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Howell, Michigan

is a great place to check out if you haven't been there before, and even if you have, there's a good chance that you've missed a few of these great bars and restaurants! These are our top recommendations in the zip code of 48843! Be sure to check them out when you're in the area.

♦ Tomato Brothers ♦
Tomato Brothers is an essential for lovers of Italian food. It's moderately priced, nicely decorated, and they've even got a full bar. Great for dates! Everybody talks about the breadsticks here, and there's no question why. They are fantastic. Super soft, served nice and warm, and with just the right touch of butter and garlic to tease your tastebuds and get you ready for an amazing meal. We'd recommend the lasagna most highly, as well as the spaghetti and meatballs (actually it comes with just one emormous meatball, and it's actually pretty cool! Nice to see something different for such a traditional dish). Their cheesecake is just amazing, so when it's time for dessert, you know what to opt for. You'll be able to find Tomato Brothers at 3030 W Grand River Ave.

♦ Mr B's Rustic Tavern ♦
Mr B's Rustic Tavern is one of our favorite spots to chill out when we are in Howell, and we find that it's a favorite after-work hangout for many people. The beers on draft are a very nice selection, and they've got a great selection of them in bottles too. The food is great here, mostly standard bar fare like hamburgers and ribs and pizza, but they also have a really great prime rib that is definitely a cut above the rest, so to speak! If what you want is something good and cheap, the sliders are the go-to option. There's plenty to do here beyond dining and drinking, including shooting pool and playing arcade games! Always a good time no matter when you come in. You can find Mr B's Rustic Tavern at 101 W Grand River Ave.

♦ Mexicali Allies ♦
Who doesn't adore the name Mexicali Allies? We definitely love it. But what we love even more than that is the delicious authentic Mexican food that they serve here! Oh, it's just fantastic! The only thing we could possibly complain about at this restaurant is (1) the fact that they do not serve alcohol, but that is beyond forgivable, and (2) the fact that it's just a little hole in the wall restaurant and the ambiance is not much to talk about. It's truly all about the food here, and that is really why we would recommend the carryout! It's perfect for traveling on the party bus, or to pick some up and take home with you if you live in the area! Next time you are in the area, be sure to check out Mexicali Allies at 117 N Michigan Ave.

♦ Copper Pickle ♦
Copper Pickle has got to be one of our favorite delis ever, in any location, so it's definitely a standout on this list of restaurants in the Howell area! No doubt. We love coming in for lunch to enjoy some of that famous pickle soup, and of course the signature copper pickle sandwich, which is a delicious corned beef reuben. The prices here are a bit high if you're just looking at the menu, but once you see how huge the sandwiches are you'll realize that it's worth every penny and then some! Truly a fabulous lunch. This is a Polish deli, so you'll be able to get lots of tasty Polish treats to take home with you, including tantalizing Polish ham that we cannot resist! You'll be able to find Copper Pickle at 119 W Grand River Ave.

♦ Golden House ♦
Golden House is a really beloved Chinese restaurant in Howell, and though it's essentially just a hole in the wall restaurant in a strip mall, we absolutely adore it. Delicious food at a super cheap price, what more can you ask for? Our favorite thing here is the pepper steak, and we also love the pepper tofu! Very good. The egg rolls are really amazing here, homemade and so tasty. The mongolian beef is another item that we'd highly recommend here, and don't forget to try that hot and sour soup. Those who don't love seafood will be pleased to know that this is one of the few places where the egg rolls don't have seafood in them! Good to know. You can find Golden House at 1241 E Grand River Ave.

♦ Diamond's Steak & Seafood ♦

We are big on our steak and seafood, and at Diamond's Steak and Seafood we can really get our feel of all the things that we love the most! The filet mignon tips are just fantastic, served on skewers with fantastic cheesy mashed potatoes and cinnamon spiced apples! If that doesn't make your mouth water then you can just skip to the next review. We thought it was phenomenal. They have a very nice selection of beer, wine, and spirits here too, and the servers are very knowledgeable and able to point you toward the selections that match up best with your food. We can't imagine that you'll find anything at this place that you won't absolutely love. You'll be able to locate Diamond's Steak & Seafood at 209 E Grand River Ave.

♦ Cleary's Restaurant Pub & Banquet Center ♦
Cleary's is the kind of place that everybody loves to go to. There's just so much to do here. You've got the bar portion that has the food and drinks, and then there's a separate part where you can shoot pool and play your favorite hits on the jukebox. Between those two areas is a wonderful banquet center that you can rent out for your special events, and we would very highly recommend this place for that type of thing. The staff is just excellent and they really know how to pull things together. The prices are incredibly low here, and we just love the vibe. We love coming in for lunch or for a late night drink! You will be able to find Cleary's at 117 E Grand River Ave.

♦ El Patron ♦
El Patron is one of our favorites for delicious Mexican food in the Howell area, and part of that is that their service is just so fast and friendly! That's always appreciated. They have excellent rice and beans here, and great chips and salsa, and as you know those are the staples that really hold the whole thing together at a Mexican restaurant like this! So good. We really love their burritos here no matter what filling you choose, and the poblano peppers and shrimp chimichangas are just ridiculously tasty! For dessert you will definitely want to opt for that fabulous fried ice cream. They do it right! You will be able to find El Patron at 2010 E Grand River Ave. Very highly recommended!

♦ Mary's Fabulous Chicken & Fish ♦
Mary's Fabulous Chicken & Fish is absolutely one of our highest recommendations for those who love delicious barbecue items and deep fried goodness! Mmm! Fried pickles are one of our favorite things here, and of course everybody loves a great barbecue chicken sandwich along with some fantastic chicken strips and french fries, right? They really do it great here. It's good and greasy so you've got to be the type that can appreciate that, but then if you weren't you probably wouldn't go there to begin with. Soul food lovers will be very happy here, especially with the okra and fried green tomatoes. The staff here is wonderful and very friendly. You will be able to find Mary's Fabulous Chicken & Fish at 2429 E Grand River Ave.

♦ Thai Cafe ♦
If you are craving some fantastic Thai food, you would do very well to check out Thai Cafe! Their sweet and sour shrimp is truly one of our favorite things in the world, and how about that amazing fried rice? The pad thai is of course a great option here, though that's a hard one to screw up! The vegetable curry is an excellent choice for the vegetarians. We love the lemongrass that is featured in so many of their dishes. Very fresh and flavorful, and gives it that touch of Thailand that we all love so much. Great service, very friendly and fast to take care of your needs... We can't say enough about how much we love this place. You will b able to find Thai Cafe at 215 E Grand River Ave. Very highly recommended.

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