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Lapeer, Michigan

is a wonderful place to see with Lapeer limos, and we wanted to put together a list of a few of the best bars and restaurants in the area that you can refer to when you are here. All of us at our Lapeer limo service company would highly recommend these places that are located within the zip code of 48446!

♦ E G Nick's Restaurant & Tavern ♦
E G Nick's Restaurant & Tavern is one of our favorite places to go when we are in Lapeer, and when traveling with Lapeer limos it's even better! We love to kick things off with a crisp Greek salad and some fresh breadsticks. They have an eight dollar burger special that we love, and you can pick your burger of choice from their amazingly unique list, plus you get fries and coleslaw with it, and a drink too. When you're there in the evenings, especially in the winter, you will want to sit in the bar area and enjoy that crackling fireplace. If you need to pick up something to go, perhaps when traveling with Lapeer limousine, you can take advantage of their curbside service! E G Nick's Restaurant & Tavern is located at 825 S Main St.

♦ Blind Fish ♦
Blind Fish is one of the greatest restaurants in Lapeer, and what they are really known for is their fish and chips of course! They have a wide variety of seafood other than that though, so you are definitely not limited to just the tried and true. Their lobster and crab are just such high quality, and even the shrimp is just mouth wateringly good. If you're not in the mood for fish at all, you can opt for the chicken strips, which sounds so boring and plain but rather it's very juicy and just perfectly crispy on the outside. So good! For dessert you cannot go wrong with that strawberry cheesecake. Mmm mmm mmm, too delish! Blind Fish can be found at 700 S Main St!

♦ Apple Tree Family Dining ♦
Apple Tree Family Dining is such a nice cozy place to go when you just want a great meal without too much fanfare. We love the homecooked food here, and the wonderful service. We love the meatloaf and the vegetable lasagna, and the lemon rice soup pairs so well with just about anything on that menu. That's not the only Greek specialty here though. They also have saganaki that's very tasty, nice fresh Greek salads, and of course some gyros that are noteworthy too. One of the best things about this place is that you get to enjoy such amazing high quality food in enormous portions, at such a low price! It's always a nice time here whether you're dining with family, friends, or even on your own. Apple Tree Family Dining is found at 845 S Main St.

♦ Wing Wah Express ♦
Wing Wah Express is a much more authentic Chinese restaurant than any other that we have visited in the entire state. It's very difficult to find truly authentic Chinese food, and this is really as close as you can get. They make everything super fresh, and you can actually watch them prepare it. The almond chicken is amazing and probably the dish that we would recommend most highly, but honestly every single thing on the menu is just phenomenal. Please note that if you are used to the very sugary or salty sauces that typically come with Chinese food in this area, you will find a much fresher and more natural tasting meal here. We absolutely love that, but for some it takes getting used to! Just depends on your taste. You can find Wing Wah Express at 753 East St.

♦ Past Tense Country Store & Cider Mill Restaurant ♦
This place reminds us very much of The Cracker Barrel, but in a less chain restaurant type of way! It's a very cool old fashioned spot to grab some goodies and souvenirs for your family and friends. The kitschy type of stuff that many of us love so much! Especially cool for those who are just passing through with Lapeer limo service! We really adore the pizzas here, but you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. The only downside here is that it sometimes takes a really long time to get your food, so if you are very impatient, this may not be the place for you. We say it's worth the wait. You can find Past Tense and The Cider Mill at 1965 Farnsworth Rd.

♦ Fat Boys Bar & Grill ♦

Are you the type of person who enjoys a good dive bar? We do too. And that's why we are including Fat Boys Bar & Grill on this list. It's one of those biker bars where you know you can grab a great burger, enjoy some stiff drinks, and even catch the game on one of their televisions. You can shoot some pool or throw some darts here, play shuffleboard, maybe even play some pinball or indulge in a little Golden Tee golf, though it is an older model just so you know. We really love the onion rings here. You'll be happy to know that they do accept credit cards here, and that they have a great jukebox too. Just an all around great dive bar! You can find Fat Boys Bar & Grill at 10 E Nepessing St.

♦ Wah Wong Restaurant ♦
Wah Wong Restaurant is one of our most highly recommended restaurants when you are passing through the area with Lapeer limousine. It's one of those old fashioned restaurants that looks like it hasn't been remodeled in forever, but if you are the kind that can appreciate that like we do, then you will love this place. It's been here forever and for good reason. We love the spring rolls, and the sweet and sour pork is just excellent. The egg rolls are really amazing too, always served piping hot and just so fresh. The General Tso's chicken too, is just too flavorful to believe. This is not the most authentic place in the world (see the restaurant a few paragraphs prior for that!) but we love it just the way it is! Wah Wong Restaurant can be found at 517 S Main St!

♦ Empire Wok ♦
One more Chinese restaurant for the road! Empire Wok is one of our favorites because it's a buffet, so you can absolutely go crazy and enjoy as much food as you want for one low price. This is really great after a long day of hard physical labor when you are just famished and want to load up on some really great comfort food. They have just about everything here, from the more authentic dishes to the more Americanized ones, so just about anybody can come in here and grab a meal that will make them happy. As a matter of fact, that's one of the best things about this place -- the ability to craft your own meal from so many different choices. Very friendly staff too! Empire Wok is located at 325 E Genesee St.

♦ Sam's Coney Island ♦
People are constantly raving about Sam's Coney Island, and we finally decided to head on over there and check it out for ourselves. All the things that they said are true! The prices are ridiculously low, and the taste of the food is superb. Everything was served piping hot, and the people who work here were just so friendly. We tried the double decker cheeseburger combination with coleslaw, and our dining partner chose the fish and chips. Both were just great. Honestly the coleslaw kind of stole the show because it's just so good! Everybody loves it. So fresh and crisp and flavorful. They do accept credit cards here too, which is a nice surprise at this kind of place. Sam's Coney Island is located at 420 W Nepessing St.

♦ Dagwood Deli ♦
Dagwood Deli is really one of our absolute favorite places to go in Lapeer, and when you try their delicious sandwiches and other deli favorites, you will understand why they get such a high rating from us and from everyone else. We really love their muffins, and they pair so well with a hot cup of coffee, which is also excellent here. You should also note that there's a shop next door called Blondie's (go figure!), and there you can get some great dessert to follow up your deli experience... including great ice cream, caramel corn, and fudge! Gifts too. Very cool place to visit. You can find Dagwood Deli at 350 N Court St.

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