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Grand Blanc, Michigan

is such a cool spot to hang out and enjoy the company of your friends and family, and when you do, you will definitely want to know the best places to drink and dine. You will be able to find all of the great restaurants and bars below within the zip code of 48439. Check them out asap!

♦ Nuevo Vallarta ♦
Nuevo Vallarta is such an excellent choice in Grand Blanc when you are craving some truly delicious Mexican food. It's an especially good place to go when you are dining with a big group, and it's very family friendly too. They've got both an outdoor seating area and a full bar, so it's perfect for sunny summer days and fun nights inside any night of the year. The margaritas are some of the most impressive we have tasted, perhaps even more than the food! Not to take away from the food though, because it is excellent. The camarones especiales is really delicious, and the chipotle fajitas are just amazing. Great service, very cozy atmosphere, and just an all around very pleasant dining experience. You can find Nuevo Vallarta at 11225 S Saginaw St.

♦ Luca's Chophouse ♦
Luca's Chophouse is by far of the best steakhouses that we have ever been to, and for steak and seafood lovers, you would have to search far and wide to find better than this. The filet mignon is our very favorite thing on the menu here, and all of the steaks are seasoned just perfectly without being overspiced. They have a really nice bar area here too, so you can sit and sip a great martini or a nice glass of wine to accent your entire meal. Our favorite thing here actually comes after the meal, and it's the tableside dessert, bananas foster! Watching them craft that serves as both entertainment and appetizer, because it really gets your mouth watering to devour it as it should be devoured! Truly a wonderful meal from start to finish. Spend a nice date night at Luca's Chophouse at 12793 S Saginaw St.

♦ Da Edoardo North ♦
Da Edoardo North is one of our top picks for Italian food in Grand Blanc, partly because of the excellent food and partly because the service here is unrivaled they are so good! This is possibly the highest priced restaurant on this list, but still moderately priced and on par with the quality of the food that you receive. Worth every penny and then some. The mussels with spicy marinara sauce is a great choice for an appetizer, and for an entree you absolutely cannot go wrong with the chicken marsala or the linguine alla vongole, and the steak diane all are strong choices to choose from. They have a great selection of wines here too, and a dessert menu that's so great you could set it to music. The tiramisu is our top choice. You can find Da Edoardo North at 8185 Holly Rd!

♦ Oliver T's ♦
Oliver T's is an awesome deli which we can not get enough of recently. They've got so many amazing items for you to enjoy here, from coffees and teas to beer, wine, and spirits, and of course those amazing grilled sandwiches which are completely addictive. If you are seeking an amazing dessert that has been freshly baked, they have a cases full of them! The choices can be overwhelming, but of course in the very best way possible! Lots of great grocery items here too. Beyond all that, they also have local artwork hanging on the walls, so you can enjoy that gallery style or purchase some to take home and literally add some local color to your walls. Or maybe pick up a gift for someone special! Even better, bring them here to enjoy the food! You guys can head over to Oliver T's at 1553 E Hill Rd.

♦ Khios Island Restaurant ♦
Khios Island Restaurant is a really unique spot in Grand Blanc for Greek and Mediterranean food. It's nothing fancy really, just a great coney island style diner, but you know how beloved those are here in Michigan and we think this one is really very good. The saganaki they serve up is terrific, and we love their big breakfast that comes with eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage, and toast. But it's not just all breakfast foods when you come here you can also choose one of their hamburgers or a cheesesteak sandwich, and they have really fresh salads here too. Very highly recommended for all your coney island favorites! You can find Khios Island Restaurant at 8296 S Saginaw St.

♦ Buffalo Wild Wings ♦

If you have read many of the pages on this site, you know that we often recommend Buffalo Wild Wings and that is because this is a rare chain of franchises that we throughly enjoy! Of course this place is equal parts bar and restaurant, and there is nothing better than coming in to watch the game while you down some of those exquisitely spicy wings (or go down the list to the less spicy versions if you prefer). Wash them all down with an ice cold beer while you watch your favorite team score! The service is excellent here and the food is just the highest quality of any B. Dub's that we have been to in recent years. Very very good stuff here. They've got trivia, jukeboxes, arcade games, and more. Lots to keep you busy and a hopping spot to view the game with your friends. You can head over to Buffalo Wild Wings location at 8251 Trillium Circle Ave.

♦ Hot Dog Stand ♦
Just a plain old straight away on the nose named place, so simple that you cannot forget it: Hot Dog Stand. It's been here for ages, like a lifetime, and it's just such an essential spot here in Grand Blanc. This is a drive-in style restaurant, so you just pull on up and grab a parking spot, place that order, and then enjoy the food after it's brought to you on a try that attaches to your window. The servers here are on rollerskates just like they would have been back in the 50s! We'd say this place is way better than the other chain hot dog drive-ins in Michigan. Great root beer here too! Homemade! You can find Hot Dog Stand at 11338 S Saginaw St. Very highly recommended if you love these types of places as much as we do.

♦ China Wok Buffet ♦
Everybody loves a good Chinese buffet, especially when you really want to fill up on the cheap! They've got all your semi-Americanized favorites here, and we mean that in the best way possible. If we didn't love this place, we wouldn't include it here! We love the General Tso's Chicken and the Sesame Chicken the best, and they also have very good rice and all your favorite sides too. The crab rangoon is really great. You truly cannot beat the prices here, either six bucks for the lunch buffet or nine bucks for the dinner buffet. These are of course the prices as this piece is being authored so we recommend that you give them a call to make sure they are still valid whenever you find yourself reading this. You can find China Wok Buffet at 12755 S Saginaw St.

♦ Sophias Kitchen ♦
Sophias Kitchen is a nice little cozy spot where you can enjoy all your diner style favorites. They serve breakfast all day, which is great, and they have really affordable prices for everything too. Great place to bring the kids too, with a really good kids menu! All of the hamburgers and sandwiches are delicious here, and we also really enjoy their daily soups. When your favorite drive-in has closed down for the colder months of the year, this is the place that can fill that empty spot. They do accept credit cards here so you won't have to make a stop at the ATM before you come in. Very highly recommended for an old fashioned delicious meal. You can find Sophias Kitchen at 11395 S Saginaw St.

♦ Crossbow Inn ♦
Crossbow Inn has been one of our favorite lunch spots in Grand Blanc for quite some time now. They have huge salads that are so crisp and fresh, and we love their hamburgers and reuben sandwiches. Great soups too. All your standard bar fare is here, but it's a notch up on the quality compared to most other bars we will be kind enough not to mention by name here. It is kind of retro here, as if it hasn't been updated since the eighties, but it's very clean and well-maintained. All of their drinks are reasonably priced, and nice and strong and never watered down. Great old fashioned service too, and just an overall friendly vibe that ramps up the whole overall experience it would be otherwise! You can find Crossbow Inn at 11310 S Saginaw St.

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