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Lansing, Michigan

is one of the most fascinating places to visit with Lansing limo service, and when you do, you'll also find that it's the center of many of the best restaurants and bars too! You will really enjoy all of these great establishments, all of which can be found within the zip codes of 48906, 48933, 48912, and 48917.

♦ Golden Harvest Restaurant ♦
Golden Harvest Restaurant is a really beloved breakfast restaurant that is a great option when you're traveling with Lansing limo service! They have some really wild selections here, one of which we especially enjoy, which is the Fruity Pebbles french toast! That's your first indication that this is a one of a kind restaurant, and the rest of the menu definitely reflects that too. We love relaxing in this ambiance and looking at all the knick knacks that help to make the place what it is. The service is just out of this world. Everybody loves this place, and once you visit yourself, you will understand why. One of our very highest recommendations. Golden Harvest Restaurant can be found at 1625 Turner St.

♦ Pablo's Panaderia ♦
Pablo's Panaderia is an amazing place to go for Mexican food when traveling with Lansing limos. They have a nice area with outdoor seating for you to enjoy when the weather is warm, and the interior is always jumping with lots of happy customers enjoying great food and good conversation. We love their tacos, whether pollo, carne asada, or al pastor, and and the chorizo is also really amazing. This is a huge step up from most of the other Mexican restaurants in Michigan, yet it's a cozy comfortable atmosphere rather than a fancy in-your-face kind of place. Great service, wonderful atmosphere... we could go on and on. But instead we'll let you find out how excellent this place is for yourself! Pablo's Panaderia can be found at 311 E Grand River Ave.

♦ Sawyer's Gourmet Pancake House ♦
Pancake lovers, take note. Sawyer's Gourmet Pancake House is a real essential whenever you are driving around in a Lansing limousine. They have just about every flavor you could possibly imagine. We love the strawberry french toast, the banana pecan pancakes, and the peanut butter and banana french toast! If you aren't in the mood for pancakes at all, they also have amazing hamburgers! We really love the olive hamburgers with the sweet potato fries on the side. The flavor is just too good to believe. It's true that this is one of the more expensive options for breakfast in this area, but we believe it is worth every single penny. Sawyer's Gourmet Pancake House is located at 608 W Saginaw St.

♦ Soup Spoon Cafe ♦
We just love the name of Soup Spoon Cafe. We have come here so many times in recent days for breakfast and lunch, it's becoming our second home when traveling with Lansing limos! The seafood chowder is one of our absolute favorite things here, and we believe that when you try it you will understand why. That FLAVOR! So amazing. The breakfasts are just out of this world, with all your favorite fluffy eggs and toast and other AM goodies. If you're there later in the afternoon or evening you may want to enjoy a cocktail, and our highest recommendation would be the Dark and Stormy. Wow. Truly out of this world. This is one of our highest recommendations for any restaurant in the area. Soup Spoon Cafe can be found at 1419 E Michigan Ave.

♦ Deluca's Restaurant ♦
Deluca's Restaurant is known for their fantastic deep dish pizza, and nine times out of ten when we are going there with Lansing limousine or on our own, it's for that amazing pizza pie! The spinach is our favorite, but you can't go wrong with any of their options. The fresh ingredients that they are crafted from are definitely the things that make all the difference, and you will surely notice that too. The breadsticks with cheese are a great pairing with that too. They have really good salads with both vegan and vegetarian options too. What's the ambiance like here? It's very much a bar style kind of atmosphere, but well kept and clean, and very comfortable. Great for groups and for intimate get-togethers too! Deluca's Restaurant can be found at 2006 W Willow St.

♦ Troppo ♦

Troppo is one of our very top choices that we'd recommend highly to you when you are traveling with Lansing limos! The prices are moderate to high here, but you get what you pay for. You'll want to look your best when dining here too. Nice to have a place that's a bit more dressy since so few places are nowadays. The butternut squash soup is one of our very favorite things here, and we absolutely love their white chicken pizza. Their portabello mushroom plate is the absolute best appetizer here though, and is highly rated by everyone. Pair your meal with a delicious mandarin martini, you will be very glad that you did! Troppo can be found at 101 S Washington Sq.

♦ P.F. Chang's China Bistro ♦
P.F. Chang's China Bistro is one of the very few chain restaurants that we really enjoy and recommend. We love the ambiance here even if it is a little bit over the top, because it's still very elegant and we love the dim lighting. Makes it really pefect for dates! Their noodle dishes are really top notch. The ahi tuna, when they have it (seems to be an on and off thing) is top notch, encrusted with toasted sesame seeds, and we recommend that you pair it with those sensational green tea noodles. They're very unusual and you certainly cannot get them anywhere else that we know of. As a matter of fact, those noodles are our top pick, period. We'd travel miles for them. P.F. Chang's China Bistro can be found at 2425 Lake Lansing Rd.

♦ Claddagh Irish Pub ♦
Claddagh Irish Pub is a real essential for anyone who adores a good Irish pub. The fish and chips are just sensational, and the monte cristo is just out of this world. The clam chowder soup is also really noteworthy, and we've even enjoyed the simpler items like the chicken tenders and the meatloaf melt. They also have a wonderful steak salad that is nothing short of gourmet as far as we're concerned, and maybe it's just us, but we'd say that's the star of the menu! Delicious Irish coffees here too, so if you love those as much as we do, you'll be very happy with one (or two!) of those. They've got student night on Tuesdays at the time of this review and you can save twenty percent, which is pretty great! Claddagh Irish Pub is located at 2900 Towne Centre Blvd.

♦ Thai Food from Lamai's Kitchen ♦
Thai Food from Lamai's Kitchen is a very refreshing Thai restaurant, with really cozy and elegant ambiance, and a waitstaff that really goes out of their way to make sure that you have a lovely time there. This is a lunch buffet, which some people like more than others, but the quality is really very good and very much homestyle, so it really fits. Everything is super fresh from the soups to the curries to the pad thai. We love the spring rolls and the stuffed eggplant here too. Everybody really goes crazy for the tom yum soup here, and we do too! Just be careful of the bay leaves and the huge chunks of ginger. You will be able to find Thai Food from Lamai's Kitchen at 2033 E Michigan Ave.

♦ El Oasis ♦
El Oasis is an awesome little Mexican food stand on Michigan Avenue, and we just love it! You'll want to note that this place doesn't stay open as late as a traditional restaurant, so on Sundays they close up shop at 5:00PM and during the rest of the week including Saturdays they are open until 7:00PM. Our two top picks here are without a doubt the sopes (any of them!) and the tostadas al pastor. The special burrito is also noteworthy, and we'd recommend that with chorizo or carne asada. The green sauce is something that they are known for, so make sure that you ask for it! It's great on everything. You can pair your meal with the perfect drink, a Jarrito de Mandarina, and you are good to go. Enough said! You'll very easily be able to find El Oasis at 2501 E Michigan Ave!

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