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Hamtramck, Michigan

has so many great places to drink and dine, and we know that when you're traveling with Limo Detroit, you need an easily accessible list of the best places to hang out and have fun. These are a few of our favorites that are located within the zip codes of 48211 and 48212.

♦ The Belmont ♦
We have had some really great times at The Belmont. It's retro 80s cool here, and you can feel that authentic vibe the minute you walk through the door. Take a look at that bar for sure, because that's a piece of the past that you can really relish. They've got a nice pool table here, super clean bathrooms, a stage at the back of the bar where you can watch live entertainment from 80s punk to metal, and a really excellent outdoor patio where you can have a smoke and enjoy the warm spring and summer breeze. The best thing about this place though, has got to be the drink prices. They are low, low, low. You can find The Belmont at 10215 Joseph Campau St. Very highly recommended for a cheap good time any night of the week!

♦ Maria's Comida ♦
You know what's surprising right in the middle of all the Polish restaurants that Hamtramck is known for? Maria's Comida, this cozy little authentic Mexican restaurant. We crave Maria's food when we are unable to visit, it's just SO good. The fish tacos have always been our favorite, followed very closely by those irresistible stuffed jalapeno peppers. Everybody loves those! The service here is really good, and very friendly. No matter what you order here, you can be sure that it will be made perfectly and crafted from the highest quality ingredients. We've relied on this restaurant many times over the years and haven't even been disappointed once! Always top quality. You can find Maria's Comida at 11411 Joseph Campau.

♦ Polonia Restaurant ♦
If you are craving delicious Polish food, you know that Hamtramck is the place, and now you should know that Polonia Restaurant is the best place to go in the area. Everybody goes wild over this place, and after many years of enjoying their home cooked food, it's our turn to recommend it to you. The dill pickle soup is definitely our favorite thing here, hands down. And you know the rest of the food is amazing, so the fact that the soup is such a standout is really quite a feat. The stuffed cabbage is another one of our favorites, as well as the ghoulash on potato pancakes, and of course the city chicken and spring chicken. Hands down though, the entree that has truly captured our hearts and tastebuds here is the pierogies. Nobody does 'em better. You can find Polonia Restaurant at 2934 Yemans St.

♦ Polish Village Cafe ♦
Another great place for delicious authentic Polish food in Hamtramck is Polish Village Cafe! Our favorites here will pretty much read the same as the ones we mentioned in the previous review... all those delicious classics like dill pickle soup, potato pancakes, potato cheese pierogies, stuffed cabbage, city chicken... it's all just amazing here. We recommend the Zyweic beer with just about anything on the menu. Can't think of a better pairing than that. The one thing you need to remember here is that it's cash only! So make a quick stop at the ATM before you come in. It's worth the time and the ATM fee, no worries! One last tip: Order the dumplings with gravy for your side dish! You'll be very glad that you did. You can find Polish Village Cafe at 2990 Yemans St.

♦ Aladdin Sweets & Cafe ♦
When you are craving something wonderful from the Indian and Pakistani side of the globe that's expertly crafted in Hamtramck, you have got to make a stop at Aladdin Sweets & Cafe! This used to be nothing but a tiny cubby hole of a restaurant, but they have added on to it and it's a full restaurant now, so be sure to stop in if you haven't been in a while! We adore their garlic naan, because it's really pungent with tons of garlic flavor, just overwhelmingly good. The chicken tikka masala is our favorite thing on the menu, and we recommend it spicy if you love the heat just as much as we do. This will be the cheapest Indian restaurant that you'll find in the area, and also the best. You can find Aladdin Sweets & Cafe at 11945 Conant St.

♦ Royal Kabob ♦

Royal Kabob is our favorite Middle Eastern restaurant in the Hamtramck area. It also happens to be one of the healthiest choices in the area! The chicken shwarma is some of the best that we have ever tasted, and hence the chicken shwarma sandwich is one of our favorite lunch items. They have wonderful baba ghannouj and hommous too, and that tabouli is just so fresh and tasty. They have delicious beef shish kabobs here, and a fattoush salad that you will certainly not want to ignore. It's very clean and well lit, and the best thing is that the service is so good. Genuinely friendly people who make you feel right at home. You can find Royal Kabob at 3236 Caniff St.

♦ Maine Street ♦
If you are in the mood for some great diner food when you are in the Hamtramck area, you cannot go wrong with Maine Street. The hamburgers and cheeseburgers are our go-to item here, always so juicy and delicious. They've got some fantastic breakfasts here too, including one that features gyro meat, eggs, hashbrowns, and toast, and if that doesn't fill you up for under six bucks then we don't know what will! Nothing like keeping your tummy and your wallet happy! The Greek food here is very good, including some very tasty grape leaves and Greek salads. The Greek dressing is really out of this world, and as you know, that can make or break (in this case make!) the salad. The calamari is also really excellent here! You can find Maine Street at 11650 Joseph Campau St.

♦ Bosnia Specialties Restaurant ♦
Bosnia Specialties Restaurant is the most authentic place around, in fact the only place that we know of, where you can get this kind of delicious Bosnian food. Yes, it's located in an old house, and if you're not looking for it, you will totally miss it. Don't let this location intimidate you. You'll be totally comfortable once you get inside. The cevapi is our favorite thing here, and the lepinja bread is what really makes it so wonderful. The texture will absolutely blow your mind. They have an amazing deal for two people that will cost you less than thirteen dollars, and you won't even need to order anything additional to get full! We recommend the kajmak spread on that lepinja bread too. You'll fall in love with these flavors and want to come back time after time! You will be able to find Bosnia Specialties Restaurant at 3028 Caniff St.

♦ Polish Market ♦
Some might be reluctant to include a market on a list of restaurants and bars, but Polish Market is such an essential in Hamtramck that we didn't feel right leaving it off the list. It's so easy to walk in here and craft the perfect deli style lunch for yourself! The bakery items are awesome, but you will want to arrive plenty early so you can get the really good stuff before it's gone. They have ajvar here too, which is roasted eggplant with red peppers, and that's something that we get every single time we're in the area. Delicious keilbasa and fresh pierogies, sweet rolls and cheese coffee cake, and lots of amazing Polish candies for you to take care of that sweet tooth with! Definitely one of our favorite places in the area. You can find Polish Market at 10200 Joseph Campau St.

♦ Hamtramck Coney Island ♦
Hamtramck Coney Island is such an essential place in Hamtramck for all your coney cravings! We love the old fashioned ambiance here, kind of like it hasn't been changed at all since the seventies or eighties, but why change a good thing? Even the service is like a throwback to those simpler times, and we love that too. They've got fountain Vernors, which is the best news ever of course, and that goes perfectly with any one of their hot dogs, hamburgers, or sandwiches! We recommend the double decker grilled cheese. So good. They've got a TV here so you don't have to miss the big game while you're noshing. If you're in the mood for breakfast, definitely go for that sausage omelette. It will blow your mind. Great stuff, great service, great times! You will be able to find Hamtramck Coney Island at 9741 Joseph Campau St.

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