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Haslett, Michigan

has definitely got a lot of mouth wateringly good places for you to stop in and grab some grub. We have enjoyed these restaurants and bars so many times lately, and we wanted to share our experiences with you in case you will be traveling with Limo Detroit in Haslett anytime soon! All of these restaurants can be found within the zip code of 48840.

♦ Blondie's Barn ♦
Blondie's Barn is one of our first choices when we want to grab a great breakfast when we are in Haslett. There are few breakfast spots in the area, so this is a real highlight. It's a very family friendly restaurant, with great low prices and very cozy comfortable seating. They have really delicious baked items here, including pumpkin bread that will really rock your taste buds. Wow, is it ever good! We also love their French toast and pancakes. They've got all the standard eggs, meat, potatoes, and toast breakfasts that we all love too, but we really think the pancakes and the French toast are the stars of the show here. You will be able to find Blondie's Barn at 5640 Marsh Rd.

♦ Blue Gill Grill ♦
Blue Gill Grill is such a special spot, instantly recognizable by the lighthouse motif on the outside of the building! It's fun to come in for happy hour, or to come in in the evenings on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and just enjoy the night with some good drinks and great friends. The price range is very low here, and we appreciate that. You'll certainly enjoy the jukebox for some entertainment too. If you're here to eat, we'd recommend the sandwiches and grinders, all the options are good! They also have very good barbecue chicken here, and great appetizers. The barbecue chicken pizza is one our all-time favorite items, and one that we can't go without whenever we visit! You will be able to find Blue Gill Grill at 1591 Lake Lansing Rd.

♦ The Watershed Tavern & Grill ♦
We've had some really good times at The Watershed Tavern & Grill, formerly Gus's, in recent months, especially when we come in to enjoy their happy hour! They have some really delicious signature drinks here, and the special prices mean that you won't have to break the bank to enjoy them! They've got a live DJ on certain evenings too. If you come in to enjoy the food, you will not be disappointed. They have delicious chicken quesadillas here, and we also enjoyed their fresh crisp salads very much. Delicious pizzas too, and even great burgers. The fare here isn't too unique or original, but sometimes the classics are really the best, and they do them very well here. The ambiance in the evenings with the live music is loud and boisterous, and we love that energetic vibe. If you do too, then check this place out at 5965 Marsh Rd.

♦ China Express ♦
If you are seeking some great Chinese food in the Haslett area, you would do very well to check out China Express. The name is pretty generic so you'd be apt to pass it up, but don't. They've got all your favorites here and they are just so fresh and delicious! The crab rangoon is just the best here, and their egg rolls are really good too, nice and greasy if you like them that way (we do!). The food is usually ready to go here, displayed buffet style, and that means that you can literally just choose what you want and have your food ready to go in minutes. Perfect for party bus travel, and great for those who live in the area too! Just a quick stop on your way home and there's dinner for your family, quick, cheap, and hearty! You can find China Express at 1630 Haslett Rd.

♦ Fernando's Cafe ♦
Fernando's Cafe is such a great little cozy restaurant where you can visit with your family and friends to enjoy a meal on the cheap! The low prices here are nothing short of shocking, and in today's economy that is something that everybody really appreciates. This is a great place to go when you are traveling with a large group, and it's also nice for families with kids. Breakfasts are excellent here, with our absolute favorite being that unbelievable asparagus and feta omelette. Now that is a taste combination that is really our style. Most of the other items here are pretty straightforward and traditional, but done just perfectly. You will be able to find the fabulous Fernando's at 1587 Haslett Rd!

♦ JP Express Chinese Restaurant ♦

JP Express Chinese Restaurant is purely a carryout restaurant, no dine-in whatsoever. It's true that there used to be the option to dine in, but they switched to carryout only sometime in 2010. This place has been in business for over a decade that we are aware of, and they have served us the same high quality food consistently for all that time. Since it's carryout only, that makes it perfect for party bus travel, so you can just grab a bunch of wonderful Chinese specialties and enjoy them on the bus with your buddies! Easy dining and easy cleanup too. If you're a frequent customer like we are, you'll find that they get to know you and remember your usual orders! Very nice. You can find JP Express Chinese Restaurant at 1673 Haslett Rd, Ste 26.

♦ Hungry Howie's♦
Who doesn't love this place? It's such a Michigan staple, and you just cannot beat those prices. The great thing is that the prices are on par with the other cheap pizza guys, and yet you have all those crust options here and it's just a much higher quality pie! That's our opinion, anyway. Let your tastebuds be your guide. We would very highly recommend giving this Hungry Howie's location a try when you are in the Haslett area. Whatever you do, don't skip the Howie Bread! That's a classic and an essential. You will be able to find this beloved Hungry Howie's location at 1673 Haslett Rd, Ste 32.

♦ Pine Garden Chinese Restaurant ♦
It's true that we've already included several Chinese restaurants on this list, but the difference here is that it's a buffet. Pine Garden Chinese Restaurant is one of your best options for a true smorgasbord of flavors at a price that anybody can afford. It's great when you're really hungry, say after a long day of hard physical labor, and you just want to nosh on real comfort food. This is your place. The food is always kept super fresh and hot on the buffet, and the array of choices is especially good for kids or people that are new to Chinese food and aren't quite sure what they like just yet. Great service and nice atmosphere too. You can find Pine Garden Chinese Restaurant at 5640 Marsh Rd.

♦ Thai Princess ♦
Thai Princess is located in nearby Okemos, and this place truly among the best. We adore their curry dishes, and their tom yum is definitely yum. The spring rolls on their own will really knock you off your feet, and that's saying a lot. Their pork dumplings are also really amazing, and all of their noodle dishes are fantastic too. If you want something really different, try the ped basil beef it is one of the best dishes that we have had here, and it would be our pick if we have to choose one! The service is very good and very friendly, and the ambiance is very nice too. You can find Thai Princess at 1754 Central Park Dr in nearby Okemos. Very highly recommended.

♦ Sultan's Place ♦
Sultan's Place is located in nearby East Lansing, and if you are craving Mediterranean food when you're in the area, this is definitely one of your best bets. Do not let that strip mall location put you off -- the food is truly excellent, and some of the best Mediterranean that we've ever had. Especially the falafel, hommous, and lentil soup. Those are the things that pop into our minds first when we think of this restaurant. The staff are experts on the menu stuff, so you can ask them for their recommendations or ask questions about items on the menu and they can answer you without hesitation. Very fast service even when it's super crowded! Never a long wait. You will be able to find Sultan's Place at 4790 South Hagadorn in suite 164.

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