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Highland Park, Michigan

is a popular destination for our Limo Detroit customers, and if you find yourself in this area you'll certainly want to know the best places to drink and dine. The establishments listed below are some of our personal favorites, all found within the Highland Park zip code of 48203, and you will do well to check them out the next time you find yourself here! We hope that you'll enjoy them just as much as we do.

♦ Cornerstone Bistro ♦
Cornerstone Bistro is a wonderful American restaurant where you can go for tasty homemade sandwiches and soup, and we also love their breakfasts! They've got the best hash browns in town as far as we are concerned, and we really enjoy the nice ambiance, the clean atmosphere, and the excellent service. Everyone that works here has been so friendly to us that we feel welcome to come back time and time again, and we do! Our customers have also told us how much they have enjoyed it here, and it's become a regular destination for many of them. You will be able to find Cornerstone Bistro at 13130 Woodward Ave right here in Highland Park.

♦ Victor Red Hots ♦
Victor Red Hots is the essential coney stop in Highland Park, located conveniently on Victor St. The coney sauce is the thing that really makes this a standout place to dine. The flavor is out of this world, and many customers have remarked that the food is much less greasy than what you typically find at a coney island. It's got a fresh flavor and the perfect amount of spice. Indulgent yet less greasy, and that classic taste that you love. Friendly service, clean atmosphere — what more could you want from a classic coney restaurant? You can find Victor's Red Hots at 12 Victor St in Highland Park.

♦ Tigris Restaurant ♦
Tigris Restaurant is a very affordable Mediterranean restaurant that we have enjoyed many times when we are in Highland Park. The ambiance is a bit dark and old fashioned, but if you love a classic hole in the wall restaurant, this is a great one. We're big fans of the chicken shwarma here, and the kibbie and bulgar is just too good. They've got wonderfully flavorful grilled vegetables here, and their pita is delicious too. If you love all of that, we'd recommend the platter special, because it contains all that and more. Let's not forget to mention the rice too — it's so delicious! You can find Tigris Restaurant at 620 W 7 Mile Rd in Highland Park.

♦ Kareem's Fish Market ♦
Kareem's Fish Market is one of those fish markets that doubles as a carryout seafood restaurant, and we have never been disappointed with the food that we have gotten here. They're super fast with preparing the food, so even if you're in a rush, they can put something together for you on the double. They've definitely got the freshest ingredients of any place in town, and the service with a smile doesn't hurt either! It's always nice to visit a place with an old fashioned quality vibe like this one. Very highly recommended for a quick stop whenever you're craving fresh delicious fish! You can find Kareem's Fish Market at 14529 Woodward Ave right here in Highland Park.

♦ Checkers ♦
Checkers is always a great fast stop when you're in the mood for a good fast food burger and fries, and we are also big fans of their cheese dogs! So good. We like to think that the food here is a cut above your typical McDonald's or Burger King, but that's just our personal opinion. They're really quick with everything here, and they've even got great chicken wings, so you shouldn't think that you've got to seek out a wings restaurant in this area when you can just make a quick swing through the drive-thru! You'll be able to find this classic Checkers location at 15101 Woodward Ave in Highland Park.

♦ Burger King ♦

The Speaking of Burger King, there's a great Burger King location on Woodward Ave that's super quick and convenient too, because it's tucked away in a gas station. Grab your gas, get some snacks, and pick up your lunch on the go. Very convenient for travelers who don't have time for much else. They're extremely friendly at this location, much more so than at any of the standalone locations in the area. And they always get our order right, even if we customize a few things. "Have it your way," as they used to say. You can find this Burger King location at 13324 Woodward Ave in Highland Park.

♦ Miley & Miley Shrimp Shack ♦
Miley & Miley Shrimp Shack is one of our favorite places to go for some delicious shrimp and fish when we are in the Highland Park area. If you can't get enough of delicious fried fish, this is your go-to spot in this area. They've got great hot sauce there too, so make sure to ask for some if you like your fish spicy like we do! Everything is just superb, from the service to the food. Can't ask for much more than this in a great old school restaurant, now can you? We highly recommend this one anytime you find yourself in Highland Park. You can find it at 13548 Woodward Ave.

♦ Spears Bar ♦
Spears Bar is just a small dive bar on Woodward Ave that we have frequented many times when we're craving a good burger, a stiff drink, and maybe a little sports on the TV. Nothing fancy, just a decent little bar with plenty of regulars who come in and keep the place lively. They've got good music, a great friendly staff, and a nice clean atmosphere that makes it a little more inviting than the rest of the dive bars on this street. But maybe we're just biased because we've had so many good times here! You'll be able to find Spears Bar at 17330 Woodward Ave in Highland Park. Don't miss it.

♦ Golden Gate Cafe ♦
Golden Gate Cafe is a favorite of ours for coffee and tea when we're in the Highland Park area, but that's not all they've got. They've also got lots of fresh juices and smoothies, so it makes it a really perfect stop when you're looking for something healthy that's packed with vitamins and minerals. Their tabouli is mouth wateringly good here, and we love to pair that with a delicious ginger and carrot smoothie. Their arame soup is also something special. If you're looking for something more than just food, they've got some interesting events going on here like drum circles. Just ask them about it when you come in and they'll give you all the details. You can find Golden Gate Cafe at 18700 Woodward Ave in Highland Park.

♦ L A Koney Restaurant ♦
L A Koney Restaurant is a great place to get your coney on! It's conveniently located on East McNichols, right near the Chrysler Freeway, so you can always make this quick stop whenever you're craving a delicious hot dog. They keep the place very clean, and the food is always hot and fresh. Very friendly service really rounds out the experience, and makes you feel welcome to come back again and again. Great food, refreshing drinks, and cozy old fashioned ambiance. You can find L A Koney Restaurant at 1700 E McNichols Rd in Highland Park!

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