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Fraser, Michigan

really has a lot of great casual restaurants and comfortable laid back sports bars that we love, and we wanted to make a quick list of them along with reviews so that you'll have an easy to use resource when you're in the 48026 zip code! We hope you'll enjoy these very much.

♦ El Charro Mexican Restaurant ♦
El Charro Mexican Restaurant is a wonderful spot to go for a hearty meal in the Fraser area! We love coming in and enjoying that chill relaxed atmosphere, and when the weather is good you will also want to take advantage of their beautiful outdoor patio. Very comfortable and a great spot to catch the breeze. They've got a full bar on the premises so you can enjoy a drink or two before or after your meal too. And they do have a TV so you don't have to miss the game even for a moment. Our favorite item is the soft tacos stuffed with chicken, ground beef, or shredded beef. The chicken is our choice. The botanas are very good here too, and the cheese fondue is a really fun thing to start off with. El Charro Mexican Restaurant can be found at 16720 E 14 Mile Rd.

♦ Grand Azteca III ♦
Grand Azteca III is another great Mexican restaurant in Fraser, and we have enjoyed this restaurant many times over the years. The prices simply can't be beat here, and the quality of the food is truly top notch. We'd recommend the tortilla soup, which happens to be their signature dish here, and we love their chips and salsa, especially if you opt for the salsa verde instead! Yum, so good! The shrimp diablo is another one of our favorite items here, and they have excellent fish tacos and cocktel de camarones too. Fantastic carnitas and fajitas too! So many different options on this menu to please even the pickiest Mexican food fan! The margaritas make a fantastic complement to any meal as well, very fresh and flavorful. Grand Azteca III can be found at 33210 Groesbeck Hwy.

♦ Schmiddy's ♦
Schmiddy's is an American restaurant and sports bar that's great for an ice cold beer and some really good food. They're open until 2:00 AM every night (but closed on Sundays) so you don't have to worry about the place closing up early on you. They've got a nice outdoor area to enjoy, and a live DJ on certain nights, so you can really relax and enjoy some good sounds while you sip those drinks and enjoy that delicious food. The menu is mostly Polish and German inspired, and we love that. Great German potatoes, delicious pierogies, and plenty of other delicious homemade options that will really make your mouth water and have you wanting to come back for more asap! You can find Schmiddy's at 33050 Utica Rd.

♦ Fred's Pizzeria ♦
Fred's Pizzeria is one of our favorite places to go for delicious carryout pizza in Fraser. What we really love is that the pizza is on par with the great dine-in pizza restaurants. You can even tell by the names of the specialty pizzas. Take a look: Chicago stuffed pizza, chicken parmesan pizza, BLT pizza... These are nice choices when you are sick of the standard choices at your local pizzeria. Their bread has a nice mixture of butter and cheese, and the cheese is actually mixed into the bread itself rather than just melted on top, so it's very very good. Incredibly flavorful. Anything with garlic is just fantastic here. We would not hesitate to recommend this place to you based on the excellent food and friendly staff! You can find Fred's Pizzeria at 33062 Garfield Rd.

♦ Popeye's Famous Chicken and Biscuits ♦
Popeye's Famous Chicken and Biscuits is fairly new to the area, at least compared to our usual standby fast food restaurants, and it is making quite a splash. If you are used to other fast food fried chicken restaurants and haven't tried Popeye's yet, we think you'll be genuinely surprised by the excellent quality and the delicious Cajun and Creole influence that has woven itself through the menu. We love both the regular fried chicken and the spicy, and the red beans and rice are an essential side. The fries are just as spicy as they've always been but they're now serving them with the skins on, and that's delicious. The shrimp is fantastic here too. Popeye's Famous Chicken and Biscuits can be found at 31401 Groesbeck Hwy.

♦ Ram's Horn of Fraser ♦

Ram's Horn is one of our favorite chain restaurants in Michigan, with some of the most delicious food around, and with those 24 hour locations you just can't deny that it's the perfect after-bar stop to sober up with some tasty food and hot coffee! They serve breakfast 24 hours too, and it's always delicious, day or night. We love all their omelettes and skillets, and the steak and eggs is very good too. One of the most overlooked items on the menu, which is also one of the most delicious, is the burrito! You wouldn't think you could get great Mexican food at such an American restaurant, but trust us, it's amazing. Order extra salsa and sour cream and you're set. This location even delivers. You can find this Ram's Horn locatoin at 31917 Utica Rd.

♦ Shelly Kelly's Irish Pub ♦
Shelly Kelly's Irish Pub is not only a great place to hang out and enjoy an ice cold beer, it is also a fantastic spot to grab some serious grub. The corned beef reuben is our favorite thing on the menu, and we really think that the corned beef is some of the best ever! So flavorful and fresh. They have really great bacon cheeseburgers here too, and a very nice selection of beers on tap and in bottles. The dive bar atmosphere is something that we really appreciate, and if you can too, you will love this place. They also have an outdoor area to enjoy when the weather is good. Best thing about this place has got to be the low prices! You can find Shelly Kelly's Irish Pub at 18339 E 14 Mile Rd.

♦ Abby Lane ♦
Abby Lane is a cute little burger spot hidden away in a strip mall. Don't let that unassuming location put you off! It's a great spot to get a really delicious handcrafted burger with just about every hamburger topping you can possibly think of. You just head right up to the counter and order what you want, and then you can go find a table and sit down and relax until your food comes. The burgers are flame grilled here which is a nice touch, and they make sure that all the toppings are super crisp and fresh, never soggy. The fries here are just frozen ones, not on par with those great burgers, but still tasty and not a bad pairing at all. Abby Lane is found at 16890 15 Mile Rd.

♦ Flashback Burgers ♦
We love the name Flashback Burgers, and for us the thing that makes them such a flashback is that they are so thick and juicy! That's hard to find nowadays. Beyond those delicious burgers, you can also get wonderful chicken, salads, hot dogs, and even shakes! We really love the shakes here, very thick and tasty. The Orange Julius, Creamsicle, Root Beer Float, and Boston Cooler are our favorites, but they've got your classic vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry too. If you're in the mood for a cappuccino they've got that as well. Great poppers and onion chips or rings, plus deep fried mushrooms and cauliflower too! This is a real throwback to the days of great diner food, and we love it! You can find Flashback Burgers at 33140 Groesbeck.

♦ Pepi's Restaurant ♦
Pepi's Restaurant is one of our favorite breakfast stops in Fraser, very conveniently located, and with some of the best food around. The coffee here is excellent, and refills are of course free. They have some of the best blueberry pancakes here too, to the point that that's all we have ordered here, every single time we go! But our friends have vouched for the fact that everything else on the menu is just as fantastic as our beloved pancakes. This restaurant is so cozy and inviting, and the people who work here always seem to be in such a great mood. That's refreshing and very much appreciated. You can find Pepi's Restaurant at 16000 15 Mile Rd.

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