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Grosse Ile, Michigan

is without a doubt the most upscale section of the downriver area, being an actual island that you can only reach via one of two bridges. It's fun to drive around and look at all the multi-million dollar houses as well as watch the sun gleaming off the water, and when you tire of that you can head into any one of these excellent restaurants and bars in the 48138 zip code.

♦ Perdino's of Grosse Ile ♦
Perdino's of Grosse Ile is one of the more upscale Italian restaurants on the ile, and we love coming in to enjoy their fresh pasta and other entrees. It's true that this is one of the priciest restaurants on the island, but we believe it is worth every penny. We love that they begin the meal with a nice tray of vegetables, beans, and pate. The steaks, chicken, and seafood will never let you down here. The Chicken Perdino is their signature dish and it's our favorite thing here, followed by the prime rib, dover sole, and truly any of the steaks or seafood dishes. For an old fashioned meal with great old fashioned service, you will not find a better place than this. You can find Perdino's of Grosse Ile at 8575 Macomb St.

♦ Kathy's Cafe ♦
Kathy's Cafe is our essential breakfast spot in Grosse Ile. They've got all your favorite breakfast specials here, and no matter what you're craving, you can find it on that menu. Eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, toast, french toast, pancakes, waffles... all that good stuff and then some! The omelettes are truly our favorite thing on the menu, and our classic choice is always a ham and cheese. They use delicious butter from Calder's Dairy here and that really makes all the difference. Very fresh and incredibly well prepared. The service is really on a completely different level too, very friendly and fast, and the staff always seems so happy to see you when you walk in. Very highly recommended. You can find Kathy's Cafe at 9105 Macomb St.

♦ Island Coney ♦
Island Coney is a real tradition on Grosse Ile. We love to start off with any one of their soups, because they are really mouth wateringly delicious. They've got a really fantastic Greek salad here too, and of course, their coneys are just out of this world, made with Dearborn hot dogs and piled high with delicious toppings! The special coney with spiced ground beef is our absolute top favorite. Our favorite item on the menu is the muffuletta sandwich, which is incredibly hard to find outside of New Orleans itself, so it's worth a trip. On the simpler side, their BLTs are really wonderful and you cannot go wrong with that. Great reubens too, and a spinach and feta omelette that we'd highly recommend to you. Delicious coffee and free refills of course! You can find Island Coney at 8200 Macomb St.

♦ Vitale's Restaurant & Pizzeria ♦
Vitale's Restaurant & Pizzeria is one of those places that has seemingly been around forever, and our wish is that it will always be here. They have some of the best pizzas around, and they also have delivery, which is a rarity here on the island. We always like to start things off with one of their antipasti salads, because they are piled up with all those delicious items, including salami, ham, and mozzarella cheese, and we love the taste of their Italian dressing here. There's a full bar here so you can enjoy some drinks with your friends or family after you're done with your meal, or even before if you prefer. Moderate pricing and a nice casual atmosphere. Very cool spot to stop for a bite to eat. You can find Vitale's Restaurant & Pizzeria at 8905 Macomb St.

♦ Airport Inn ♦
When you are craving a really great pizza in Grosse Ile, you'd be hard pressed to do better than the old tradition of Airport Inn. This place has lasted the test of time, doing battle with the decades and always coming out on top. Everything is super fresh here, and just so high quality. We love Al's Pizza which has a braided crust. Where else can you find that? Their hamburgers are also really delicious here, very juicy and a full half pound in weight. On Tuesday nights they've got taco night, just one buck per taco and they're so good! Also make sure to grab some of their soup before it runs out for the day. It is fantastic and everyone on the island knows it. We really adore this place. You can find Airport Inn at 9264 Groh Rd.

♦ Hoy Pan ♦

Hoy Pan is known for their amazing Chinese food, and there's no question why they have been going strong for so many decades. Year after year they have maintained their high standards, and we just love the atmosphere and the great service. There are a few classic Chinese restaurants in the downriver area that have lasted since as long ago as the 1950s, and this is one of them. (In case you're wondering, Cathay House in Lincoln Park and Lichee Gardens in Wyandotte are the other two). As fabulous as they all are, many people rank Hoy Pan at the top of that list. The food is excellent with all those old fashioned favorites that you'd expect, and best of all they serve nice large portions so you never leave hungry, and you are certainly not hungry an hour later as that old Chinese food joke goes! You can find Hoy Pan at 7599 Macomb St.

♦ Kroger Food & Pharmacy ♦
Does it seem odd that we would include Kroger on this list of places to dine in Grosse Ile? Well, it shouldn't, because it's one of the best places to grab a delicious deli lunch! They also recently added a Starbucks to the premises, so that's a major bonus to say the least! The interesting thing about this Kroger location is that it's smaller than most of the other locations in our area of Michigan, but its selection of products is more of a premium, high end quality. The deli features Boars Head products, and the bakery has lots of delicious artisan items and organic items too. We think you'll be very happy with all of the delicious lunch items that you find here, and it's definitely one of the least expensive ways to grab a quick bite to eat in Grosse Ile! You can find Kroger at 8999 Macomb St.

♦ Lloyd's Bar & Grill ♦
When you're looking for a stiff drink and some good conversation on Grosse Ile, there aren't a whole lot of options, but you don't need options. You just need Lloyd's Bar & Grill. Besides, this is much more than just a simple bar. It's a truly excellent restaurant, with a wonderful wine list, delicious steaks and pastas, and really filling sandwiches too. We really love their clam chowder here, and the fried shrimp is also fantastic! You don't have to be too dressed up to dine here, but the atmosphere is very nice and you will feel like you're treating yourself to something different and unique. They have a nice kids menu here too. Try the barbecue ribs! You can find Lloyd's Bar & Grill at 8961 Macomb St.

♦ Petey's Deli ♦
Petey's Deli is another one of our favorite places to grab a delicous delicatessen style lunch on Grosse Ile! All of the items that your sandwiches and salads are crafted from are truly of the highest quality possible, and you can really taste the difference. There's nothing like heading out to the exquisite atmosphere of Grosse Ile, and then treating yourself to a healthful and delicious lunch at a place like this. A hearty sandwich, a generous portion of potato salad or pasta salad, perhaps some chips or other deli favorites on the side... you'll love the atmosphere here and the service is so friendly and fast. Definitely an inexpensive way to get a great meal here! You can find Petey's Deli at 8537 Macomb St.

♦ Hungry Howie's Pizza and Subs ♦
Hungry Howie's Pizza and Subs has always been a great place to get some delicious grub, and this location on Grosse Ile is no exception! They've always got fantastic deals, for instance at the time of this writing you can get a medium one topping pizza for just five bucks, or spend twenty and get two large one topping pizzas plus a 2 liter bottle of pop, and you even get that famous Howie bread and zesty dipping sauce along with it! Now that's what we're talking about. Feed one or feed a bunch, your options are so many here. We especially enjoy their flavored crusts, including sesame, butter cheese, butter, ranch, cajun, garlic herb, onion, and of course original! Delish. You can find Hungry Howie's Pizza and Subs at 8535 Macomb St.

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