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Grosse Pointe, Michigan

is just packed with excellent restaurants and bars, and after many years of enjoying them, we thought we'd share a few of our favorites with you. All of these dining and drinking establishments can be found within the zip codes of 48230 and 48236. Please enjoy!

♦ Burger Pointe ♦
Burger Pointe is an essential any time you are craving a great burger in Grosse Pointe! And we are talking about some truly fantastic burgers, not just some old fashioned tiny diner burgers. Nope. How about a bleu cheese stuffed burger? How about a huge basket of delicious french fries or onion rings? How about a huge fountain pop to wash it all down with? And on top of all that, how about some wonderful old fashioned service? Now that's what we're talking about! We've had nothing but good times here with our friends, enjoying the cozy atmosphere and all that delicious food. Free wi-fi and reasonable prices too! We have nothing but good things to say about this place. You will be able to find Burger Pointe at 17045 Kercheval Ave.

♦ TN Thai Bistro ♦
We absolutely adore the pad thai at TN Thai Bistro, even though we don't usually go for the more typical items at restaurants. This is worth a walk on the typical side, because it is so far BEYOND the typical! We like the beef pad thai, and we order it hot. You may prefer it a little more or less spicy depending on your preference. Their green curry is some of the best that we have ever had, and we've tried that just about everywhere, so you can rely on that statement! They also have a sushi room here, opened just recently, and that is a very unique and interesting touch. Be sure to try the spring rolls here too, they are out of this world! You can find TN Thai Bistro at 17100 Kercheval Ave.

♦ Burrito Mundo ♦
Burrito Mundo is a must for burrito lovers like ourselves! There are all kinds of places in southeast Michigan to get a great burrito, for instance Q'doba or Chipotle, but none of those places are too convenient if you are in Grosse Pointe. Burrito Mundo is right here, and they are FANTASTIC. We love the maiz burrito with tomato chipotle the best. They're simply huge and packed with all the high quality ingredients that you'd expect. You can basically build your own burritos here, and that's the option that we always go for. This is great for vegetarians too. Fantastic chips and salsa here too, and it's absolutely free when you're dining in. We recommend coming in at a less busy time if possible because the premises are rather small and it can get pretty packed at the lunch hour! You can find Burrito Mundo at 19459 Mack Ave.

♦ Dylan's Raw Bar & Grille ♦
Calling all seafood and sushi lovers! Dylan's Raw Bar & Grille is just ridiculously good. This is truly our favorite spot for sushi in the area. All of their spicy rolls are on our list of top favorites here, and we also adore their oysters. They're huge and flavorful, just the way they should be. Super fresh. They have a very nice selection of beers here too. If you're not in the mood for sushi, there are plenty of other options here, and we would very highly recommend the shrimp and chicken curry and/or the lobster macaroni and cheese! They do both right, and we think you'll be very impressed with either one, or both! Delicious crab bisque too, so be sure to give that a try. You will be able to locate Dylan's Raw Bar & Grille at 15402 Mack Ave.

♦ Lunch Box Deli ♦
In the middle of the hard working day, there is nothing better than escaping the grind to enjoy a delicious deli sandwich. Lunch Box Deli is our favorite place to do exactly that in Grosse Pointe. It's one of the cheapest places to grab lunch, and despite its popularity it's never overly loud or too crowded. The corned beef reuben is one of our favorite things here, and we also love the veggielante and the spicy special! The french dip is great too. We haven't verified this, but have heard that this is run by the same people as Burrito Mundo, and you know that's one of our favorites. They've got great fresh cookies here, warm out of the oven, and we very highly recommend those for dessert. You will be able to find Lunch Box Deli at 17018 Mack Ave. Very highly recommended!

♦ Village Grille ♦

Village Grille is a wonderful American bar and restaurant conveniently located on Kercheval in Grosse Pointe. They've got a great beer selection and very cozy seating, so you can kick back with a brewski and enjoy the ambiance. They've got just about everything here, from pizza to burritos, from sandwiches to full entrees. You can fill up on some very high quality food while enjoying their extensive menu of drinks. It's just very cozy and reliable here, and the kind of place that everybody in the area is familiar with and visits as often as they can. We would very highly recommend this place to you whenever you are in the area. You will be able to locate this gem of a restaurant at 16930 Kercheval St.

♦ The Hill Seafood and Chophouse ♦
The Hill Seafood and Chophouse is such a high quality restaurant for those who adore steaks and seafood. The chefs here are really out of this world, knowing exactly how to take what would naturally be an amazing meal and making it even more incredible. Many have called this the best place in town, and we would be apt to agree with that! We're big fans of swordfish and theirs is really excellent. The shrimp cocktail is a great starter, and we also love the Caesar salad. To finish your meal off, why not order a delicious Spanish Coffee, serving as both a nightcap and a dessert! Great place for impressive dates and fun times with family and friends. You will be able to locate The Hill Seafood and Chophouse at 123 Kercheval.

♦ Irish Coffee ♦
We love the name Irish Coffee, because it sounds like it would be a cozy coffee shop but it's more of a full on cafe and restaurant. Very much Irish pub style, with all the creature comforts that you'd expect. The fish and chips are what they are known for, and we have enjoyed them many times. Truly excellent! We love their patty melt too, and really all of their burgers are just on a completely different level. If you're a lover of perch like we are, you can't go wrong with that! Seems like they've got all your bar favorites here. They've got a great jukebox here so you can rock out to your favorite tunes, and it's just overall a really fun place to chill and relax with your friends and loved ones. You will be able to locate Irish Coffee at 18666 Mack Ave. Very highly recommended.

♦ Janet's Lunch ♦
Janet's Lunch is a tiny little diner that we have really fallen in love with in Grosse Pointe. We love the corner location, and the excellent old fashioned service that we have always received here. The breakfasts are excellent, just cooked perfectly and served up in nice size portions. They have a daily special that will be the cheapest thing you can get, and it's always good. For the health conscious, they have oatmeal here, and they cook it just perfectly. It's an art! They do not accept credit cards here, so make sure that you make a quick stop at the ATM if you haven't got any cash on you. Is it worth that slight inconvenience? You bet! You will be able to find Janet's Lunch at 15033 Kercheval St.

♦ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ♦
Oh now come on, who doesn't love the name of this restaurant? Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Formerly known as Lucy's Tavern, and now open under new ownership. You can't copyright a song title, and thank goodness for that, because it leaves the door wide open for this place to pay tribute to that iconic song and do their best to offer up food that's just as good as the timeless tune! This is a British style pub that serves up delicious chicken, steaks, sandwiches, and burgers. The menu actually has not changed much from its previous incarnation as Lucy's Tavern, but everything else is fresh and new here and we just love it. You can find Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds at 115 Kercheval Ave.

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