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Imlay City, Michigan

Let us tell you about a few of our favorite bars and restaurants in the Imlay City zip code of 48444! This city is found within Lapeer County, and it has some of the absolute top places to eat. We're really big fans of all of the places that we've listed on this page, and we hope that you enjoy them like we here at Limo Detroit do!

♦ Lucky's Steakhouse ♦
Lucky's Steakhouse is a real gem of a restaurant, located right here in Imlay City. The prices are surprisingly affordable, and yet the food is on par with even the most premier steakhouses. The herbed bread with whipped butter is just completely irresistible. We've always been huge fans of their tortilla soup with chicken, and the macaroni and cheese is just excellent as a side. The prime rib is probably our favorite thing on the menu, along with all of their other steaks. No matter what you get here, you are sure to enjoy a wonderful meal that's perfectly prepared. Find Lucky's Steakhouse at 2000 S Cedar St right here in Imlay City!

♦ Tietz Restaurant ♦
If you're looking for a great place to dine and drink, Tietz Restaurant is a great choice. We love the steakhouse ambiance, and the laid back atmosphere is really enjoyable too. The Sunday brunch buffet is a great reason to come in on the weekend, and the breakfast is good any day of the week. We're big fans of the surf and turf, and we love the barbecued chicken salad too. For breakfast, they make a superb version of a Mexican omelet. To tell you the truth, you could pretty much roll the dice and choose a completely random item off their menu, and we know you'd love it. It's that good. You can find Tietz Restaurant at 430 E Capac Rd right here in Imlay City!

♦ Big Boy ♦

The Big Boy has been revered for decades for having a delicious hamburger, a yummy trip to the soup and salad bar, or even a great breakfast! They've got just about everything here, so it's easy to please everybody in your party. The traditional favorites are all still there — the original Big Boy hamburger, the Slim Jim, the Brawny Lad... and we love them all! They've got a large array of heart healthy choices for those who are watching their fat and calories, and plenty of indulgent favorites for those who aren't! The prices are unbelievably low, so it's also a smart choice if you're looking to save some dough! Find this Big Boy location at 1949 S Cedar St right here in Imlay City!

♦ Nacho's Taco House ♦
Nacho's Taco House is one of the best plays on words that we've seen, and their nachos and tacos are both excellent, just for the record! We're huge fans of their salsa, served with delicious hot chips that really please the tastebuds. The Mexican pizza is a nice item that we haven't seen at too many other places, and their enchiladas are a traditional favorite that we'd recommend without hesitation. The tostadas are also in the running for best ever, and the wet burrito is just great. The menu is super simple here with a small but well-chosen array of items, so if you have a hard time making up your mind, you'll appreciate that! Nacho's Taco House is located at 100 N Main St right here in Imlay City!

♦ Taco Bell ♦
We love the Taco Bell that's located in Imlay City! When you've been out at the bar all night and you need to fill up on something cheap and good, what's still open? Taco Bell! That's why they're known for their "fourthmeal," didn't you know? Everything's just as good here as it used to be back in the day, plus the staff seems well managed as they are cheerful and helpful, which is refreshing compared to most fast food restaurants nowadays! What are our favorite things here? Meximelt (small but great!), XXL Grilled Stuft Steak Burrito (not cheap, but HUGE!), and the Steak Enchirito (an awesome blast from the past that's back). Find this location at 731 S Cedar St right here in Imlay City!

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