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Lathrup Village, Michigan

Lathrup Village (48076) and the surrounding areas of Southfield, Royal Oak, and Ferndale are absolutely packed with enticing restaurants that you will love! We have put together a list of our favorite bars and restaurants, all of which we have visited personally, and many of which our customers request on a very regular basis! We hope you'll love these places just as much as all of us at Limo Detroit do!

♦ The Rib Rack ♦
If you find yourself craving barbecue food in the Lathrup Village area, you definitely can't go wrong with The Rib Rack. So many of our customers go crazy for this place, and they request it as a destination on a really regular basis. The barbecued ribs are just out of this world, with that fall-off-the-bone goodness that you seek plus a wonderful smoky and tangy flavor that will be just absolute bliss! They've even got 25 cent wings on Mondays and Tuesdays, and that's a deal that you simply cannot beat! The broasted chicken is absolutely out of this world, and the pulled pork sandwiches are one of the go-to items on the menu The Rib Rack can be found at 28601 Southfield Rd right here in Lathrup Village.

♦ Hellenic Restaurant ♦
Hellenic Restaurant is a great little diner in Lathrup Village that we go to whenever we can! The Greek dressing is what they are really famous for, so whatever you do, make sure you order a Greek salad either as your meal or with your meal! You won't regret it. Of course, the dressing is actually on the table in a squeeze bottle, so you can squeeze it all over everything you order if you want! (That sounds crazy, but it's so good that you just might be tempted to!) They've also got an amazing Greek pasta salad, and really outstanding gyros that are just perfect for your lunch hour or to fill you up when you're on a long trip with Limo Detroit. Hellenic Restaurant can be found at 27150 Evergreen Rd right here in Lathrup Village.

♦ Panera Bread ♦
Panera Bread is always a great place to grab some mouth watering sandwiches, delicious bagels, and perhaps a coffee or latte! They've got such a wide array of things to choose from, and the service is so fast and friendly. Of course it's also a very popular place to go if you've got some work to do on your laptop or iPad, because they've got free wi-fi with zero hassle to connect to. Their fresh baked breads are just phenomenal, and how about their soups? For those on restricted diets, it's great too because you can easily obtain all of their nutritional info either in-store or online before you go, and then put together a meal that is suited perfectly to your needs. This Panera Bread location can be found at 27651 Southfield Rd right here in Lathrup Village!

♦ Kabob Kabob ♦
Kabob Kabob is one of our top choices in this area. The food is so fresh and the people who work there are just so welcoming and friendly to us. They keep it simple in terms of decor, and put the focus on the food where it belongs. The falafel with frieds is one of our favorite choices, and we love the addition of pickles to the falafel! Definitely a different flavor experience compared to the other places we get our falafel, and we love it. If you're a big fan of shawarma like we are, you'll love theirs. Pair a fruit smoothie with your meal and you've got a truly healthy combo! Kabob Kabob (so nice they named it twice!) can be found at 28861 Southfield Rd right here within Lathrup Village.

♦ New Seoul Garden ♦
Whether you're a lover of Korean food, or whether you're brand new to it, we would strongly recommend New Seoul Garden to you. The selection is wide enough for those who are intimately familiar with this kind of cuisine, and the staff is helpful enough that it's not too intimidating for someone who has never tried it before! They're kind enough to walk you through what options they have for you, such as the bi bim bap or the bulgogi! We love their sushi too, though we usually get that in addition to our Korean meal rather than as a main dish. Everything's good so you really can't go wrong with anything that you order! New Seoul Garden Restaurant is one of the most recommended Korean and sushi restaurants around, and it can be found super easily at 27566 Northwestern Hwy in nearby Southfield. We can sing the praises all day!

♦ Inn Season Cafe ♦

The If you're seeking a vegetarian, vegan, and Kosher restaurant in this area, you can find an excellent one within driving distance in nearby Royal Oak. It's called Inn Season CafeMany say this is their favorite restaurant in Southeast Michigan, and that's no surprise! The mushroom soup is one of the really standout items here, and the tempeh burgers are an old standby that never gets old! They've been going strong for seemingly forever now — at least two decades that we're aware of! This restaurant is so charming and welcoming, and it's just perfect for gatherings with your good friends too. Inn Season Cafe is to be located at 500 E 4th St in close by Royal Oak!

♦ Olga's Kitchen ♦
Olga's Kitchen not just for malls, this is where to go for lunch any day of the week. Everybody loves the Olga bread, and no matter what you order, you'll certainly want to get some of that! We're really big fans of the salads here, which typically feature yummy dried blueberries, almonds, and other special touches like that. They're always really flavorful with delicious dressing. They've got great fish too, and delicious gyros! The menu offers a huge array of items to choose from, and the service is always super fast here too. This familiar Olga's Kitchen location can be found at 17651 W 12 Mile Rd in Lathrup Village.

♦ Salvatore Scallopini ♦
There are many Salvatore Scallopini locations in our area of Michigan, but the one here in Lathrup Village is really noteworthy in our opinion. Of course everything is homemade here, which we think makes such a huge difference compared to many other restaurants in the area. It's a cross between the casual and the upscale, so you can feel comfortable while also feeling like you're treating yourself to something special. They've got all your traditional Italian favorites here. We're big fans of the pasta fresca, and we love the homemade minestrone soup too. Some restaurants bring you a plate of olive oil and spices to dip your bread in — Salvatore Scallopini brings you that, but with a dollop of delicious marinara sauce in the center! Such a delicious addition. Salvatore Scallopini can be found at 27411 Southfield Rd right here in Lathrup Village.

♦ Anita's Kitchen♦
Anita's Kitchen is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants around! We've been in love with this place for a while, and many of our customers are too! The chicken shawarma is just up there with the best, and we are huge lovers of their chicken feta fattoush! Their hommous is really delightful as well, especially because of the red peppers! Yum. If you love shish tawook you must try it and if you don't know what it is you also will want to try it. And for dessert, do not — we repeat DO NOT sleep on their molasses cookie or lemon tarts! So delicious and such a nice and unique surprise. Anita's Kitchen can be found at 22651 Woodward Ave in nearby Ferndale.

♦ Penn's Thai Kitchen ♦
Penn's Thai Kitchen is always superb when you find yourself in the Lathrup Village and Royal Oak area and craving Thai food! The pad thai is really wonderful here, and though that's certainly in the realm of the tried and true, it's so good that it feels brand new! Their spring rolls are especially flavorful, and the massaman curry is such a blend of flavors. We'd strongly recommend a Thai iced tea while you're there, and you certainly can't go wrong with a nice helping of their homemade coconut ice cream for dessert! That's always a pleasure, and we know you'll enjoy it just as much as we do. Penn's Thai Kitchen is found at 1800 W 14 Mile Rd in nearby Royal Oak.

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