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Holly, Michigan

is a beloved place to visit for so many Michiganders, and we especially enjoy it for all of its wonderful bars and restaurants. Here are a few of our favorites, all located within the Holly zip code of 48442.

♦ Historic Holly Hotel ♦
We thought we'd mention the Historic Holly Hotel first, because it's such a great place to stay when you are in the area. Our review will have to focus on the restaurant, but overall we just love this place. The six course lobster special is the most well known choice at this restaurant, and of course that's not cheap, but it's well worth the price! They also have a really fantastic beef wellington. The soups and salads are supremely fresh. We love the idea that the place is haunted though we've never seen any evidence of that ourselves, and we especially love the charming atmosphere of the restaurant and the wonderful service that is so consistently friendly! You will be able to find the Historic Holly Hotel and the wonderful restaurant within it at 110 Battle Aly. Very highly recommended.

♦ El Potrero 2 Mexican Restaurant ♦
El Potrero 2 Mexican Restaurant is one of the best places to get a really great hearty meal, and it also happens to be one of the less expensive options in Holly! You will not find the Tex-Mex Americanized food that you're used to here. Instead it's all very authentic and delicious. We love the mild and creamy melty cheese that they use here, and everything from the rice to the beans to the fabulous entrees is just top notch. The carne asada is just excellent, and you cannot go wrong with any item that is listed under entrees. Really. We've tried them all, and each one is as good as the one before it. Very cozy and casual too! Great ambiance. El Potrero 2 Mexican Restaurant can be found at 15190 N Holly Rd.

♦ Bittersweet Cafe ♦
Bittersweet Cafe is one of our favorite places to go for coffee and breakfast, as well as for lunch, when we are in Holly. Their coffees are just fantastic here, really on a completely different level than most of the other coffee shops that you have been to in Michigan. We would very highly recommend any of their breakfast and lunch specials because we've pretty much had them all, and they are all perfectly prepared and so delicious. Unfortunately they do not have wifi here, so you will not be able to do any work that requires the internet, but in many ways that just makes it an even better place to chill out without distraction. Favorite thing on the menu? Probably the open faced veggie omelette. Too delish! Bittersweet Cafe can be found at 112 S Saginaw St.

♦ Red Devil Italian American Restaurant ♦
Red Devil Italian American Restaurant is definitely one of our top picks in Holly. We don't know how long this place has been in existence, but it's got that feeling as if it has been untouched since the 1970s, and we like it that way! Truly authentic old fashioned Italian dinner. They've got beer and wine here, and the selections go just perfectly with the entrees. Their vegetable lasagna is one of our favorite things here, really delicious with all that melted cheese and the perfect crispness at the corners. Wow. Their stromboli is fantastic here, and we love their pizelle and pizza too. Overall just a fantastic spot to gather with good friends and enjoy a great meal! Red Devil Italian American Restaurant can be located at 104 S Broad St.

♦ Tom's Coney Island Restaurant ♦
If you're seeking a great coney island restaurant in Holly where you can get those fantastic coney island style breakfasts, Tom's is your spot. We have been coming here for years and we really love the great service and the fantastic food. They've got some good vegetarian options here, which is a plus, but they have all your traditional coney island favorites and you can't go wrong with any of those. We really love it all, but the breakfast especially has our heart. You can always rely on Tom's for fast and friendly service any time of day, and that's what makes it one of the best places in Holly to grab a great bite to eat. You can find Tom's Coney Island Restaurant at 15195 N Holly Rd!

♦ Big Tony's Pizza & Ribs ♦

When you are craving pizza in Holly, the one place that would get our very highest recommendation would definitely have to be Big Tony's Pizza & Ribs! Also very highly recommended for their ribs! Yum! Our favorite thing here is definitely the veggie pizza, which has all of the vegetarian toppings plus pineapples, which is a nice touch! We'd pair that with the ranch crust, and definitely make it an extra large. They are really big and true New York style! Pair your pizza with some of those excellent ribs or maybe even some chicken, and you're really good to go. Everybody loves this place and we know that you will too. You'll be able to find Big Tony's Pizza & Ribs at 3521 Grange Hall Rd. Don't miss this place!

♦ Villagers Family Restaurant ♦
Villagers Family Restaurant is a beloved spot for all the Holly residents, and once you have visited you will understand why. The laid back vibe is something that you really appreciate when you just want to enjoy a quiet meal and actually hold a conversation without having to yell over music or raucous customers. It's so relaxed here. The servers are very friendly, but in that old fashioned authentic way, not in an "I want a bigger tip" kind of way! It's very refreshing. And best of all, the food is just as consistent as ever. Truly great home style meals at a price that anybody can afford. Always a great time whether you're dining alone, as a couple, or in a group! Great for kids too. You can find Villagers Family Restaurant at 1121 N Saginaw St!

♦ Blackthorn Pub ♦
Blackthorn Pub is definitely one of our favorite picks in the Holly area. When we want a really great drink in an authentic Irish pub atmosphere, we cannot find a better lace than this. They have free wifi so you can enjoy your smartphones and tablets while chowing down and drinking up. Speaking of drinking up, they've got a great selection of beers on draft. Really impressive! The spicy hamburgers are really noteworthy here, and we enjoy their turkey sandwiches too. The gaelic gobbler and the fried egg burgers are also noteworthy. If you get a salad, try the tomato basil vinaigrette! Truly delish. You will be able to find this classic pub at 105 S Saginaw St. One of the newest, and already one of the best!

♦ French Laundry ♦
French Laundry is one of our favorite lunch spots in the Holly area, this one located within driving distance in nearby Fenton. We absolutely love to start things off with their fantastic french onion soup, and you can't go wrong with any of their dinner selections. The tenderloin rockefeller is probably our favorite thing here, which consists of a couple of tenderloin medallions piled high with lobster, beernaise sauce, and parmesan! Wow. Also comes with delicious roast potatoes and the vegetable of the day. Expensive? Certainly. But well worth it. For an appetizer we'd very highly recommend the dip that's made with asparagus, artichokes, and spinach. That's a combination that we can never resist. You will be able to locate French Laundry in nearby Fenton at 125 W Shiawassee Ave.

♦ Sagebrush Cantina ♦
When you're traveling just outside Holly in nearby Fenton, it's hard to find a better place for Mexican cuisine than Sagebrush Cantina. We love the name, and we love all the wonderful things that they offer even better. The outdoor seating area is very highly recommended in the warm and breezy summer months. They serve really huge portions here no matter what you order, and everything just tastes so good. We absolutely adore their margaritas, and they have delicious chips and salsa here too. The wait can be a bit long at peak times so you may want to try to come in when it's a little slower. Either way, it's worth the wait and it'd be worth any price -- but for the record it's very affordable here! You can find Sagebrush Cantina at 14284 N Fenton Rd.

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