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Goodells, Michigan

is a part of St Clair County, and though there's not much to do (or to eat and drink!) within city limits, you will find lots of good stuff just a short drive away in nearby Clyde (48049), Wales (48027), Riley (48041), Emmett (48022), Memphis (48041), and Capac (48014). You'll really enjoy yourself if you visit any of these when you're traveling in this area with Limo Detroit, and we hope you'll let us know what you think!

Dorsey House
6008 Beard Rd
Clyde MI 48049
Dorsey House is one of those classic steakhouses mixed with an Italian restaurant that seems to have been around forever. Everybody in the area loves it, and we do too. They also present you with a challenge if you are brave (or crazy) enough to give it a go, here's the challenge they bring you a 23" pizza loaded with up to 8 toppings and give you 90 minutes to eat the entire thing yourself, if you complete this challenge you get the $36 pizza free of charge and a t-shirt if you fail you must pay for it and they will put you on their wall of shame.

Biscos Restaurant
2989 Kinney Rd
Riley MI 48041
Biscos Restaurant is a beloved family restaurant where you can get old fashioned service and the kind of simple delicious food that's all too difficult to find elsewhere nowadays. Their nachos are the real winning option here, they are so good. This is a great place to pick up a quick bite to eat and go on about your day. They are a full convenience store as well so grab some beer on your way out the door.

Mr Z's Palace
601 Burnell Rd
Riley MI 48041
This is one of the few restaurants that we have not visited in this area, but our friends and customers assure us that it should not be left off the list! Be sure to give it a try when you're in the area. It's not fine dining by any mean it's a local watering hole with some standard pub fare like a decent pizza and some tasty burgers. They also have some pool tables and dart boards and can pour a stiff drink, it's not much more than that and the locals love it.

Mom's Country Kitchen
81057 Main St
Memphis MI 48041
Always on the short list of places to go for a delicious home cooked meal. For over 25 years they have provided the locals with high quality home cooking. If you are there for dinner you have to try their Chicken Mac-apeno skillet which is grilled chicken breast in a creamy parmesan and cheddar cheese sauce with cavatappi noodles and jalapeno peppers. In the morning you can't go wrong with the Bordman breakfast burger which is a six-ounce pork sausage & beef patty with a fried egg and American cheese on a toasted English muffin with some seasoned country fries on the side.

Emmett's Main Street Diner
3143 Main St
Emmett MI 48022
Emmett's Main Street Diner is a particular favorite for breakfast when we are in the area, and we are certain you will love it too if you are trying it for the very first time. If you love omelette's you will love coming here, they have plenty to choose from from all your standards like cheese, cheese and meat, and southwest to some more adventurous options that you will be tempted to try. They also bake up fresh pastries every single morning that go great with a strong cup of coffee.

♦ BARS ♦

Penalty Box Sports Bar & Grill
80874 Main St
Memphis MI 48041
If you're seeking a great sports bar in the Goodells and Memphis area, we'd highly recommend Penalty Box Sports Bar & Grill! Don't miss this one. They have everything you want and expect from a good sports bar, we're talking a great amount of high definition big screens everywhere you look, we're talking great chicken wings, burgers, pizzas and everything else you would think would be on the menu, and they have a great staff along with some great regular customers.

Club 21
8385 Lapeer Rd
Wales MI 48027
If you're seeking a great bar in the Goodells and Wales area, you can't go wrong with a visit to Club 21. Great food and drinks, Club Keno to keep you entertained, and even a wonderful fish fry on Fridays. It's a rural bar in a rural area, don't get in thinking you are going to Studio 54 this is a place where you belly up the bar and watch the game. The menu is your standard bar menu filled with all the classics, they have a decent selection of beer and know how to pour a mixed drink.

120 S Main St
Capac MI 48014
One of the freshest options out there for fast food! Definitely a good choice anytime you're in this area and looking for something good. Pick your favorite bread and order up your pick of sub, sweet onion chicken teriyaki, chicken & bacon ranch melt, or the good old fashioned cold cut combo. You can also order any of the subs as a salad if you want a slightly healthier option.

Timmy D's
116 S Main St
Capac MI 48014
Always a favorite in the nearby Capac area for some hot and delicious pizza! Grab a 16" pizza with pepperoni, Italian sausage and extra cheese, or whatever your choice of toppings is. The Italian sausage and pepperoni there are outstanding with just the right about of spice. Another great option here is their chicken alfredo, it's so good.

Goodells Market
8532 Morris Rd
Wales MI 48027
Goodells Market is not only a great place to pick up some grocery items for the perfect lunch, but they also have outstanding pizza. You would be amazed at how many markets like this actual make some really, really good pizzas, and Goodells Market is one of the best out there, seriously go try it for yourself. The crust is just a perfect balance of crispy and chewy but also buttery and flavorful.

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