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Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

Grosse Pointe Farms is found within Wayne County, and we are just hooked on the wonderful restaurants and bars that you can find in this area! We've compiled a list of our favorites for you to refer to when you find yourself in this area with Limo Detroit. You can find all of these within the Grosse Pointe Farms zip code of 48236, as well as in the very nearby cities of Grosse Pointe (also 48236 as well as 48230) and Detroit (48236). Enjoy!

♦ Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe ♦
Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe is our top recommendation if you are celebrating a special occasion in this city. Particularly if you are a going out with that special someone and you really want to make a good impression! It can be a little bit hard to get into this restaurant because its small and intimate atmosphere doesn't allow for crazy crowds! So give them a call in advance and make a quick reservation. We'd recommend kicking things off with the mushroom soup, and for all of the seafood seekers you really can't go wrong with their scallops appetizer. Sensational live jazz is the biggest selling point here. Very highly recommended! Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe can be located at 97 Kercheval Ave right here in Grosse Pointe Farms.

♦ Bambu ♦
The name Bambu makes us think that we're going to be visiting a Japanese sushi restaurant, but this is actually a wonderful American restaurant with all kinds of fresh tastes that borrow hints and touches from all over the world. Make sure to begin your meal with the caprese salad, and we are also lovers of their Mediterranean style appetizer that consists of sundried tomato hommous, olive tapenade, and pita chips. Too delicious! They've got a wide array of amazing sandwiches here that are really the star of their substantial menu. Our favorites are the Cubano Panini and the Caprese Panini. Also try their homemade organic iced desserts! You won't be disappointed. Bambu is found at 74 Kercheval Ave right here in Grosse Pointe Farms.

♦ Blufin Sushi ♦
The sushi that we can't get at Bambu can definitely be had at Blufin Sushi! This is a wonderfully clean and modern sushi restaurant perhaps tops in all of Michigan, with expert sushi chefs who really know how to craft an excellent roll. The sashimi is some of the freshest that we have ever had. Their menu really runs the gamut, from delicious sushi style ceviche, to Thai style dishes, and even including some appetizers and desserts that you just won't find on any other sushi menu in our state. The tempura rolls are really out of this world. It's a little bit of a smallish restaurant compared to the spaciousness that we prefer, but it's definitely intimate. Blufin Sushi is conveniently located at 18584 Mack Ave right here in Grosse Pointe Farms.

♦ Jumps Restaurant ♦
Jumps Restaurant long known and revered for their brunch in Grosse Pointe Farm. Their omelets are absolutely sensational! Try the one that's got turkey, sundried tomato sausage, asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, and muenster cheese! Just thinking about it makes our mouths water. Actually eating it is an experience unlike any other. On any ordinary day you can come in for a great breakfast or lunch, and at a price that everybody can afford even though the food is so wonderful! We adore the grilled pork loin, and the salmon with couscous is just too good. We'd highly recommend this restaurant to you anytime you find yourself in the area! Jumps Restaurant is found at 63 Kercheval Ave right here in Grosse Pointe Farms.

♦ TN Thai Bistro ♦
TN Thai Bistro has a sensational location in downtown Grosse Pointe, it's amazing that they not only have the best Thai food in town, but also a wonderful sushi bar! Now that's a refreshing touch. We always jump at the chance to have sushi whenever it's available, and this really brings you the best of two worlds. You're not going to find higher quality sashimi than this, and we would highly recommend the fresh sea urchin or uni the highest out everything else we have tried here, it's oh so good. As far as the Thai food goes, it's really great. Our only complaint is that they never seem to make it hot enough for us, but then we are a bit addicted to the spice! If you like it a bit milder, you'll find it perfect. The pad eggplant is our favorite combo on the menu. TN Thai Bistro can be found at 17100 Kercheval Ave in nearby Grosse Pointe.

♦ Bucci Ristorante ♦

Everyone really loves Bucci Ristorante, and whenever you find yourself craving Italian food in the Grosse Pointe area, you have got to venture on over here. They always have such a clean and cozy atmosphere, and the food is simply out of this world. We absolutely love the eggplant parmesan here, and if you want to try something really creamy and delicious for dessert you can't go wrong with their classic creme brulee. For an intimate and relaxing dinner you'll really enjoy their cozy seating area, but if you want to enjoy a drink before or after your meal, we'd highly recommend grabbing a seat at the bar. Bucci Ristorante can be located at 20217 Mack Ave in nearby Grosse Pointe.

♦ DISH ♦
DISH is a sensational place to go for lunch when you're in the Grosse Pointe and Detroit area. The locals really go wild over this place, trust us when we say you will as well once you give it a try. We're big fans of all of their pasta dishes, including their pestos and piccatas which are just too good to believe! They've also got mouth wateringly good sandwiches, including a Mediterranean vegetarian sandwich that is packed with yummy feta, olives, and hummus. Their egg sandwiches are great too. And best of all, the sandwiches all come with a side of macaroni salad and a deliciously zesty pickle. It's the perfect combo. You'll be able to find DISH at 18441 Mack Ave in nearby Detroit.

♦ The Hill Seafood and Chophouse ♦
We'd never hesitate to recommend The Hill Seafood and Chophouse, because it's without a doubt one of the best steakhouses in the Grosse Pointe area. We've been very impressed with the wine list here, and the waitstaff is knowledgeable enough about it so you don't have to be. They're always happy to point us to the best pairings for our meals. The filet mignon is our top choice here, and we have also enjoyed the lamb chops on many occasions. If you are a seafood lover, then you truely owe it to yourself to order their swordfish. It's delectably good and perfectly prepared. For dessert, you'll definitely want to choose the creme brulee. No complaints from us — this steakhouse is a winner! The Hill Seafood and Chophouse can be found at 123 Kercheval in nearby Grosse Pointe.

♦ Antonio's in the Park ♦
Antonio's in the Park long known in the area as one of the most notable places for delicious Italian food in this area, and we have had so many great meals here over the years. It's one of our customers' most often requested destinations to visit and there's no questioning why. We love their wonderful penne with bolognese sauce, and of course their Caesar salad is just too fantastic. The perfect beginning to any meal that you choose. The scamorza is also a can't-miss item under the appetizers. Battered bread with melty mozzarella plus lemon, butter, and olive sauce? Enough said. You will definitely want to make this a priority next time you find yourself in the area! Antonio's in the Park is found at 15117 Kercheval Ave in nearby Grosse Pointe.

♦ Dylan's Raw Bar & Grille ♦
Seafood lovers are always keeping Dylan's Raw Bar & Grille jumping, and why? Because everything is so supremely fresh and flavorful here. We are huge fans of their sushi menu, they have so many amazing rolls that they serve here. Note that sushi is half off on Sundays, and one of the most unique items that we recommend you try is the garlic tuna roll! If you're a lover of oysters, that's the big draw here of course, and we have never had better! No matter what you get, you cannot go wrong with the blue crab nachos as an appetizer. If you used to enjoy Tom's Oyster Bar in this area, note that Dylan's is in their former location. Dylan's Raw Bar & Grille, one of our favorites, can be found at 15402 Mack Ave in nearby Grosse Pointe.

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