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Inkster, Michigan

has some great restaurants and bars within its zip code of 48141, and you'll also find a bunch of good places within driving distance in nearby Garden City (48135), Dearborn (48124), Dearborn Heights (48127). If you find yourself in this area with Limo Detroit, these are the restaurants and bars that we would recommend most highly to you. We know that you'll enjoy yourself there, so feel free to pick and choose from any of the places on this list.

♦ D-Dee's Corned Beef ♦
D-Dee's Corned Beef has got to be one of our favorite places to grab a bite to eat in Inkster. The restaurant is actually located within a market, and since it's family-owned you know that you're getting a much higher quality than you would find elsehwere. The greatest broasted chicken, delicious collards, their famous corned beef sandwiches, yummy peach cobbler, and cakes and pies too. You'll find a surprisingly wide selection of Asian groceries here too, so if you're looking to put together your own Asian meal when you get back home, you can grab some stuff on your way out. You can find D-Dee's Corned Beef at 3783 Middlebelt Rd right here in Inkster.

♦ Jon's Goodtime Bar ♦
If you're looking for a great bar in Inkster, you'd be hard pressed to find a better one than Jon's Goodtime Bar. This place has got everything you need, from free popcorn to trivia, from delicious burgers and soups, to cheap 32 oz beers. When the weather is warm, you'll enjoy the grill outside which offers shrimp, chicken, and ribs. Note that this is more of a friendly neighborhood bar than a dive bar, and there are often kids here with their parents enjoying a bite to eat. If you're looking for a wild time, look elsewhere, because this is just a good spot for a nice bite to eat and some good company. New flatscreens here too! You can find Jon's Goodtime Bar on Cherry Hill Rd in Inkster.

♦ American Grill ♦
American Grill is a simple good place to grab some grub. They've got a flat screen to catch the big game while you're there, but that's about the fanciest thing you'll find here. This neighborhood can be a little bit rough, and this restaurant's proximity to the police station makes it one of the more popular ones. If you're looking for a really inexpensive bite to eat, especially late at night after you leave the bar, American Grill is a great option for you. You will be able to find American Grill at 27412 Michigan Ave right here in Inkster.

♦ Franchesko's Best Omelettes ♦
Franchesko's Best Omelettes is such a great place to go for delicious breakfast, and of course their omelets are the standout item on the menu! They've got a nice array of choices, and plenty of different sauces to choose from too, which is a nice surprise! The béarnaise sauce is one of our favorites. If you like your breakfast a little simpler, you can't go wrong with the three-egg breakfast with grits and hash browns with toast and coffee. If you're familiar with this area you'll recognize this building as the one that can never seem to keep a business in it, so we're hoping that this one lasts! It's a far cry from the usual coney island restaurants that occupy this space, so we think it stands a good chance. You'll be able to find this restaurant at 27545 Cherry Hill Rd right here in Inkster!

♦ New Peking Restaurant ♦
In nearby Garden City you'll find New Peking Restaurant, and everyone around here just flocks to this place for amazing Asian food. They have a particularly amazing Korean style noodle dish called Jja Jang Myun that we would very highly recommend, but even the simpler items like the garlic beef or the potstickers are just out of this world. Not everything is authentic here — many things are the more Americanized versions — but everything is good. There is something for everyone. They've got some very good sake cocktails here too. Everything is great, and the service is so friendly and fast too! Find New Peking at 29105 Ford Rd in nearby Garden City!

♦ Bangkok 96 ♦

The Bangkok 96 has got to be our favorite Thai restaurant in the entire Metro Detroit area, and it's located so near to your Inkster destination, in nearby Dearborn on Telegraph Road. Everything is just so wonderful here, but our favorites have got to be the green curry, the red curry, and the yellow curry with potatoes. It's hard to say in what order — they are all so good! They've got wonderful soups and salads here too, including a bbq beef salad that is just too irresistible, especially if you order it medium to spicy depending on your flavor preferences! The owner and staff are always so friendly here, and always happy to chat with you. The menu consists of all the typical somewhat Americanized Thai food dishes, but if you speak to the owner you might find that she can steer you to some more traditional off-the-menu items. Find Bangkok 96 at 2450 S Telegraph Rd in nearby Dearborn.

♦ Beirut By Night ♦
Beirut By Night is an excellent Mediterranean restaurant in Dearborn Heights, and everyone that we know goes crazy over this place. Our favorite item here is the super shwarma sandwich, and we are also big fans of their filet mignon with delicious gravy. They've got tasty fattoush and hommous here, and plenty of great family deals that will help you to save some money. If you are a lover of tomato kibbee like we are, then we think you'll be very pleased with theirs. Really wonderful staff that makes you feel at home too! You will be able to find Beirut By Night at 22700 Ford Rd in nearby Dearborn Heights.

♦ Cedar Garden ♦
Cedar Garden is one of the most recommended Mediterranean restaurants in nearby Dearborn Heights, conveniently located on Ford Rd. Their prices are moderate and their food is excellent. It's so nice to be able to find a place where you can get food that feels indulgent but is really so healthy for you. They've got fresh baked bread here, and plenty of delicious fresh smoothies to choose from too. The hommous is particularly delicious here, and we also love the shwarma. Delicious sandwiches for lunch that are nice and cheap, and very big too! You'll be able to find Cedar Garden at 26348 Ford Rd in nearby Dearborn Heights.

♦ Mexican Fiesta of Dearborn♦
Mexican Fiesta of Dearborn is always a hit with everybody in this area, and there is no question why. It's not the most authentic place around, but it is one of the best. For instance, the meals all come with cole slaw, which is not something that you would normally find at a Mexican restaurant — but it's excellent and you'll be surprised how great that tastes alongside your enchiladas or whatever else you like to order. They've got a lot of items here that are harder to find elsewhere, like mole, menudo, and even cactus. So good. They've got wonderful margaritas here too. Great ambiance and plenty of room for larger parties. Find it at 24310 Ford Rd in Dearborn Heights.

♦ Flight Club ♦
Flight Club is a strip club located right here in Inkster, and it's very similar to The Penthouse in downtown Detroit if you have ever been there. The two clubs are actually under the same management, so that explains the similarity. They've got really good looking dancers here, and the drinks are quite affordable too. There are private rooms and comfortable booths, and they've even got a cigar bar in the upstairs where smoking is, in fact, still allowed. That's a nice perk for the smokers out there! You can skip the cover charge if you show up before 7:00PM, but it's normally $10 on the weekdays and $15 on the weekends. Note that they have a mandatory $7 charge for valet parking and there is a coat check fee as well. It can get expensive here, so watch your dollars, but you will definitely have a great time! You can find Flight Club at 29709 Michigan Ave right here in Inkster!

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