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Grass Lake, Michigan

is easy to find in Jackson County, and when you're there for fun in the sun or any other reason, you'll want to know the hottest restaurants to visit on that familiar little strip of Michigan Avenue right by the water. These are our favorites, and we're certain that you'll want to check them out next time you're visiting Grass Lake (49240) with Limo Detroit!

♦ Bungie's Downtown ♦
Bungie's Downtown is a traditional diner, very old fashioned, with all your favorite breakfasts and lunches. It seems like it's been here forever but we're not sure how long it's really been going strong. We enjoy the laid back vibe, the cleanliness of the restaurant, and the fact that the focus stays on the food just as it should! Sometimes you don't need all that flash, you just need a great meal! And Bungie's definitely gets that right. You definitely can't go wrong when you stop into this spot for a delicious meal! You'll be able to find Bungie's Downtown at 108 E Michigan Ave right here in Grass Lake!

♦ Missy's Little Grass Shack ♦
Missy's Little Grass Shack has one of the cutest names of all the restaurants in Grass Lake, and we love this little hole in the wall restaurant! They've got a lot of yummy specials to enjoy here, but our favorite has always been the three taco lunch special. Their hamburgers and fries are also a very nice choice. This is nothing fancy, just quick good food at a very low price, and we like it that way. They're great for carryout, and if you're dining in you'll also enjoy their TV. They do catering here as well, so be sure to ask about that if you're seeking a great caterer! You can find Missy's Little Grass Shack at 100 E Michigan Ave in Grass Lake!

♦ Justin Tyme Pizza ♦

The Justin Tyme Pizza is a great little pizzeria that everybody in Grass Lake just loves. There are so many people in this area who rely on this place as their most often visited pizzeria, and there is no question why. They really put a lot of effort into crafting their delicious old fashioned pizzas here, and we just love it. The crust is superb, the sauce tastes so good, and they use just the right amount of cheese and toppings so it's not overpowering. It doesn't matter what you're into on your pizza, they're sure to have it available on the menu! Plenty of good stuff here. You can find Justin Tyme Pizza at 131 N Lake St in Grass Lake!

♦ Big O's Pizza ♦
Big O's Pizza is another one of our favorites for a great pizza pie in this area. We've been big fans of this restaurant for quite some time now, and we are certain that you will enjoy it too. Our customers actually introduced us to this place, and since then we have continued to recommend it to our other customers. They've got such consistent service here, and the pizzas are excellent! It doesn't matter what time of day you walk in to pick up your delicious pizza, you can bet that it will be just as great as the time before and the time before that! Always good every time we visit! You can find Big O's Pizza at 425 W Michigan Ave in Grass Lake!

♦ Save Time Store ♦
Save Time Store is the go-to convenience store in this area, with everything that you could ever need while you're visiting. They've got some of the best pizza around so if you don't have time to go to one of the standalone pizzerias, this is a quick bet! They've got all your favorite convenience store items so you can pick up the necessities and some great snacks too. And it's also a gas station, so you can fill up the tank while you're at it. We love a one-stop shop just as much as you do, and that's why we wouldn't dream of leaving it off this list. You can find Save Time Store at 224 E Michigan Ave here in Grass Lake!

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