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Garden City, Michigan

has got to be one of our favorite cities to travel to when we are out and out in Michigan. So many wonderful spots to dine and drink, and lots of great shopping options too! Below you will find a list of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 48135 zip code!

♦ New Peking Restaurant ♦
New Peking Restaurant had some of the most delicious Chinese food that we have ever tasted. And we have tasted a LOT. Everybody kept recommending this place to us and we finally decided that it was time to check it out, and now we are hooked! Our top choices on their plentiful menu would have to be the sesame chicken along with the egg drop soup, and their delicious jasmine tea is an absolute essential no matter what you order to eat. They have a Korean menu here too, that we would very highly recommend to you. Try the Tangsooyuk and Champong, and also the Kangpunki! Not only is this an excellent restaurant, but they also have a full bar so you can enjoy a drink or two either before or after your meal. You can find New Peking Restaurant at 29105 Ford Rd.

♦ Amantea Restaurant ♦
Amantea Retaurant is a wonderful spot for delicious Italian food in Garden City, and we especially love the retro ambiance. The prices are incredibly affordable here, and if you'd like to save even more money on your meal they also offer coupons on their website. They have fantastic chicken noodle soup that we would recommend to you very highly. Can't go wrong with the ravioli or lasagne, how about the chicken parmesan? Wow. Their meat sauce is some of the best that we have ever tasted. They also have cole slaw here which is a really nice unique touch, and the flavor is just great. Everybody in the area just loves this place and recommends it so highly. If you're craving delicious Italian food, this is the place we'd steer you to! You can find Amantea Restaurant at 32777 Warren Rd.

♦ Al Sultan Restaurant ♦
Al Sultan Restaurant is a real essential if you love Middle Eastern food and you're traveling in Garden City! We love to stop in for some of their fresh chicken fatoush and some delicious hommous, but the entire menu is just out of this world. You will certainly want to try the chicken shwarma which just melts in your mouth, and you will be really shocked at the amount of food that they give you here too! If you don't want to take any with you, we recommend sharing with someone else. If you're a lover of grape leaves and baba ghannouj like we are, we think you'll be very pleased with them at this restaurant. Great service, very cozy ambiance. You will be able to find Al Sultan Restaurant at 425 Inkster Rd!

♦ Joey's Famous Philly Cheesesteaks ♦
There are a few of these restaurants that have sprung up in our area recently, and this one is just as great as the other two! Man, if you are as big of a fan of a great Philly cheesesteak sandwich as we are, then you really owe it to yourself to check this place out. It is in fact family run though it's a chain, so that's a refreshing fact. The cheesesteak special is our favorite thing here, piled high with onions and mushrooms and lots of gooey cheesy goodness. We very highly recommend putting hot peppers and/or hot sauce on it too, if you like a little kick like we do! The deep fried pickles are also beyond excellent here if you are a fan of those. (We are!) You can find Joey's Famous Philly Cheesesteaks at 5926 Middlebelt Rd.

♦ Tawaa ♦
For Indian and Pakistani food in Garden City, you really can't go wrong with Tawaa. They are under new management with an entirely new staff, so if you haven't stopped here in a while, it would be very much worthwhile for you to give them another try! Everything is just so fresh and delicious here. The buffet is a very affordable way to enjoy a hearty lunch with a plentiful array of items, and we especially love the raita and naan. Definitely be sure to give the malai kofta a try, it is one of our favorite things on the menu and we have never been disappointed with that. The beef paaye is also a real winner here, authentically Pakistani, and prepared so perfectly. You can find Tawaa at 28544 Ford Rd.

♦ Cici's Pizza ♦

If you are seeking a great pizza buffet, there are several options here in Michigan nowadays, but Cici's is still our top pick. We love this location in Garden City. They've got so many wonderful pizzas for you to choose from here, and our favorites are always the spinach or the macaroni and cheese. So many good things here for you to enjoy. The ambiance does leave something to be desired in our opinion, but it is very clean and nice and bright. You certainly cannot beat the prices here, and it's a perfect place to take the kids to celebrate their wins at the big game, or to reward them for an A+ on that report card. Always a good time for families or groups of friends. You can find Cici's Pizza at 5276 Middlebelt Rd.

♦ Jennie's Pierogies ♦
Now who doesn't love some good pierogies? Jennie's Pierogies is the spot to go for them, whether you go to this location in Garden City or the two other locations in Southgate and Warren. They have such an incredible variety of pierogies for you to choose from here, and we think you'll fall in love with all of them! The ricotta cheese is probably our favorite, followed by the potato and onion, and we also love the saurkraut with mushroom, as well as the potato and farmers cheese pierogies. These pair so perfectly with some grilled onions and sour cream, or for the sweeter cheesier types of pierogies you may even enjoy dipping them in apple sauce. You will be able to find Jennie's Pierogies at 6659 Middlebelt Rd! Very highly recommended.

♦ Rogala's Bar & Grill ♦
Rogala's Bar & Grill is just such a great spot to chill out with a wonderful meal or some ice cold drinks. It's not a huge establishment, just small and cozy, but you'll feel like there's more than enough room here to stretch out and enjoy yourself. The deep dish pizza is our favorite thing to have here, followed very closely by their delicious walleye. Yum! Now that's a retro meal that never gets old. They have the teacup pepperoni here for the pizza, but you must ask for them, and we do recommend it! They have great daily specials here that will both help you to save a few bucks and also give you a nice array of unique items that you might not otherwise discover. You will be able to find Rogala's Bar & Grill at 31831 Ford Rd. Very highly recommended.

♦ Garden City Cafe ♦
Garden City Cafe is a great choice for lunch when you are in the area, particularly for that delicious turkey sandwich that we are so hooked on! They're got delicious buffalo burgers as well, and wonderful soups for you to enjoy every day. They've got a great lunch deal here too, any sandwich plus limitless soup for under five bucks at the time of this writing! Wow. We love hanging out on their deck in the summertime and enjoying all the beautiful flowers. Really one of our favorite outdoor seating areas in the entire area. What else would we recommend here? Definitely the chicken parmesan and the meatloaf! Just too good! You will be able to find Garden City Cafe at 5662 Middlebelt Rd. Don't miss this one!

♦ Krishna Catering & Restaurant ♦
If you are craving some delicious Indian food or perhaps some really fine vegetarian fare, you will do very well to check out Krishna Catering & Restaurant. We recommend them for both their catering and for their dine-in restaurant service. Their menu is focused on South Indian cuisine, and it is just out of this world. The lunch buffet is really the standout option here, making a very affordable way to grab a lunch in the middle of your hard working day, as well as giving you a huge array of different types of food that you may have never tried before. On Tuesdays the buffet is just five bucks, but you'll also have to deal with a considerable wait on those days, or arrive plenty early. You will be able to find Krishna Catering & Restaurant at 28636 Ford Rd. Truly one of the best.

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