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Flushing, Michigan

has so many great bars and restaurants for you to visit when you're in the area, and we thought we'd help narrow it down by listing a few of our personal favorites for you. All of these can be found within the 48433 zip code. Enjoy!

♦ Kathy's Restaurant & Lounge ♦
Kathy's Restaurant & Lounge is one of our favorite seafood restaurants, and it's also a very cool spot to chill with a good stiff drink. The cod catch is one of our favorite things to order here, and it's a delicious sandwich that consists of a French roll with two battered pieces of cod, plus lettuce and tomatoes, and a nice helping of tartar sauce on the side so you can customize that flavor to your liking. The all you can eat crab legs on Thursdays are an essential, and we love that it comes with soup or salad and a potato. We would very highly recommend the desserts here too! Really excellent service and a very comfortable ambiance rounds this place out as a very good place to visit when in Flushing. You can find Kathy's Restaurant & Lounge at 126 E Main St.

♦ Gina's ♦
When you're seeking really great pizza in Flushing, you can't go wrong with Gina's Pizza. It's been here for as long as we can remember, or at least for the last two and a half decades! When we're visiting other pizzerias, this is the one whose pizza we compare those to in our own minds! And they so rarely even come close. We like the cozy ambiance here and the fact that it's so family friendly, and you of course can't beat the convenient location on Chamberlain. If you are used to the chain pizzerias that are around here, you will definitely do well to upgrade to Gina's. Dine-in, carryout, or delivery, it's all good! And they've got a nice selection of beers and wines for you to enjoy here too. You can find Gina's at 766 Chamberlain St.

♦ Choo Choo's ♦
Choo Choo's is one of those classic train theme diners that the kids always love so much! For our purposes though, the focus is really on the food. We absolutely love coming in here for a great breakfast, especially if that includes one of their generously sized omelettes along with those home fries! Oh it's so good. If you love greasy diner food you really do owe it to yourself to check this one out. Sometimes you just want to walk into a nice casual restaurant and enjoy a meal without any pretense, and this is hands down our absolute top pick for that in Flushing. Very highly recommended for breakfast, and you can't beat this spot for lunch either! You can find Choo Choo at 424 Emily St.

♦ Skip's Come Back ♦
We love the name of this place: Skip's Come Back. This tavern style establishment is such a great place to go grab a bite to eat, especially if you are in the mood for a delicious burger or a grilled cheese. We always feel so at home when we walk through those doors, and the waitstaff here is just so welcoming and friendly. The selection of beer and liquor here is just great, and the prices are low to moderate, so you can definitely have a good time here without having to break the bank! They do accept credit cards here too, so you don't have to worry about stopping off at the ATM. Always a great time here, delicious food, and great drinks. What more can we say about this essential spot in Flushing? You can find Skip's Come Back at 111 E Main St.

♦ Fandangle's ♦
Fandangle's is one of the most unique restaurants that you will find in Flushing. A very cozy place where you can enjoy really different types of dishes... for instance we have really nejoyed the turkey gone awrye which is a turkey breast sandwich piled high with roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella cheese, and pesto mayonnaise, all on delicious grilled pumpernickel bread! Mmm! And with that we enjoyed one of their summer specialties, the chilled carrot soup. Wow! Clearly a very special place to dine, with treats that you simply will not find elsewhere. This is a really great spot for special dates or get togethers with good friends and family. You can find Fandangle's at 6429 W Pierson Rd Ste 4.

♦ Wing Garden ♦

Wing Garden is a great spot for delicious Chinese food. We've been coming here for a few years now and we really enjoy everything that they have on that enormous menu! The prices are some of the lowest that you will find in Flushing, and the quality is definitely some of the highest. This place is very family friendly and can easily accommodate larger groups. The carryout is just as good as if you dine in, and the only possible downside to this place is that they don't deliver! But you won't have to worry about that on the party bus, now will you? We love the fact that everyone who works here is so friendly and always seem to be in such a lighthearted mood. Overall this is just a great place for lunch any day of the week! You can find Wing Garden at 6510 W Pierson Rd.

♦ Homeboy Barbecue ♦
Homeboy Barbecue is one of the few family run barbecue restaurants in the area, and the quality of the food here is just incredible. Everybody that we know goes wild for the barbecue meats here. This is traditional American style BBQ at its very best! It does not matter if you are trying to come in for a sit down mela, picking up some carryout so you can nosh at home, or even having them cater a larger event. The quality is always the same, and the staff is always that helpful. Always an amazing array of food served up daily, always fresh, always flavorful. We have never had a bad meal here! Very highly recommended, and then some. You can find Homeboy Barbecue at 9238 Beecher Rd.

♦ Speakeasy Restaurant ♦
Speakeasy restaurant is half restaurant, half tiki bar, and we love the fact that you can so easily make that choice between fine upscale dining or casual fun! It's just a matter of which side you sit on. They've also got live entertainment here on the weekends and on Wednesdays, so you can really kick back with your friends and relax and enjoy some great music. This place is designed to have that great Chicago feeling, and yet it's one of our very own here in the Flint area. We've had lots of fun nights here and we feel very comfortable recommending it to you for your own fun nights! Always a great time here. Speakeasy Restaurant can be found at 1537 E Pierson Rd.

♦ A & W Drive-In ♦
A & W Drive-In is that classic drive-in restaurant that we just can't imagine Michigan without. The hot dogs with homemade red sauce are just to die for... We could go on and on about how amazing they are, but we think you should just head on over there and try them out for yourself. It can be a very romantic thing to do, to head over to A&W with your special someone, and enjoy an old fashioned coney and perhaps a root beer float! Speaking of root beer floats, nobody does it like A&W. We can't imagine a better pairing for a juicy thick burger or an old fashioned coney. Everything on the menu is just fantastic, and being able to enjoy that meal from the comfort of your own car is a luxury that we can never resist! You can find this A & W Drive-In location at 200 S Cherry St.

♦ Little Caesars Pizza ♦
One of the few chain restaurants that we can really get behind, this Little Caesars location is one of the best spots in town for a really mean pizza! The crust is just delicious here, so flavorful and just the right thickness. They put on just the perfect amount of sauce to play up the flavors of their cheese and toppings, and then they bake it all up just right. Served piping hot, you just cannot beat this delish pizza! Of course they also have all the other Caesars favorites like crazy bread, cheese bread, crisp fresh salads, pan pizzas, and great drinks. The people who work here are always cheery and happy to see us too. Picking up a bunch of pizzas to bring on the party bus sounds like a good idea to us, what do you think? You can find this Little Caesars location at 201 E Main St!

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