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Lincoln Park, Michigan

is one of the cities that makes up the Downriver area, and though Southgate steals a lot of the attention for their overabundance of great restaurants, there are some truly amazing ones worth mentioning right here in the zip code of 48146. All of the below restaurants and bars are highly recommended to you whenever you are traveling with Lincoln Park limousine!

♦ Chesley's Bar & Grille ♦
Chesley's Bar & Grille is one of the most beloved bars and restaurants in Lincoln Park and in the entire downriver area, and that's why we have chosen to open up this list with this establishment. It seems that it's the number one spot to party on those special days of the year like St Patrick's Day (especially if you're traveling with Lincoln Park limos!), and it's also immensely popular any day of the week! Their burgers are consistently voted the best by the Detroit News and we would not disagree with that! We love the cool atmosphere here, which has a bit of a British pub ambiance and yet the style of a cool sports bar too. They have awesome daily specials too, so be sure to call for details. You can find Chesley's Bar & Grille at 3717 Fort St.

♦ Dix Coney Island ♦
Dix Coney Island is such a beloved spot, with an atmosphere that's a little worn down but in that charming way that nobody seems to mind. When the food is this good, nobody cares if the place could use a little repair. We adore the chili here, and if you order the chili cheese fries you will certainly become just as addicted to them as we are. You can add carmelized onions to your chili at no extra charge too, which is very cool. The coneys are just amazing. The service isn't much to talk about, with just one server working the entire restaurant, but that's not what you're here for. It's cash only, so stop at the ATM before you come in! It's worth it. Highly recommended by our Lincoln Park limo service. You can find Dix Coney Island at 1362 Dix Hwy.

♦ Zukin's Rib Shack ♦
Zukin's Rib Shack is an oft-recommended barbecue restaurant in Lincoln Park, and the reason that people go so crazy for this little hole in the wall will be obvious to you once you visit yourself. Nobody does barbecue better than Zukin's, period. The barbecue sauce is just amazing, not too spicy and not too mild, just right. They serve everything in enormous portions that will really fill you up and leave you feeling totally satisfied. They have a huge variety of choices here, not just chicken and ribs! They've got fish, frog legs, even pizza. If you love your meat cooked so perfectly that it just falls off the bones, then you really owe it to yourself to check this place out. You will be able to find Zukin's Rib Shack at 967 Dix Hwy.

♦ Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen ♦
Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen is one of the newer restaurants in the area, yet having been around for something like ten years now, it has claimed its spot without a doubt. We took a while to finally check this place out, but once we did, we were hooked. They have some incredible shrimp dishes here that you will not find elsewhere, and an amazing bean and chorizo dip that you will just fall in love with. We think what will really surprise you here is that the decor is so pretty. You'll feel like you've been whisked away to Mexico, and that is such a surprise here in Lincoln Park. It feels very authentic, especially with the wonderful Spanish music playing softly in the background. You will be able to find Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen at 1679 Dix Hwy. VERY highly recommended!

♦ Big Boy ♦
This is the Big Boy location that is found in the Sears shopping center parking lot. It seems that everybody in Lincoln Park just adores this place, and we do too. Sometimes we come in just for the dessert and skip the actual meal altogether! The salad bar is very crisp and fresh here though, and they just have so many different options for your meal. Great sandwiches, salads, soups, entrees, healthier choices, grilled chicken sandwiches, wonderful Big Boys and Slim Jims! Their breakfast menu is of course really sensational and this is a very popular spot to stop in for a great AM meal. This is comfort food at its best, no matter what time of day you stop in. You can find Big Boy at 1766 Dix Hwy.

♦ Mickey's Pizza ♦

Mickey's Pizza is a real downriver staple, with some of the best tasting pizza that you will find in the area. You can't miss this place with that huge Mickey's Pizza sign painted on the entire side of the building, and when you're traveling with Lincoln Park limousine it's a really quick stop for some amazing food. They stay open later than most pizzerias in the area too, until 11:00PM Sunday thru Thursday, and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays! We love their high quality dough, their amiga bread, and most especially tehir deep dish pizza. The only real downside here is that they only accept cash, but it's worth a stop at the ATM. Note that there is no dine-in here, it's carryout or delivery only. We recommend the Hawaiian pizza! You can find Mickey's Pizza at 3511 Fort St! Don't miss it!

♦ Hong Kong Inn ♦
Hong Kong Inn is just tucked away in a little strip mall, and because of that we overlooked it for a very long time! We're glad we finally discovered it. The crab rangoon is some of the best we've had, and we also really enjoy the beef lo mein here. It's so nice that all of the meals are served with soup, an eggroll, white rice, and tea. Dining in is really pleasant here, and we also enjoy taking advantage of their carryout for travel with Lincoln Park limo service! We think you will too. If you do decide to dine in, you'll be surprised by how large the dining space actually is. You'd never know it from the outside. Very good food here, and so highly recommended. You can find Hong Kong Inn at 4245 Dix Hwy.

♦ Carter's Hamburgers ♦
Carter's Hamburgers has been around forever, and we really can't think of a cooler place to stop than this when you are traveling with Lincoln Park limos. We absolutely love the hamburgers here, and we often stop in to grab a big sack of them to take home. They also have amazing shakes and malts here, and plenty of great breakfast fare too of course. They even have homemade cake here, so be sure to give that a try. The quality here has never changed over the years, and that's a true testament to the old fashioned attitudes that are behind this establishment. A restaurant simply cannot last this long without being something special. You will be able to find this beloved hamburger joint at 2908 Fort St.

♦ Cathay House Restaurant ♦
Cathay House is one of those Chinese restaurants that has been around seemingly forever. Actually it has been around since 1954, though the location changed during that decade, but it's remained firmly in place ever since. Everybody loves it here, both for the restaurant and for the full bar with all those specialty tropical drinks! The zombies and scorpions are a big hit here. The mix that they use was invented by the owner way back in the fifties and they say it's an "ancient Chinese secret!" They're known for their almond chicken and peking duck, but they have added a lot of new exciting dishes here too in recent years, such as the silver noodles and chow fun. Always a great time here, with a slightly retro vibe. You can find Cathay House at 3781 Dix Hwy.

♦ Pancho's Mexican Restaurant ♦
Pancho's Mexican Restaurant is another one that has been around seemingly forever, and we just love the high quality of the food here and the super friendly staff. They have a huge variety of food here, but our favorite has got to be the tacos. Sometimes the classics are just the best! They are served piping hot and really filled with lots of high quality toppings, and whether you choose the beef, chicken, or steak (or all three, like we do!) we think you will be very pleased with the flavor. The people who work here are very friendly and really good at what they do. Your cup will never be empty and they always make sure that your dining experience is a great one! You will be able to find Pancho's Mexican Restaurant at 912 Dix Hwy.

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