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Holt, Michigan

is a great spot to visit, and whether you're visiting with Limo Detroit or on your own, we hope that you'll enjoy this list of great eateries and lounges that are located in the city, in the zip code of 48842!

♦ Jade Garden ♦
Jade Garden has been one of our favorite restaurants in Holt for quite some time now, and though it's not really anything fancy, they just get everything right. And that includes the price! They will customize anything for you just the way you want it here, whether you want it low sodium, with less oil, with extra veggies, or with more or less sauce. They are extremely accommodating. We love the fact that this business is family run, and that is part of what makes the big difference here. The beef with broccoli is one of our favorite things here, and we also love the orange chicken, general tso's chicken, and of course those fried dumplings. They usually have some things ready to go in a buffet style setup too, so if you're in a big rush just come on in and grab some grub! You can find Jade Garden at 1979 Aurelius Rd.

♦ Sammy's Lounge ♦
Sammy's Lounge is just a fantastic place to relax and enjoy some good food, great drinks, and many times some excellent entertainment! The pizza is just fantastic here, and we would very highly recommend the parmesan crust to you. In the warmer months of the year, you can ask to be seated on the outdoor patio, and you will really enjoy that very much. They've updated the interior recently too, so if you haven't stopped by in a while, you'll want to come in and check that out. If you're not in the mood for a pizza, why not try one of their delicious hamburgers, or perhaps one of their sensational olive burgers? We love those. Everything here is just excellent, and we'd recommend this place very highly for both dinner and drinks. You will be able to find Sammy's Lounge at 1957 Cedar St.

♦ Champion Sports Bar & Grill ♦
Champion Sports Bar & Grill is a really great spot to go for fantastic food and drinks, and of course to watch the game! They've got plenty of televisions set up here, so you can just kick back and watch the game with your buddies and really have a fantastic time. When there's not a big game on, you can always fall back on that great jukebox that's got all the hits, and in the summertime you may want to skip the interior scene altogether and just hang out on that wonderful patio of theirs. Great beers, delicious burgers, and wonderful wings. Try the Texas Burger, but note that it's not a burger at all! We'll let you check that one out for yourself when you get there. You can find Champion Sports Bar & Grill at 2440 Cedar St. Very highly recommended.

♦ Pizza Alforno ♦
Pizza Alforno is another one of our favorite pizza joints in Holt, and we wouldn't feel right about leaving it off this list! It's just SO good. They use purely fresh ingredients here, never anything from a can or frozen, and we appreciate that so much. The pizza margherita is probably our favorite thing here, made with the perfect thin crust just the way we all love it, with the perfect amount of fresh tomato sauce that tastes so incredible, plus truly delish fresh mozzarella cheese, and to top it all off, the freshest basil that we have ever tasted. Wow. Don't skip the salad portion of the menu because they have some really unique offerings, including a beet salad that will really knock your socks off. You will be able to locate Pizza Alforno at 1943 Cedar St. Very very very highly recommended, to say the least!

♦ Buddies Grill ♦
We always like to say that Buddies Grill is a great place to enjoy some grilled goodies with your buddies! This place has all the bar fare that we love, the kind of stuff that you go to the bar for, not the stuff that you just put up with. Their burgers are just the best, hands down, but we also love their salads. The drink prices are amazingly low here, and yet the drinks are never watered down. Always good and strong. There's plenty to do here too, from trivia to pool to darts, and even poker! You definitely will not be bored at this excellent establishment, and there's plenty of room so you can bring all your friends and just have one of the best nights out ever. You will be able to find Buddies Grill at 2040 North Aurelius Rd.

♦ Fat Boys Pizza ♦

Fat Boys Pizza! We love the name of this place. And everybody loves the pizza so much that you've got to be careful not to become the name of this place! Ha! We love this place for both takeout and delivery, and of course that makes it just perfect for party bus travel, doesn't it? Everybody loves it. They make the best crust here, and they use just the perfect ratio of sauce to cheese to toppings so that all three complement each other and never drown the others out. The best thing is that they're so consistent here. You can rely on the fact that you'll get a fantastic pizza here, every time. And that's next to impossible elsewhere. A little burned, a little undercooked? Not here. Just pure pizza perfection. You can find Fat Boys Pizza at 2040 Aurelius Rd!

♦ Delhi Cafe ♦
Our friends kept recommending Delhi Cafe to us, and we finally decided to head on over there and check it out for ourselves! If you want some delicious sandwiches, this is the place for that. We tried the grilled swiss cheese on rye bread, and oh boy was that ever an epic sandwich. We've only had a chance to visit this restaurant once, so that's the only item that we can specifically recommend, but everybody that we know is in love with this place and insisted that we include it on this list! The only thing that they complained about was the fact that they used to serve a really great breakfast here, and they no longer do. That's a shame because we would have loved to have tried it! You can find Delhi Cafe at 4625 Willoughby Rd.

♦ Sir Pizza ♦
We know what you're thinking: Another pizza place? But take it from us, Sir Pizza is nothing like the other pizza joints that you have been to in the area, or anywhere really! Why is that? Well, that's because they serve only thin crust here, and it is fantastic. The cheese that they use is delicious fresh provolone, which is a delightful difference from the typical mozzarella. There's a reason that this place has been in business for at least twenty years that we are aware of, and as long as they continue with that same quality, we believe they'll still be going strong in another twenty! You can find this unbelievable pizza restaurant at 7045 S Cedar. Don't miss it!

♦ 2 Feathers Roadhouse ♦
2 Feathers Roadhouse is a great bar that's located in an unusual location in a strip mall, but don't let that put you off. We avoided trying it for a bit just because of the location, and we wish we had not waited so long! They've got a big biker crowd that gathers here, but it's one of the nicer locations in the area, really clean and kept up well, with a nice dance floor and plenty to do including throwing darts and shooting pool. If you love a loud and boisterous ambiance, you will enjoy the lively atmosphere here. The people who come here regularly have made it what it is, and our hat is off to them. Just a great place to hang out with friends. You will be able to find 2 Feathers Roadhouse at 2040 N Aurelius Rd.

♦ Darb's Crystal Bar ♦
Darb's Crystal Bar is a great spot to enjoy some good drinks and great company. Note that you will not find food here other than the popcorn! But on the plus side, they let you bring in whatever you want, for instance some pizza from another restaurant or even your own food from home. Pretty cool. If you love karaoke as much as we do, you will want to come in on a Saturday night. They get started around 9:00PM and it's always a good time! When there's no karaoke happening, you can always rely on that well-stocked jukebox. They've got Club Keno here too, so if you're the gambling type, you can have a little bit of fun with that. You can find Darb's Crystal Bar at 4279 Holt Rd. Great bar.

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