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Jackson, Michigan

is known for its many attractions, but best of all has got to be those restaurants! We are big fans of so many bars and restaurants in the 49201, 49202, and 49203 zip codes. Be sure to check out at least a few of these next time you are in the area.

♦ Darryl's Downtown ♦
Darryl's Downtown is just an excellent restaurant in Jackson... this just may be our very favorite on this list. They have an amazing pistachio basil chicken that we can never resist, and if you're in the mood for something a little bit simpler, the angus burger is a fantastic choice. We really enjoy the coleslaw here, and the fries are equally good. They always have great coffee too, but if you're in the mood for your reds and whites you will be very happy with their impressive wine list! We'd recommend this place for get togethers with friends, dates, and even family nights out. It's just tops in our book. Darryl's Downtown can be found at 151 W Michigan Ave.

♦ Aka Sushi ♦
Aka Sushi is one of the newest restaurants in the area, but already they have stolen our hearts and there's no going back! This kind of high quality sushi served in such an elegant atmosphere... it is impossible not to love this place. They have the freshest sashimi around, delicious spicy rolls, and a great selection of beer and wine to go along with it. We'd very highly recommend the sushi boat for four, which gives you a great sampling of many of the high points on the menu. If anyone in your party isn't a fan of raw fish, or if you're just in the mood for some delicious chicken, we'd very highly recommend the chicken teriyaki bowl. It doesn't sound too exciting but it's much better than the ones at other sushi restaurants! Really delicious. Everything is just great here. Aka Sushi is located at 1801 N West Ave.

♦ The Hunt Club ♦
The Hunt Club is a great bar and restaurant where you can enjoy some really great food, including a Dagwood sandwich that will really satisfy even the meanest appetite! Seriously, it's enormous, and great for sharing. Pair that with some of their fantastic beer battered deep fried pickles and you'll really have an amazing meal. Of cousre, it wouldn't be right to have that without having a nice pint of beer along with it, and their selection is very good. There's plenty to keep you busy here too, including Club Keno. Great service and great ambiance too. The Hunt Club is located at 1514 Daniel Rd.

♦ Knights Steak House & Grill ♦
If you're looking for a great steakhouse in the Jackson area, you can't go wrong with Knights Steak House & Grill. They have everything from the finest cuts of steak to the uiciest hamburgers, and in addition to that they also have a full bar that is well stocked and always ready to serve up your classic favorite drinks. Great chicken, fish, and steak, and all of the sides and salads are truly top notch quality too. The service here is always very professional, and they're quick to bring you whatever you need. If your glass needs filling, they notice it before you do. Despite the high quality food and the top notch service, it's very comfortable here, even casual. Always a great meal. Knights Steak House & Grill can be found at 2125 Horton Rd.

♦ Roxy Cafe ♦
Roxy Cafe is instantly recognizable by the old fashioned sign on the front of the building. We love that so much and we're so glad that they never changed it. This is one of our favorite places for breakfast in the area, and it's fun to enter through the back of the restaurant so you can check out the kitchen. The corned beef hash is homemade here, and it is nothing short of fantastic. They also have grilled cinnamon rolls that will really knock your socks off. And how about all those classic omelettes? We could go on and on about the high quality of the food here. It's a little bit small and sometimes crowded here, but that's to be expected with a popular diner like this. Roxy Cafe is located at 606 N West Ave.

♦ Schlenkers Sandwich Shop ♦

Schlenkers Sandwich Shop is an essential for a great lunch in Jackson. Many will tell you that they have the best hamburgers in the entire area, and we would vouch for that fact. They are amazing. We usually opt for the double cheeseburger with onions, bacon, double tomatoes, double lettuce, and of course some mustard and ketchup! Delish. The fries are served super hot (be careful!) and we love that. You really get a generous amount of food for a very low price. Note that they do not accept credit cards here, so a stop at the ATM may be in order, and it's worth it too. Great little lunch counter that nobody should skip! Schlenkers Sandwich Shop can be found at 1104 E Ganson St.

♦ Parlour ♦
When it comes to ice cream parlors, Parlour is tops. We are just in love with this place, and would very highly recommend it to you. It's old school here, including formica topped tables and cozy booths, and they serve huge scoops here just like they used to back in the day. They used to make their own ice cream here, and they don't anymore unfortunately, but the quality is somehow still on par with what it used to be. For a large group, we would very highly recommend the "Dare to Be Great," which consists of 21 amazing scoops, but be prepared to scarf it down quickly because it can be pretty messy and melty if you don't! Parlour can be found at 1401 Daniel Rd.

♦ Los Tres Amigos ♦
Cravings for great Mexican food can hit at the strangest times, and if one hits when you are in Jackson, you should know that you can rely on Los Tres Amigos for a consistently great dining experience every single time. The chips and salsa are just fantastic and they are the perfect beginning to every meal. We'd very highly recommend the mole verde for your main dish, and the carnitas are also a very good choice. The margaritas are just perfect here, and we can't think of a better drink to pair with an amazing meal like this. We absolutely love this place for both lunch and dinner. Great for groups, and we love the fact that it's so comfortable and casual here too. Los Tres Amigos is located at 1111 N West Ave.

♦ Jaxon Pizza Factory ♦
This list wouldn't be complete without an amazing pizza restaurant included on it! Jaxon Pizza Factory is that place. The wheat crusts are just fantastic, and that's one of the things that they are best known for. This is more of a carryout place really, but they do have a small dine-in area that you'll enjoy. The sauce is really good and zesty here. For something really unique, we'd very highly recommend the coney dog pizza. Now that's what we're talking about. The rice pudding calzone is amazing too. Glad to find a place that isn't afraid to offer new things! If you'd rather just have a coney dog instead of a coney dog pizza, you'll be happy to know that they have those too. You will be able to find Jaxon Pizza Factory at 800 N Waterloo St.

♦ Buffalo Barbeque Wings ♦
Buffalo Barbeque Wings... the name will make you think of Buffalo Wild Wings but this is a much more personal place, offering delicious microbrews and an impressive selection of domestic beers too. The wings is what they're named for and known for, and they are just as great as you'd want them to be! Mmm, so good. There are a variety of sauces to enjoy here too, letting you customize your wing experience to the max. You actually have to sign a waiver in order to eat the hottest sauce here, believe it or not! Hot sauce lovers will take that as a challenge and head on over to give it a try! They have plenty of televisions here so you won't have to miss the big game while you're here. And the service is just great, very friendly and conscientious. Buffalo Barbeque Wings is conveniently located at 1085 N Wisner.

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