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Linden, Michigan

When visiting the Linden zip code of 48451, in Genesee County, you'll find yourself mostly visiting restaurants and bars that are in Linden and neighboring Fenton. Here are our top picks in this area, in no particular order, for you to enjoy while you are visiting this area with Limo Detroit!

♦ Beirut Restaurant & Grocery ♦
Beirut Restaurant & Grocery is one of our favorite places to go for a delicious hot meal here in Linden. The shawarma is some of the best that we have ever tasted, and we can't get enough of their wonderful pita bread and garlic sauce. The tabbouli is some of the best that we've ever had too, and how about their hommous and baba ghannouj? It's just so mouthwateringly good. Every single thing on the menu gets an A+ as far as we are concerned. Plus they've got some grocery items for sale for you to bring home too, including their sensational garlic sauce. You can find Beirut Restaurant & Grocery at 117 N Bridge St right here in Linden!

♦ Beale Street Smokehouse BBQ ♦
Beale Street Smokehouse BBQ is one of our top recommendations in this area! It's always such a great time there, and the fact that you can get the most delicious steaks there is just the icing on the cake! The authentic Memphis style barbecue that you can get here will really blow your mind. It doesn't matter if you're coming in to enjoy your meal on the premises, or if you're picking up carryout — it will all be fantastic either way. If it's Saturday, we recommend going in to enjoy some live blues though! Great staff, amazing food, wonderful ambiance... we could go on and on. Beale Street Smokehouse BBQ is located at 2461 North Rd in Fenton. Highly recommended.

♦ Buffalo Wild Wings ♦
The Buffalo Wild Wings location in Fenton is a real winner. The wings are the number one reason that we keep on coming back — how could you ever get enough of them when they have so many different sauces to choose from, with so many different levels of heat? The salads, entrees, and appetizers are also fantastic here, and let's not forget to mention that BWW is also a bar so they've got a lot of wonderful drinks to choose from too. If you want something strong and sweet, try the Buffalo Zoo! Of course the fun sports bar atmosphere is yet another bonus. You can enjoy the fine food and drink at this Buffalo Wild Wings location at 3190 West Silver Lake Road in Fenton.

♦ Moy Kong Express ♦
Moy Kong Express is a carry-out Chinese food restaurant that we are big fans of. Many of our customers love to pick up some Chinese food to go, to enjoy in the limo, and at this restaurant it's always done quick and served piping hot. There is not much to choose from in this area when it comes to Chinese restaurants, but you'll be happy to know that this one is excellent, though there is not much of a dine-in experience to speak of. That's the only downside though. The food is delicious, from the almond boneless chicken to the sesame chicken. No matter what you order, it's all delicious! Find Moy Kong Express at 911 N Leroy St in Fenton. Don't miss it!

♦ Locke's Party Shoppe & Deli ♦
Locke's Party Shoppe & Deli is a great choice when you are looking for someplace to pick up your party supplies, beer, liquor, wine, and more. There are also lots of wonderful snacks to choose from too, so if you're in a rush, perhaps traveling with Limo Detroit, this is an easy stop to pick up some of the good stuff! The prices are the lowest around — in fact they say that the liquor prices are the lowest allowed by law. We don't know how they can afford to stay in business with prices this low! But we are happy to support them by buying lots of things here. You can find htem at 1228 N Leroy St in Fenton. One of our favorite party stores anywhere!

♦ French Laundry ♦

The French Laundry is one of the most well-known and most-loved French restaurants in the region and it's absolutely one of the number one destinations in the city of Fenton. You will not believe the fine ambiance at this restaurant from the moment that you walk in. It's really comfortable and cozy, yet so upscale that you really feel like you're treating yourself to something amazing. And you are. Our favorite things here are the French onion soup, the tenderloin Rockefeller, and the bakery items that they offer for dessert. So fresh and delicious. Of course the prices are on the high side here, but you get so much more than what you pay for here too! You can find French Laundry at 125 West Shiawassee Avenue in nearby Fenton. Very, very highly recommended.

♦ Fenton House Restaurant ♦
Fenton House Restaurant is everybody's favorite, and it doesn't matter if you're coming in for lunch or dinner, you will be served an amazing meal and you'll feel very special while you're there. The items that we often opt for here are the pasta and the pizza, and we also get their bread sticks on a daily basis. The Greek food is sensational here, and you will absolutely fall in love with their zesty and flavorful Cuban sandwiches. There's plenty of room here for larger parties as well. You can find Fenton House Restaurant at 413 South Leroy in nearby Fenton. Extremely highly recommended!

♦ Sagebrush Cantina ♦
Sagebrush Cantina is the place to go for delicious Mexican food in Fenton! You would be hard pressed to find fresher Mexican food than this no matter how hard you searched for it! It's just so good. It's not the most authentic Mexican food that we have ever tasted, but it is some of the best. The fish tacos are one of our favorite things here, and the salsa is truly amazing. The ultimate chimichanga really is the ultimate! If you're there to enjoy some drinks with friends, you'll really love their full bar, and the drink prices are great here as well! You will be able to find Sagebrush Cantina at 14284 North Fenton in nearby Fenton.

♦ Fenton Hotel ♦
We'd very highly recommend Fenton Hotel to you, both as a place to stay when you find yourself in this area, and as a wonderful place to enjoy dinner and drinks with friends. It's very upscale here, with beautiful dark wood accents and the classic white tablecloths that are the mark of a truly fine restaurant. Try the ahi tuna or the prime rib and you won't be disappointed. If you're planning something really elegant and special, you should definitely consider this place as your venue. The wine selection is fantastic, and their martini menu is definitely worth a peek. A very nice selection of beers awaits too. Find Fenton Hotel at 302 North Leroy in nearby Fenton of course!

♦ Lucky's Steak House ♦
If you're like us, you seek a great steakhouse in every city that you travel to. If you find yourself in the Linden and Fenton area, you will definitely want to stop in to Lucky's Steak House to enjoy everything that they have. This is one of the more low-key steakhouses out there, a little bit more relaxing and casual than the upscale ones that we typically go to. We like the fact that it's kind of a steakhouse-meets-sports-bar type of situation here. All of the steaks are excellent, and the Maryland Chicken is also superb. You'll be able to enjoy a fine steak dinner at Lucky's Steak House at 17500 Silver Pkwy.

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