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Fowlerville, Michigan

When you find yourself traveling in the 48836 area of Fowlerville with Limo Detroit, why look around for restaurants and bars to visit when you can just come to our easy-to-refer-to list right here on LimoDetroit.com? These are our top choices for dining and drinking in the Fowlerville area, and we really hope that you like these just as much as we do!

♦ Fowlerville Farms ♦
Fowlerville Farms has always been one of our top picks as far as restaurants go in this area. You certainly will not beat this price range for breakfast and brunch, and they're even good for carryout. The service is truly wonderful and old fashioned, and the food is even more amazing! It's the perfect breakfast in Fowlerville. We love the fact that they give you an entire carafe of coffee when you order it. Now that's what we're talking about! If you're there for lunch, the burgers and meatloaf are both very good! Fowlerville Farms Family Restaurant can be found at 941 S Grand St right here in Fowlerville!

♦ Tomato Brothers ♦
Tomato Brothers is a mid-priced Italian restaurant where you can get some really delicious breadsticks and incredible entrees. We're big fans of the coconut chicken here, and the Greek salads are an interesting touch that you wouldn't expect to see. The basics are very good too, like the hamburgers and cheeseburgers. They've got a wide array of choices for you to enjoy, and the big selection of non-Italian items makes it easier to convince your friends to go if they're not in the mood for Italian food on that particular night! There's a little something for everybody here. Tomato Brothers is located at 3030 W Grand River Ave in nearby Howell.

♦ Subway ♦
Subway is always one of the quickest stops for fast food, but it's also one of the healthiest! We love that you can walk right in and choose all your ingredients out of their glass display case, and if you really like it done a certain way, you can even tell them what order to put them on in. They're that accommodating here. They will grill or toast the subs for you too, and they even have a delicious flatbread now that's particularly delicious with their breakfast items. Wonderful coffee from Seattle's Best too! Subway can be found at 8085 Country Corner Dr right here in Fowlerville.

♦ The Feed Bag Cafe ♦
The Feed Bag Cafe is another one of our favorite breakfast locations in this area, with prices that are low, low, low! It's very casual and comfortable here, just as the name suggests, and we just find it so cozy and relaxing. The staff goes out of their way to make sure that you have a wonderful experience too, and even on the weekends when they're really packed with customers, you get in and out fast and are served in a jiffy. They really do an amazing job of keeping things rolling here. The Feed Bag Cafe can be located at 590 S Grand Ave right here in Fowlerville.

♦ A&W ♦
A&W has always been our go-to spot for a delicious mouth watering footlong coney and a thirst quenching root beer float. That's our old standby here, in fact it's the solo act, because we get that about 95% of the time. When we do break from that routine, we opt for one of their yummy grilled chicken sandwiches, or perhaps one of their enormous burgers or even chicken nuggets. Everything is so good here, even the fries! We can't say enough about the quality, and though there are rumors of A&W going under in the coming years, we hope that this location sticks around forever. This A&W location can be found at 800 S Grand Ave in Fowlerville.

♦ Leo's Coney Island ♦

The Leo's Coney Island is a real classic around here, and we would hate to leave it off this list! They've got the wonderful breakfasts, the delicious coneys, hamburgers, and cheeseburgers, the mouthwatering fries, and even healthy and tasty salads! They really do have it all. It's a nice gathering spot in the mornings where you can meet up with your friends and family, have a great breakfast, and then head out to do whatever you're doing together that day. The convenience factor of this location cannot be overlooked. Leo's Coney Island is located at 1382 N Burkhart Rd, within easy driving distance, in nearby Howell.

♦ Wrangler's Saloon ♦
Looking for a great bar in this area? Try Wrangler's Saloon. It's obviously a country bar, so if you love your country music and line dancing, then you know this is your place in nearby Howell! The crowd here is mostly full of regulars on any given day or night, but if you go there once we have a feeling you'll be calling yourself a regular soon enough. We like to kick back and play pool with our buddies here. Always a good time no matter when you come in! Wrangler's Saloon can be found at 4020 W Grand River Ave in nearby Howell!

♦ Olden Days Cafe ♦
If you are seeking a great greasy spoon in the Fowlerville area, then you owe it to yourself to check out Olden Days Cafe. They serve enormous portions here, so you can really fill up on the cheap. They've got a really humungous cinnamon roll that's really closer to a coffee cake, and at just about three dollars, you'll be shocked when you see that it is the size of a dinner plate! That's just how they "roll" here. Pun intended. Share it with your friends along with some cups of coffee and you'll love it! Wonderful place any time of day. Olden Days Cafe is found at 118 N Grand Ave right here in Fowlerville.

♦ China Gourmet♦
China Gourmet is a tiny hole in the wall restaurant that serves up all your Michigan style favorites! The almond boneless chicken is of course a favorite item among everyone that dines here, and the General Tso's Chicken is another thing that should not be overlooked. They've also got delicious chop suey and chow mein, as well as lo mein, potstickers, crab rangoon, and all that good stuff. Their white rice is so good too, and we love their hot Chinese tea. China Gourmet can be located at 175 E Van Riper Rd right here in Fowlerville. Very highly recommended for a really quick and cheap Chinese meal!

♦ McDonald's ♦
You can't go wrong with a quick trip to McDonald's when you're craving a juicy burger and you don't feel like going to a real sit-down restaurant. Of course you can go inside and relax at a table if you want, or you can just stay in our limo and enjoy your Big Mac on the go. It's your choice. We recommend pairing that burger with a triple thick shake or maybe one of their lattes or cappuccinos. If you want something lighter and still really flavorful, the crispy chicken southwest salad is a dream. McDonald's is located at 945 S Grand Ave right here in Fowlerville. Always the quickest stop for fast food.

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