We service all of metro Detroit and south east Michigan including Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, Livingston County, Monroe County, Washtenaw County, and Genessee County.

Hanover, Michigan

is an often requested destination for Limo Detroit customers, and you can find it in Jackson County, under the zip code of 49241! When you're in this area, we think you'll enjoy trying a few of these great bars and restaurants. Let us know what you think!

♦ Rountree Packing Co ♦
Rountree Packing Co gets our top spot on this list even though it's not a restaurant or bar — because they stock lots of goodies here, including some great grocery items, plus some of our favorite seasonings and rubs as well as marinades, so if you're into cooking and you want to put together something really special for yourself rather than relying on a restaurant, this will be a top destination for you! Of course it's mainly a meat shop and deli, and everything that they've got here is just wonderful. You can find Rountree Packing Co at 9550 Rountree Rd right here in Hanover! Unusual and highly recommended!

♦ The Cuttysark ♦
The Cuttysark is a buffet that all the locals really enjoy. It was more of a destination many years ago, and has now become a little bit less noteworthy as far as we're concerned, but the food is good and the prices are nice. The big benefit here, particularly to Limo Detroit customers, is that they have a basement dining room that holds about 40 guests, which can be rented out for various events. It's affordable and comfortable, making it a perfect option for our price-conscious customers! Wedding rehearsal dinners and even small wedding receptions can be held there very easily. You can find The Cuttysark at 11021 Moscow Rd right here in Hanover!

♦ Amy's Pizza ♦

The Amy's Pizza is a big hit here in Hanover! The locals are always raving about this place, and we have tried it a couple of times already and have been really pleased! The pizza is absolutely delicious, with perfectly baked crust, delicious sauce and cheese, and of course a huge array of fresh toppings for you to choose from. The people who work here are really wonderful and they go out of their way to accommodate your needs. Hot, fresh pizza, super friendly staff, consistent service and food... what more can we say about this little gem of a pizzeria? You can find Amy's Pizza at 114 W Main St in Hanover!

♦ Timber Pine Pizza & Deli ♦
Timber Pine Pizza & Deli is another one of our favorite places to go for a delicious pizza, but we are also huge fans of their deli selections! You can't go wrong with a big delicious sandwich from this place, piled high with all of your favorite toppings that you've selected yourself. What better lunch is there? If you're really ravenous, why not pair a half sandwich with some pizza? That's a match made in heaven, and one that you don't see every day! This one is located at 11180 Corcord Rd in nearby Jonesville. Very highly recommended to anyone who can appreciate a mean sandwich or a delicious piping hot pizza!

♦ Linda Lou's Truck Stop ♦
Linda Lou's Truck Stop is a reliable place to get a home cooked diner-style meal with a retro kind of ambiance that is all too hard to find nowadays. The restaurant is always filled with locals looking to fill up on the cheap, and since the food is so good you aren't cutting any corners! It's a cozy spot to sit and dine with a group of friends or family, and though it's a truck stop you'll usually see more residents of the nearby cities than you will of actual truckers stopping in for a bite to eat. We've had nothing but positive experiences here and we're certain that you will too. Found at 9940 Chicago Rd in nearby Jerome.

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