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Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan

The area of Grosse Pointe Woods has always been one of our favorite places to travel to, and that fact is the same for many of our customers. However, there are very few restaurants and bars actually found within city limits other than the famous Original Pancake House of course! You'll find yourself relying on the nearby cities and zip coes of St Clair Shores (48080), Detroit (48236), and Grosse Pointe (48236) when you're here. Please enjoy these most recommended bars and restaurants while you're there, and let us know what you think!

♦ Original Pancake House ♦
Original Pancake House has always been one of our favorites in this area, and it also happens to be the only restaurant on this list that's actually located within Grosse Pointe Woods itself rather than just being within driving distance of it. It's THE spot to be for breakfast and brunch any day of the week, and since they're open late, you can always rely on them for a great meal any time of day. We're huge fans of their Dutch Treat and their Big Apple Pancake, and we recommend them both equally! No matter what you order, you'll be treated to an amazing meal here. You can find Original Pancake House at 20273 Mack Ave. Don't miss it.

♦ Fishbones Rhythm Kitchen Cafe ♦
Fishbones Rhythm Kitchen Cafe has been a favorite amongst all our customers for many years now, regardless of which immaculately-maintained location you're referring to! This particular one in St Clair Shores is a dear favorite of ours, and there is just no question about where to get your delicious jambalaya, gumbo, and even bayou caviar! This is the only spot to find these things in the area as far as we know, and it's definitely the best. You'll enjoy the live music and the energetic ambiance on the weekends too! You will be able to find this Fishbones Rhythm Kitchen Cafe location at 23722 Jefferson Ave in nearby St Clair Shores.

♦ Cedar Garden ♦
Cedar Garden is top notch when in need of a memorable Mediterranean meal in the nearby St Clair Shores area. It's within driving distance of the places you'll be visiting in Grosse Pointe Woods, and there's just no better option out there for all of your Mediterranean favorites! They also happen to be one of the most consistent restaurants we have ever been to, which is a quality that we believe every restaurant should strive for. You know that when you order their fabulous lentil soup that it's going to be just as good as every time before. Unwavering quality and excellent service. You can find Cedar Garden at 23417 Greater Mack Ave in St Clair Shores.

♦ Rojo Mexican Bistro ♦
Rojo Mexican Bistro may not be the most authentic Mexican restaurant that you will find, rather being more of a hip trendy spot to enjoy some drinks and some Tex-Mex style entrees, but we really love it. If you're looking for a trendier spot to hang out when you're in this area, this is a great choice. They have fabulous tableside guacamole that's so fresh and flavorful, and a nice selection of drinks with prices that are nice too! We have always had some amazing waitresses here and they're happy to help point out something good on the menu if it's your first time visiting. You can find Rojo Mexican Bistro at 24026 Jefferson in St Clair Shores.

♦ Shores Inn Food & Spirits ♦
Shores Inn Food & Spirits is a beloved bar and grill in St Clair Shores, and we find that it's just perfect for a quick jaunt if you are in the mood for some delicious beer and maybe watching the big game on one of their TVs. It's not a sports bar, but they go out of their way to accommodate the sports lovers who visit with plenty of TVs and a great view of each one no matter where you're sitting. They have a huge selection of beer here, and wonderful food too. The burgers are so juicy and delicious! Shores Inn Food & Spirits can be enjoyed over at 23410 St Clair Shores. Very highly recommended!

♦ Bommarito Bakery ♦

The Bommarito Bakery is a beloved spot in nearby St Clair Shores, and if you are craving some wonderful pizza or bakery items, this is the place to go. They are also known for their wonderful Italian ice, and the neighborhood kids are known to frequent this spot just for that delectable treat in the summer months. Of course there's no age limit on enjoying that wonderful lemon ice, and we always stop in for a bit of it too. The pizza is so good and old fashioned here too, you will love it. Very friendly staff and a nice clean environment. Navigate over to Bommarito Bakery at 21830 Greater Mack Ave in nearby St Clair Shores.

♦ Dish ♦
Dish is a particularly beloved spot in nearby Detroit, so popular with everyone in the area that it has now been featured in many articles and even on television. If you haven't discovered this one yet, we recommend that you go and give it a try. It's casual and kitschy, with lots of old fashioned favorites that will really fill you up without breaking the bank. We typically opt for the sandwiches and soup since we're there for lunch most of the time, but you can't go wrong with anything that they offer on their burgeoning menu. You can find Dish at 18441 Mack Ave in nearby Detroit!

♦ Sy Thai Shore Restaurant ♦
Sy Thai Shore Restaurant is without a doubt the best place to get your Thai food cravings satisfied in the nearby St Clair Shores area! We have been regulars here for years and have never been disappointed. It's nothing too fancy, just casual and comfortable, and there are so many wonderful things to choose from on the menu. We love their pad Thai, but if you're wanting to try something a little less popular and more off the beaten path, the curry dishes are the go-to choices if you really want our opinions. It's super clean here, and nicely decorated too. You can find Sy Thai Shore Restaurant at 23519 Nine Mack Dr in nearby St Clair Shores.

♦ Burrito Mundo♦
Burrito Mundo is the destination for a great, healthy, delicious, fresh burrito! Of course it's not just burritos that they have here, but that is our go-to item. If you love restaurants like Chipotle, Moe's, and Salsarita's, we think you will really fall in love with this one. It's just a tiny spot hidden away in a shopping center, so it's very easy to overlook. But don't! The food is superbly fresh and delicious, and the service is always so friendly and fast. It's the perfect place to stop when traveling in a party bus or limo, and we recommend it very highly. You can find Burrito Mundo at 19459 Mack Ave in nearby Grosse Pointe.

♦ Achatz Burgers ♦
Achatz Burgers is a real essential in the St Clair Shores area, and we're so glad that it's just a short drive from Grosse Pointe Woods. You won't want to miss this one when you're in the area. They have the best hamburgers around, and plenty of fresh delicious toppings to choose from too. Their fries are just out of this world, so crisp and delicious, and they've got different flavors to choose from as well. They've got great soups too, and homemade pies that are just so mouth wateringly good. You can enjoy all the retro ambiance and decor while watching the cooks do their thing! You can find Achatz Burgers at 24605 Jefferson Ave in nearby St Clair Shores. We can't talk them up enough!

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