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Hillsdale, Michigan

has always been one of our favorite places in the state to visit, not just to see friends and family, but to visit some of the bars and restaurants that make this city such a great place. You can find all these favorites of ours within the 49242 zip code!

♦ Hunt Club of Hillsdale ♦
Hunt Club of Hillsdale is one of our favorite sports bars, and with a convenient location like this, it simply cannot be beat. We love their crisp salads here, made with fresh spinach, chicken breast, water chestnuts, cherries, mushrooms, bacon, and even red onion. The best part though is that classic bacon dressing! It's very difficult to find this anywhere else. They've got a nice selection of beers on draft and in bottles, and we love coming in every month for their dollar fifty drafts special too. We love both the downstairs and the upstairs here. Great upscale vibe and friendly staff. You'll always have a fantastic time here, whether you're in an intimate pairing or a group of friends! Hunt Club of Hillsdale can be found at 24 N Howell St.

♦ Coffee Cup Diner ♦
When you need to grab a really great breakfast in Hillsdale, you can always rely on the Coffee Cup Diner. We've had so many great meals here. The service is very fast and so friendly, and we just love the ambiance. Part of that comes from the fact that most of the people who dine here are loyal regulars, and there's a certain happiness and camaraderie that you can really feel. The best breakfast here in our opinion is The Mess, which is kind of like a huge breakfast bowl, crafted from hash browns, grilled onions and peppers, ham, and sausage gravy. It is so flavorful, and it's big enough to share! Note that this place is only open from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM! Coffee Cup Diner can be found at 73 N Broad St. One of our highest recommendations!

♦ Oakley ♦
Oakley is a great place to grab a delicious sandwich on the cheap. This may be the least expensive restaurant in the area, and it's also one of the very best. Nice combo, don't you think? We especially love the fact that the staff is so friendly here, and they have never given us anything but a truly excellent sub, piled high with all our favorite toppings. They really take care to make everything from only the highest quality ingredients, and it really does make a difference that they're so friendly and happy to see all their regular customers. This is the kind of service and atmosphere that you think you can't get anymore, but you can. Right here at Oakley. Oakley can be located at 78 Hillsdale St.

♦ Cotage Inn Pizza ♦
Everybody goes crazy for Cottage Inn Pizza, and there's no wonder why. The pizza is just out of this world, and that is an understatement. The barbecue chicken pizza is our very favorite thing here, and they also have amazing submarine sandwiches, including a steak sub that will really make your mouth water. They have great cheese bread here too, so be sure to pair that with whatever you decide to get. It goes good with just about anything. Wonderful service, and even an extensive play area for the kids! That's something that few restaurants have nowadays, so it's very cool for celebrations and especially kids birthday parties. This Cottage Inn Pizza location can be found at 182 W Carleton Rd.

♦ Hillside Lanes & Lane 17 ♦
Lane 17 is the restaurant that's located inside the beloved Hillside Lanes. How many of us have hung out here over the years with friends, just enjoying that laid back atmosphere while we play a few games, and then hang out in the restaurant to refuel after the game? It's a real Hillsdale tradition. They renovated recently so if you haven't been there in a while, it's about time that you check it out. Great selection of beer, plus all your bar favorites like hamburgers, onion rings, french fries, and more. They also have that oh-so-trendy barbecue chicken pizza here too, which is a very nice touch! Hillside Lanes & Lane 17 can be found at 400 W Carleton Rd.

♦ The Palace Cafe ♦

The Palace Cafe is one of our favorite breakfast places in town. We really love their old fashioned vibe here, evoking memories of going for ice cream as a kid or even making you imagine the diners that your parents and perhaps grandparents used to visit back in the day. We like to sit at the counter but the booths are very comfortable here too. The country breakfast is our favorite thing here, really hearty with two eggs, hashbrowns, and a biscuit with gravy, plus juice! Very good. The price is right and the service is really excellent here! Overall just a very pleasant breakfast. You'll be able to find The Palace Cafe at 38 N Howell St.

♦ Cavoni's Pizza & Grinders ♦
Cavoni's Pizza & Grinders is one of the most irresistible places as far as we are concerned. When we think of the huge grinders that they serve here, piled high with all those amazing toppings, and grilled just perfectly, it is impossible not to jump in the car and drive right over to get one. Wow, are they good. The pizza is also very good here, and it's nice to be supporting a family owned restaurant while getting a really great lunch too. Don't let the strip mall location put you off. Everything is great here, and we would vouch for that fact any day of the week! It can get pretty busy on the weekdays at lunch time, so you may want to shoot for a little earlier or later! Cavoni's Pizza & Grinders can be located at 256 W Carleton Rd.

♦ El Cerrito ♦
Craving amazing Mexican food in Hillsdale? El Cerrito is our top pick. We absolutely adore the carne asada here, and we have gotten it so many times over the years. They've got a cheese steak here that's really amazing too, and we can never resist their chips and salsa. If you are looking to save a few bucks, we would very highly recommend any of their lunch specials and dinner specials. There is not a heartier and cheaper meal in the area, and you really leave this place feeling completely satisfied. They do not serve alcohol here unfortunately, but that's really the only downside. Everything here is just fantastic! You'll be able to find El Cerrito at 252 W Carleton Rd.

♦ Great Wall Restaurant ♦
So many Chinese restaurants that we have visited have used the great wall as a motif, but this one actually uses it as their name: Great Wall Restaurant! And we love it. They serve really big portions of excellent Chinese food here, with delicious rice, tasty chicken, and all your favorite standards like General Tso's Chicken, chop suey, chow mein, lo mein, and more. We love their fried shrimp, and they have great barbecued chicken here too. The tea is very good too. We've had nothing but great experiences at this restaurant and recommend it very highly to you! Great Wall Restaurant can be found at 126 N Broad St.

♦ Hungry Howie's Pizza & Subs ♦
Hungry Howie's is such a Michigan tradition, and we especially enjoy this location in Hillsdale. It's perfect for party bus travel because you can call in your order and pick up as many pizzas as you want, and just enjoy them right there on the bus. The cheese is some of the best that we've ever tasted, and we love their many crust options, with the butter, cheese, and butter cheese being our favorites, followed by that amazing garlic crust! Mmm. It's all so good. They've always got tons of different deals going on to save you some money too, which is especially appreciated in today's economy! You can find this great Hungry Howie's Pizza location at 4 W Carleton Rd.

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