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Jonesville, Michigan

is really packed with some great old fashioned restaurants that we love, and you will find all of these excellent establishments located within the 49250 zip code. Very highly recommended, and we truly hope that you'll enjoy them just as much as we always have!

♦ Saucy Dog's ♦
Deep fried hot dogs are the specialty at Saucy Dog's, and we just love coming in to enjoy a couple of those whenever we get a chance! Their slogan is good food, good friends, great BBQ, and we cannot argue with that! This restaurant comes to you from the same people who bring you Olivia's Chop House, so you know that what you'll find at this place will be just as great! They won the People's Choice Award for Hillsdale County's best lunch spot, and they've even got Club Keno to keep you entertained. We love the Create Your Own Nachos, and the bacon and cheese potato boats are just fantastic. Note that they're closed on Mondays, so you'll have to get your fill Thursday thru Sunday! Saucy Dog's can be found at 212 E Chicago St.

♦ Rosalie's Roadhouse ♦
Rosalie's Roadhouse has been going strong for at least twenty years that we are aware of and their quality has never wavered in all that time. You can get great bar fare, pizzas, and delicious Mexican food here too! We just love that gorgeous old fashioned sign outside, and the style of the building itself. Once you see it for yourself you'll understand what we mean. It's very unique. Our favorite things here include Rosalie's cheese bread, the lasagna and their famous "grilled goop" with seafood, their fresh fajitas, the wonderful pizzas, and of cousre their steak sub! No matter how many times we come to this restaurant, we never grow tired of it. Great service and one of a kind ambiance. You can find Rosalie's Roadhouse at 417 W Chicago St.

♦ Olivia's Chop House ♦
Olivia's Chop House is brought to us by the same people who bring us Saucy Dog's, and like we said in that review above, these folks really know what they are doing! The location will be familiar to you because it's where Chicago Water Grill used to be before the fire. The ambiance is just amazing here, truly upscale to say the very least! They have some of our very favorite things, including a fantastic calamari appetizer that's really a cut above the rest. It's just so good! Your entree choices include some of the most incredible steaks, seafood, and pasta dishes, and this is an excellent choice for brunch on Sundays between 10:00AM and 2:00PM. Olivia's Chop House is one of our personal favorites, and it is located at 205 E Chicago Rd.

♦ Litchfield-Jonesville Lanes ♦
When you want to go bowling and enjoy some really great bar fare, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Litchfield-Jonesville Lanes. We love the times when they have a flat fee for bowling during what we'd call "primetime" between 8:00PM and 11:00PM. They've got a full bar here for you to enjoy all your classic favorite drinks, and their burgers and fries and other bar fare are all just so perfectly done. We love the fact that this is a family run bowling alley, especially now that the bigger chain bowling alleys are becoming so popular. This is old fashioned bowling fun at its best. Very friendly staff and just an all around fun time with friends! You can find this great bowling alley at 8200 Homer Rd!

♦ Los Mariachis ♦
Los Mariachis is very cool because it's part restaurant as you'd expect, and part bar too! It's separate, so you don't have to deal with the bar crowd when you just want to enjoy your meal, and vice versa! The food is just excellent here, perfectly prepared and served piping hot. Of course they have all your Mexican favorites here, but our absolute favorite has got to be the burritos. Their buffets on Sundays are really a big draw, and lots of people make it a tradition to come in with the family each week to enjoy that. This is the only Mexican restaurant in the area that serves alcohol, so if you want a great margarita with your meal, this is the spot! Los Mariachis can be found at 394 W Chicago St.

♦ King Buffet ♦

We've had many great meals at King Buffet over the years, especially because there is no cheaper way to enjoy a huge hearty meal in such a great casual setting. Many will vouch for the fact that this is the best Chinese food in the area, and you do pay a bit more for it than you'll pay elsewhere, but you are without a doubt getting what you pay for. Many don't realize that you can get carryout here too, and it's especially good for those times when you've got a group of friends at your house and you're just not sure what to serve. Just grab a bunch of great buffet food and bring it home for them to enjoy while it's still piping hot! King Buffet can be found at 715 Olds St.

♦ Britton Pink Panther ♦
Britton Pink Panther is one of the few 24 hour restaurants in this area, though that's on the weekends only, but that's usually the time of the week when you are in search of a late night restaurant! We have always enjoyed stopping in for a great late night meal here. They have just about everything that you could possibly have a craving for here, but the go-to section of the menu (at least as far as we are concerned!) is the breakfast, of course! We especially enjoy the delicious biscuits and gravy here. Truly some of the best in town, maybe THE best in town! Great service and nice clean atmosphere too. You will be able to find Britton Pink Panther at 1480 E Chicago Rd.

♦ Hilltop Diner ♦
Hilltop Diner is one of those old fashioned greasy spoon diners that nobody can ever resist, and we've been very happy with the food and the service here! The breakfast is just the way you like it at these diner style restaurants... great eggs and omelettes, fantastic sausage patties, huge fluffy pancakes, and great orange juice. Not fresh squeezed, but you wouldn't expect it to be here. There is nothing fancy here, nothing extra... no television, no wifi... but they do accept credit cards which is a nice perk! So many diners do not. Hilltop Diner is found at 524 W Chicago St.

♦ China One Buffet ♦
When you are craving delicious Chinese food in massive portions, there is no better way to get that on the cheap than to head over to China One Buffet! You can get all of your favorites here including amazing general tso's chicken, sesame chicken, chicken with broccoli, garlic vegetables, vegetable lo mein, white rice, fried rice, and more! Sometimes you want to go out for a delicious meal, but maybe you have been working hard renovating your house or doing other kinds of hard work around the house, and you just want to go as you are. The best place to dine in those instances is a buffet like this one. Cozy, comfortable, laid back. Great service too! China One Buffet can be found at 719 Olds St.

♦ Main Street Pizza ♦
Main Street Pizza is the go-to spot for pizza whenever you are in Jonesville. People just love this place. We love to call them up and order a huge pie with all the toppings to go! It's perfect for your party bus travels, and we think you'll be very happy with the friendly staff and the perfectly crafted pizza that you get! Consistently good. Every. Single. Time. The perfectly prepared crust, just the right amount of sauce, delicious high quality cheese, and all the toppings you could ever desire. Of course pizza isn't all they have here, but it's all we've ever ordered, so that's what we'll vouch for! So good, and very highly recommended. You will be able to find Main Street Piza at 233 E Chicago St!

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