enjoy a good meal and really celebrate. Giulio's Cucina Italiana is that place. The pizzas are very good here, with a perfectly done thin crust, and we also really enjoy their calamari and lamb. They have excellent bread here and you'll have a hard time not eating the entire basket, it's so good! You'll have to tear yourself away from it. The desserts are just amazing here, so be sure to save a little room and at least share one with your guests if you can only fit a few more bites! The food is simply exquisite at Giulio's. You can find this restaurant at 31735 Plymouth Rd.

♦ Szechuan Empire South ♦
You'd be hard pressed to find better Chinese food than this in Livonia. We have only gotten carryout from this restaurant, but it's always been exquisite. The general tso's chicken is one of our absolute favorite things here, just too good to believe. The almond chicken is also fantastic, and we love the spring rolls that are freshly made on the premises. The crab rangoon is a very nice touch too. If you are a lover of lo mein, we'd recommend the chicken or shrimp. The beef is very good too. Something unique that you will not find elsewhere is the ginger garlic chicken! That flavor is crave-worthy to say the very least. You will be able to find Szechuan Empire South at 29215 5 Mile Rd! Don't miss it!

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