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Flint, Michigan

has some of the best restaurants and bars that we have ever visited, and when you are traveling with Limo Detroit, we want to make sure that you're aware of the best of the best! Here is just a small sampling of our favorites in the zip codes of 48503, 48506, 48507, and 48532.

♦ Sagano Japanese Bistro ♦
Sagano Japanese Bistro is an essential in Flint for those of us who love sushi and steak! Of course there's great entertainment here, watching those chefs go to town at those teppanyaki tables! Literally every single item on the menu is fantastic, and we say say that because we have actually tried it all. We love From Russia With Love, their tempura chicken, the green tea, and their miso soup and ginger salad, plus the double crunch roll and the dynamite roll! And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what's good here! We really recommend having sushi and teppanyaki so you can enjoy both sides of this fabulous restaurant. As far as we know, this is the only sushi restaurant in Flint, and as long as they stay as good as they are, it's the only one Flint will ever need! You can find Sagano Japanese Bistro at 2065 S Linden Rd.

♦ Redwood Lodge ♦
Redwood Lodge is a great American restaurant and brewhouse where you can get all your favorite delicious steaks and beers! There's not much that's better than that. Except perhaps the atmosphere! We love the ambiance at this place so much. It's enormous, so even at their peak times, you rarely have to deal with a wait. They've got a fabulous house salad complete with gorgonzola, dried cherries, and walnuts. It's just fantastic. They serve their bread with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and spices for dipping, and that's always a pleasure. For your meal we'd most highly recommend the Redwood special porter fish and chips, and to go with that, perhaps a beer sampler! The scotch and tequila flights are fantastic here, and of course they also have wine flights. You can find Redwood Lodge at 5304 Gateway Center Dr.

♦ Angelo's Coney Island ♦
Craving a delicious coney in Flint? Angelo's Coney Island is tops. If you're not familiar with Flint-style coneys, it's about time that you get familiar with them! You've got your NYC-style and Detroit-style coneys, but these are a whole different story. These don't have chili on them, they have meat sauce. And that makes all the difference in the world. The fries are also excellent here and that's what we'd recommend that you pair with your dog. The hamburgers are really good here too, and how about those milkshakes? Wow! They've also got amazing homemade pies here, so whether you're from the area or just passing through, definitely grab one to go. You'll be glad you did. You can find Angelo's Coney Island at 1807 N Franklin Ave.

♦ Halo Burger ♦
Halo Burger is what we'd count as fast food, but the GOOD kind of fast food, and you can even get a delicious Boston Cooler to go along with your meal, which is just perfect if you ask us. If you love Greek burgers, you'll be happy to know that you can pile your burgers up with delicious green olives here making it the closest thing to a Greek burger that we've found in the area! So yummy. Their fries are just excellent, crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, just the way they should be. What is it about Halo Burger that has our hearts? Well, it starts with the fact that they are real burgers, none of those pre-cut or frozen patties. They throw juicy chunks of fresh ground beef on the grill, just the way you'd do it at home, but somehow they're even better here. Definitely one of our highest recommendations for a great old fashioned burger. You can find Halo Burger at 3805 E Court St.

♦ Empress of China Restaurant ♦
Empress of China Restaurant is one of our absolute top choices for Chinese food in all of Michigan, not just in Flint. Many have said this is the best restaurant overall in the city of Flint, and we'd find it very difficult to disagree with that! We really love their lunch specials here, both to save money and because they're just so delicious! The Princess Chicken is our top favorite, followed by their classic Moo Goo Gai Pan. They have an excellent China Town Special and Empress Combination, both of which we would recommend very highly. The Garlic Chicken is really noteworthy too. We love that they have two kinds of Almond Chicken here too... stir fried, or boneless breaded. Lots of refreshing options here! And fabulous service. You can find Empress of China Restaurant at 2320 S Dort Hwy.

♦ Taboon at the Valley ♦

Taboon at the Valley is a great choice for Mediterranean food in Flint. We all love sitting near the brick oven here. The ambiance here is just so cozy and inviting. It's tough to find great vegetarian food in this area too, and this is one place that you definitely have plenty of options. The falafel is really fantastic, and we love their grilled vegetables. The almond rice is very tasty, and how about that lentil soup? Wow. All of that is wonderful, but do you know what our top favorite item would have to be? Definitely the chicken tawook with lemon. Smear some of that fabulous garlic sauce on that and you've got a combination made in heaven. We've had so many wonderful meals here with friends, and we recommend that you do the same! You can find Taboon at the Valley at 3393 S Linden Rd.

♦ Salvatore Scallopini Italian Ristorante ♦
Though we've said before that we're not huge fans of the Salvatore Scallopini chain of restaurants, this is one of just a few locations that we really do love. What can we say, some are better than others! The homemade pasta is just fantastic here, and our favorite dish of all time has got to be the pasta polo pepperone! The eggplant parmesan is also excellent. It's true that the decor hasn't changed since this place first opened back in the early eighties, but we kind of enjoy the retro vibe. Your mileage may vary. You wouldn't expect to have your bread with olive oil and spices here, but they do offer that, and we love it. Wonderful bread, delicious ravioli, great soups and salads... we could go on and on. You can find Salvatore Scallopini at 3227 Miller Rd.

♦ Mega Classic Diner ♦
Looking for an awesome diner that's open late in Flint? Look no further than Mega Classic Diner! They've got all your classic diner favorites here including great juicy hamburgers and fries, but on the healthier side they also have really mouth watering salads! The breakfasts are one of our favorite things here, including fabulous vegetarian omelettes. The Flint coneys are fabulous, and how about those chili curry fries? Wow! (Hint: You won't find the chili curry fries on the menu but they will be happy to make them for you!) The portions are enormous and the people who work here are super nice. Always a great time with friends here! You can find this essential spot at 4462 Corunna Rd.

♦ White Horse Tavern ♦
White Horse Tavern is one of our favorite places to eat in Flint. It's been here seemingly forever, and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Our favorite things here are the pizzas and the salads, both very fresh and flavorful, and piled high with all the highest quality ingredients! The stromboli is a great choice, as is the fish and chips. They've even got breakfast here, and they serve beer during it! Pairing a delicious Guinness with your steak and eggs could just be the best thing you do all week. Note that the pizzas are half priced on the weekends, and you really can't beat that! Cozy fireplace for the colder months, and no windows so you can forget what time it is and just get lost in that awesome ambiance. You can find White Horse Tavern at 621 W Ct St.

♦ Hoffman's Deco Deli ♦
Hoffman's Deco Deli is one of our favorite spots to go for a great sandwich or salad when we are in Flint. The sole complaint we can make about this place is that it closes as early as 5:00PM in the winter, and that sometimes makes it rough when you're craving something delicious from them and your watch tells you it's past 5! The sandwiches here are just amazing, truly enormous, and super high quality. It's a locally owned business and not a chain, which makes it even cooler in our eyes. They do catering for your private events, which is nice. For dessert, don't miss those mouth watering brownies! Too good! You can find Hoffman's Deco Deli at 503 Garland St.

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