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Fort Gratiot, Michigan

The zip code of 48059 is just packed with great casual restaurants that you can enjoy when you're on the road and need something hearty and good to satisfy your appetite! Check out a few of our favorites the next time you're in the area.

♦ Mongolian Buffet & Grill ♦
Mongolian Buffet & Grill is a nice place to go if you want to pick out your own meats and vegetables and have it cooked right in front of you on a Mongolian style grill. They've got delicious steaks to enjoy, and even sushi here! Lots of good Chinese food kept piping hot on the buffet as well. As a matter of fact that's really the bigger part of the buffet. The Mongolian grill is a smaller section, but they've got all the fixings that you love, from your meats and veggies to the spices and sauces that you need to craft a really great bowl of food. In terms of the Chinese items here, the best ones in our opinion are the peanut butter chicken and the crab rangoon. It's all great though. You can find this one at 4095 24th Ave.

♦ Damons Grill ♦
Damons Grill is a great place in Fort Gratiot if you are craving a great barbecue meal. We really enjoy the ribs and the steaks here, and if you are in the mood for a bit lighter fare, the chicken will serve you very well here too. They have very crisp salads and even very good desserts. We've been here many times with our friends and family and we have never been treated to anything but the best service and the highest quality food. The prices are quite moderate here and the ambiance is nice, very relaxed and nicely decorated, with comfortable seating and really friendly servers. You will be able to locate Damons Grill at 4355 24th Ave. Just a great place to grab some really delish barbecue!

♦ Buffalo Wild Wings ♦
We are hooked on Buffalo Wild Wings, no matter which location you're talking about, but when it comes to the one in Fort Gratiot, they really have our hearts. We love to come in when there's a big sporting event going on, and just chill out at the bar drinking the best beers and noshing on those wings while we watch our favorite team score. There are over two dozen screens here, so you definitely don't have to worry about missing the big moments of the game no matter where you are on the premises. Great outdoor patio for you to enjoy when the weather is good too! Unbelievable prices, unbelievable wings, what more can we say about this place that everybody loves so much? You already know how good it is. You can find this Buffalo Wild Wings location at 4355 24th Ave.

♦ Chan's Buffet ♦
Even if you're not a big fan of buffets, we really do recommend Chan's Buffet to you. This is the place where you can get all the freshest Chinese food, all kept piping hot, in a very nice atmosphere. The crab legs are really fantastic here, and they even have stuffed clams that are quite noteworthy. They have all the usual suspects here too, like sesame chicken and honey chicken, plus eggrolls, and ice cream for dessert. Something that you may not realize at buffets like this is that they also offer standard carryout, both from the buffet and as a custom order. It's nice to order something hot and fresh and take it home with you or eat it on the party bus! Kids love this place too. You can find this one at 4165 24th Ave.

♦ Olive Garden ♦
We're rarely the ones to recommend a chain restaurant, but this Olive Garden is one of our exceptions. We just love it here! It's such a convenient place to stop in after you have been busy at the stores all day, and you can really fill up on the unlimited salad and breadsticks as well as noshing on your favorite entrees. We love all their pastas here, especially the fettuccine alfredo, and they always have so many different seasonal specialties that are worth stopping in just to try. At the time of this writing they've got some four cheese pastachettis with Italian sausage that we're really in love with! Very highly recommended if they're still serving that by the time you read this. The layout of this restaurant is different from any other Olive Garden that we have been to, which is kind of cool. You can find this Olive Garden location at 4210 24th Ave.

♦ Cheap Charlie's ♦

We love the name Cheap Charlie's. What better name is there for a great little dive bar? We love coming in to enjoy a beer and a pizza. What's better than that? Not much. They've got free popcorn here too which is cool, and how about those cheese sticks? Everybody knows that Cheap Charlie's is the place to go for a great meal and some ice cold beer, and if you are from the area this is no secret to you. It's family friendly with a full bar, and they do accept credit cards. If you're in a rush, don't dine in, just order some carryout and bring it right on the party bus. Great steaks and spirits too! You can find Cheap Charlie's in that old familiar location at 4495 24th Ave.

♦ Applebee's ♦
Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grill is another one of those chain restaurants that we just can't seem to resist. Especially this particular location. We love to come in and enjoy a drink or two at the bar, either before or after our meal. They always have great specials at different times of the year, and they always seem to be just what we are craving in the moment. We really love the steaks here, especially the ones with heaping piles of shrimp on top, and their chicken dishes are also fantastic. They've got an official Weight Watchers menu too in case you're trying to be healthier, those are great options for you. The desserts though, are one of the main attractions as far as we are concerned! The maple butter blondie is just to irresistible! Wow. You can find this Applebee's location at 3720 Pine Grove Ave.

♦ Golden Corral ♦
Golden Corral has been going strong in the USA since 1973, but if we're not mistaken, it's fairly new to our area. They are best known for their enormous buffet and grill, but you can also take advantage of their carving station for delicious slided roast and more! Their breakfasts are just awesome, with made-to-order omelettes and more. The lunch and dinner buffet is the real attraction for us though, and the items that they are best known for are the rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, bourbon chicken, sirloin steak, yeast rolls, fried chicken, pot roast, pizza, meat loaf, and carrot cake! If you don't feel like dining in, you can get carryout from the buffet and simply pay by the pound. It's that simple. You can find Golden Corral at 4783 24th Ave.

♦ Coney Island North ♦
Coney Island North is a great spot for your breakfasts early in the morning and your hot dogs later in the day! They've got a huge menu here, and believe it or not, the prices throughout are very cheap! Beyond the coneys, they also have wonderful omelettes, soups, and salads! Everything is super fresh here, and you simply cannot beat the price. If you're looking for a spot in Fort Gratiot where you can get together with your friends or family without having to get too dressed up or spend too much money, Coney Island North is a wonderful option for you. Laid back and cool. You can find Coney Island North at 4425 Commerce Dr.

♦ Red Lobster ♦
Some people love Red Lobster, some people don't. We belong to the group that never stops in unless there's a special going on, but when there is, oh boy we can't wait to get in there. LobsterFest is the prime time to stop in of course, but we also enjoy their Festival of Shrimp! That's going on at the time of this writing (call to find out what's going on by the time you read this), and they have wood fire grilled seafood for just under twelve dollars. Now that is a great deal. The fresh catch menu is ideal for those who just want something really fresh and simple, and that's what we'd recommend to you most highly. You can find Red Lobster at 4220 24th Ave. Even though everybody already knows and loves this place, we just had to recommend it to you here.

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