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Keego Harbor, Michigan

is definitely one of our top spots for travel and visiting friends, and when we do, we always make sure to visit a few of these favorite restaurants and bars in the area! When you are renting Keego Harbor limo service, you should definitely make it a priority to visit a few of these establishments located within the zip code of 48320.

♦ The Lodge Grill & Bar ♦
The Lodge Grill & Bar is definitely our top pick for dining and drinking in Keego Harbor. The ambiance here is delightfully modern and superbly clean, and they have all your classic favorites including fabulous sandwiches and hamburgers. We love coming in on Thursday nights for their all you can eat crab legs, and if you're bored you can definitely keep yourself busy with the video game room and all their televisions that are hooked up to satellite! If you haven't been in since before they acquired their liquor license, you've got to come in and check it out! Great selection of beer and liquor, and it all goes so perfectly with the delicious food that they serve here. Try the snowshoe lawash! Delish. You will be able to locate The Lodge Grill & Bar at 2812 Orchard Lake Rd.

♦ Modern Food & Spirits ♦
Modern Food & Spirits is one of the places that you will want to keep in mind when you're doing a little Keego Harbor limousine travel. It's high class and very impressive, great for dates and special celebrations, as well as for an everyday lunch that's on a higher level than the usual! We really love the vegetarian menu here, with crisp fresh salads including high quality ingredients like Asian pear and citrus wasabi dressing. They've got a really noteworthy brunch too, with very fresh ingredients that really make all the difference, including raspberry preserves with cocoa nibs. Now that's what we are talking about! Everything here is just a cut above the rest. You'll be able to find Modern Food & Spirits at 1535 Cass Lake Rd.

♦ Jeremy Restaurant & Bar ♦
Jeremy Restaurant & Bar is a very classy American style restaurant that many enjoy when they are traveling with Keego Harbor limos. The fried calamari seems to be the most frequent choice for an appetizer and no one is ever disappointed. Very, very tasty! They have a very nice wine list here, though the prices are a bit higher than we'd prefer. Still, good enough to be worth it. They have wonderful stuffed cabbage here that's totally unique and refreshing (try it for yourself and find out why!), and the sturgeon over hash is another one of our favorite entrees. Great coffee here too. It's also wonderful to just come in for happy hour to enjoy those classic drinks! You will be able to locate Jeremy Restaurant & Bar at 1978 Cass Lake Rd.

♦ Harbor Steak House ♦
When you are driving around with Keego Harbor limo service, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a visit to Harbor Steak House! We are just addicted to this place. The high quality is undebatable, and the service is just out of this world. They've got a full bar and we love to sit and enjoy a drink or two while we wait for a table. The steaks are of course the star of the show here, but we would also very highly recommend the chicken wings and all of the desserts. Every single entree on the menu is fantastic, and we should know because we've tried them all! This is one of our favorite spots for dates and special occasions. You will be able to locate Harbor Steak House at 3251 Orchard Lake Rd.

♦ Happy You Chinese Restaurant ♦
We just adore the name of Happy You Chinese Restaurant! It's tucked away in a strip mall, but you would do well to ignore that location and just take a chance on this place. The food is very fresh and delicious, and you can actually watch them prepare it which is very cool. The orange chicken is one of our favorite things here, really juicy and cooked just perfectly. The pieces are nice and large too, which is a plus. We love the peppers and onions in it, and the celery is a nice touch. We'd recommend starting things off with a nice serving of their hot and sour soup too. It's one of the best that we've ever tried, and we have had that at just about every Chinese restaurant we've ever visited! You will be able to find Happy You Chinese Restaurant at 2843 Orchard Lake Rd. Very highly recommended!

♦ Jet's Pizza ♦

We are big fans of Jet's Pizza in general, but the location right here when you're traveling with Keego Harbor limousine is just too good to believe! Mmm! The eight corner pizza is our favorite thing to get here, with all those delicious crunchy corners, plus that perfectly melty cheese, delicious sauce, and the perfect amount of toppings! Jet's is of course known for their pizza and we'll vouch for the fact that it's some of the best in the state, but they also have really great chicken wings, so when you're in the mood for those, you should think of Jet's and give them a try! Great with either ranch or bleu cheese depending on your taste (we like to order both!). You can find this Jet's Pizza location at 3375 Orchard Lake Rd.

♦ Gino's Pizzeria & Restaurant ♦
Gino's Pizzeria & Restaurant has been in business for at least twenty years that we are aware of, and we have never been anything short of thrilled with the high quality and great service here. They have delicious breadsticks to go along with that famous pizza, and how about their amazing pasta? We miss the days when they had all you can eat pasta, and though they don't anymore, you can still rely on them for that fabulous pasta. We recommend the vodka sauce and manicotti. It will really blow your mind. Just incredible flavor. They do not deliver, but you can definitely opt for their carryout when you are traveling with Keego Harbor limos! You will be able to find Gino's Pizzeria & Restaurant at 1999 Cass Lake Rd.

♦ Dolly's Pizza ♦
Dolly's Pizza has won so many awards, including one for the best pizza in Michigan! We just discovered them recently but have really fallen in love with their pizza, and we DEFINITELY agree with that award! The deep dish pizza is our favorite thing here. They say the secret's in the sauce, and we think it's true because the delicate sweetness of their sauce is really what makes their pizzas so memorable. Their toppings are all of the finest quality, and they have excellent wings here too, with tons of different sauces to choose from! Don't miss their grinders either, they are so greasy and good, and their salads are a very nice pairing with any of the aforementioned items! You will be able to locate this exquisite Dolly's Pizza location at 2855 Orchard Lake Rd! One of our very highest recommendations!

♦ Julian's Coney Island ♦
When you are seeking a great coney island restaurant for breakfast or for a great lunch or dinner later in the day when you are in Keego Harbor, you would do very well to check out Julian's Coney Island. We've been coming here for quite some time and we have been very impressed with all of their dishes, including their wonderful fluffy omelettes just packed with high quality ingredients, their delicious salads that are so crisp and flavorful, and of course the sandwiches that are just piled high with all the toppings that make them not just filling, but memorable. Great service here, very clean atmosphere, and nice ambiance too! You will be able to locate Julian's Coney Island at 2807 Orchard Lake Rd.

♦ Hungry Howie's Pizza & Subs ♦
This particular Hungry Howie's location is one of our favorites, with some of the most flavorful pizza that we have ever tasted. They've got all those classic crust choices just like they always have at every Hungry Howie's location, and best of all the people who work here are always so cheery and happy to see you. There are always specials going on that will save you some dough, and we think you'll really love the breadsticks and salads here in addition to that famous pizza. Take part in this Michigan tradition and enjoy this great little pizzeria for takeout or delivery! You can find Hungry Howie's Pizza & Subs at 2170 Cass Lake Rd.

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