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Hazel Park, Michigan

is a safe bet when you are looking for a great city in which to dine and drink! There are so many great places to check out in the 48030 zip code! On this list you'll find a few of our favorites, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

♦ Loui's Pizza ♦
Loui's Pizza is one of the very best places in town to get a really fabulous deep dish pizza pie! Forget New York style, Chicago style, etc. It's all about Detroit style, and Loui's really gets it right. The pizzas are enormous, and very hearty and filling deep dish slices, packed with fresh ingredients, and cooked just perfectly. We love their delicious ham and those zesty mild pepper rings. We love the environment here, very cool and classy. They've got a full bar here too so you can get your drink on either before or after your meal, and what's better than having a nice beer or wine with your pizza and salad? We love that combo. Pricey? Yes. But definitely worth it. You will be able to find Loui's Pizza at 23141 Dequindre Rd.

♦ Pi's Thai Cuisine ♦
For those, like us, who are totally addicted to delicious Thai food, you will certainly want to check out Pi's Thai Cuisine. We love the casual yet cool restaurant where all this wonderful food is served, and it's easily recognizable by that classic sign outside. The prices here are nice and cheap too. You of course can't go wrong with the pad thai, especially with shrimp, and we are huge fans of the tom yum here. They also have wonderful green curry, and also a red curry that will really make your mouth water. So good! They have great crab rangoon here too which is a nice surprise. Great for dine-in or carryout. Our only complaint is that they don't have any curry noodles here! If they did, they'd be really phenomenal. You can find Pi's Thai Cuisine at 14940 John R Rd.

♦ Bray'z Hamburgers ♦
Bray'z Hamburgers, Home of the Belly Buster! This is the spot where you can get those amazing hamburgers that everybody just goes crazy for. You'll instantly recognize this place even from a distance because of that classic donkey on the roof. The burgers are sliders but they're generously sized, and the flavor is just out of this world. They've got a drive-thru here, but we think dining in is half the reason to come here. For that ambiance and the great service. Unbelievably, this place has stood the test of time since the late 1950s, and it's got its fair share of reminders of the 80s too, including Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. Nice. And a jukebox too! You will be able to find Bray'z Hamburgers at 22941 Dequindre Rd.

♦ China One Chinese Restaurant ♦
China One Chinese Restaurant, instantly recognizable by that glowing red "China 1" sign on the front of the tiny strip mall location, is calling your name right now. This place is not to be judged by its exterior. It's just a little carryout joint, but we think it's such an essential in this area. Their food is always super fresh and ready in just a few minutes. They don't overcook the vegetables here, which is something that we especially love (makes it more authentic), and they have excellent fried rice and egg foo young here. The General Tso's is great too, and the wonton soup is noteworthy. Dee-lish gravy too! You can find China One Chinese Restaurant at 40 W 9 Mile Rd.

♦ Two Guys From Italy ♦
Two Guys from Italy. We love the name of this restaurant. The lasagna is just out of this world here, massively portioned and served with their fabulous garlic bread and salad! Mmm! It seems like most people in the area rely on this place for their pizza, and it is fantastic, especially with their fresh mushrooms and tiny pepperonis plus fresh garlic, but don't let the pizza distract you from all the other amazing delicacies on the menu. The chicken parmesan is one of our favorites, and the eggplant is just amazing. Try the eggplant parmesan or the eggplant pizza, or maybe both! You won't regret that choice. It's delectable. You'll be able to locate Two Guys From Italy at 23725 John R Rd.

♦ Red House Chinese Restaurant ♦

Another Chinese restaurant that we really love in the Hazel Park area is Red House Chinese Restaurant. There are absolutely no tables at this restaurant -- it's carryout only, and we don't mind that a bit because it's perfect for party bus travel. Their egg rolls are the best in town, and we love their barbecue ribs and that oft-recommended almond chicken! It's just perfect, never too greasy, and just packed with flavor. They have very good lo mein too, and how about their rice? Just right. The crab rangoon is very good here too, and we even love their fried shrimp. Consistency is key with a restaurant like this, and they have it down pat. You can find Red House Chinese Restaurant at 951 E 9 Mile Rd. Very highly recommended.

♦ El Chilango ♦
Whenever you are in Hazel Park and craving delicious Mexican food, we would highly recommend that you keep the name El Chilango in mind. We love their fresh guacamole, and the chiles rellenos is our absolute favorite dish here. We'd also recommend their pork tacos, either corn or flour, and the carne asada and cochinita pibil are just ridiculously good. Very good rice and beans here too, which of course is an essential. The great thing is that they even deliver! That's a rarity. This is not the most authentic Mexican food around, but it is really really good, and the service is always fast and friendly too. And did we mention that the prices are crazy low here too? Clearly this restaurant is a winner. You will be able to find El Chilango at 21411 John R Rd.

♦ Country Boy Restaurant ♦
Country Boy Restaurant is such a classic in Hazel Park. I mean just picture that old fashioned sign beckoning you into the restaurant for a good old fashioned meal. Enough said. It's been around for as long as we can remember, but they've had a lot of updates done recently, including a front patio so you can dine in the warm breeze in the hotter times of the year. We love their fresh sweet tea here, which of course is all too hard to find elsewhere, and all of their breakfasts are fantastic at any time of day or night. Of course the fact that this place is open 24 hours makes it a very popular after-bar stop, but a great lunch in the middle of the day or a fabulous dinner is not out of the question either. Gotta love the fried pickles here too! You will be able to locate Country Boy Restaurant at 821 E 9 Mile Rd!

♦ Geno's Pizza & Pasties ♦
If you are craving some really fantastic deep dish pizza that's also really cheap and located within the Hazel Park area, then Geno's is the spot for you. Remember that name. You will fall in love with the delicious crust, the perfectly flavored pizza sauce, and of course the amazing cheese and toppings. The only thing that's kind of a downside here is the fact that it's carryout and delivery only, but it's worth putting up with that, and it's perfect for party bus travel anyway. The pasties are very good here too, and since those are so hard to find anywhere nowadays, you will definitely want to remember that you can get them at Geno's! You will be able to find the beloved Geno's Pizza & Pasties at 24705 John R Rd.

♦ Tubby's Submarines ♦
Tubby's Submarines is a real Michigan tradition, and we just love it! The price is right and the people who work there are always so friendly and happy to see you. They are supe fast here when it comes to crafting the perfect sub, much faster and much better than that other popular sub shop! We believe that the local factor makes a big difference here. Their famous sub is the Italian one, with lots of great meat, cheese, and that awesome Tubby's dressing. As a side note, you can get bottles of that delicious dressing at the grocery store too, and it's great on salads at home! You can find this fabulous Tubby's location at 23053 S Chrysler Dr! Very highly recommended.

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