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Flat Rock, Michigan

has some of the best restaurants that you will find in Wayne County. The locals know this and they keep the places jumping, with people travelling in from all over the Downriver area for delicious meals. These are some of the best kept secrets to people from outside the area though, so if you haven't discovered any of these yet, it's time that you do! All located within the zip code of 48134.

♦ Big Bear Lodge ♦
Big Bear Lodge is our absolute favorite spot to dine in Flat Rock. We love the lodge atmosphere, the wood furnishings and walls, and the giant antler chandeliers. Some would call it kitschy, but we wouldn't go that far. It's too rustic to be kitschy. They ran with the theme here and we love it. You will really feel like you're in a hunting lodge up north. They've got lots of delicious Michigan craft beers here, and fabulous food ranging from your favorite steaks like New York strip or Prime Rib, to wood fired pizzas and hand battered chicken fingers! We also love the salads here. There are so many different dining options here, and just such a cozy atmosphere so you can really relax with your friends. Very highly recommended! You can find Big Bear Lodge at 25253 Telegraph Rd!

♦ Pipers Fine Foods ♦
Pipers Fine Foods is another one of our longstanding favorites in Flat Rock, and we especially love their pot pies and pizzas! Even beyond all that great food, do you know what we love the most about this place? It's the fact that this is one of the only places that still has the tabletop jukeboxes of yesteryear. Gotta love that! We really recommend that you try their famous lasagna, and their chicken and fries are also very good here. Coffee is excellent here too, and what goes great with coffee? Breakfast. And their breakfasts are just outstanding. We love to come in on Saturdays for Canadian cheddar cheese soup! That's not as easy to find around here as it used to be, so it is appreciated! You can find Pipers at 25418 Telegraph Rd.

♦ Kate's Kitchen ♦
The word that comes to mind when you think of Kate's Kitchen is "quaint," with its tiny yet comfortable interior, the wonderful old fashioned service, and of course those outstanding pies that they are known for! There can be a long wait sometimes because people just love the pies here, and for dine-in customers you must realize that there are only about a dozen tables, so at busy times there will clearly be a wait. The location on the river is perfect in those warmer summer months. We typically come in for a great breakfast, and then linger over coffee for a while before purchasing a pie or two to bring home for the family! You can find Kate's Kitchen at 26558 W Huron River Dr.

♦ China House ♦
When you are in the Flat Rock area and you're craving some really great Chinese food, you cannot go wrong with China House. They have all your favorite dishes here including really delicious and juicy broccoli chicken, as well as delish almond chicken that is definitely worth a trip! This is not gourmet authentic Chinese food, rather the more Americanized version that we are familiar with here in Michigan, but it is done incredibly well and it's of a much higher quality than what you are used to elsewhere. The egg rolls are made on the premises and are some of the best we have ever tasted. We'd highly recommend the General Tso's Chicken, the Szechuan Tofu, and last but definitely not least, the Singapore Rice Noodles! Just too good! And don't miss the Rainbow Shrimp either. You can find China House at 26638 Telegraph Rd.

♦ Smokey Rhodes BBQ ♦
Smokey Rhodes BBQ is the spot for barbecue in Flat Rock! Hands down. It's one of the newest restaurants in the area, and it's somewhat hidden behind a gas station, but it's worth finding! The style of the barbecue is Kansas City style, and we really love it that way. The lettuce wraps are just unbelievable here, complete with smoked chicken, dried cherries, celery, and barbecue sauce. Amazing! The beef brisket is our favorite thing here, followed by the pulled pork. For the sides you can't go wrong with the macaroni and cheese or the baked beans. When you realize that the owner of this establishment has won many barbecue cookoffs, you understand why the food is so mouth wateringly good. True expertly crafted barbecue at its best! You can find Smokey Rhodes BBQ at 26452 W Huron River Dr.

♦ Michaels on the River ♦

Michaels on the River sounds like a fancy restaurant, but it's really just a laid back bar that everybody loves. They've got quite a few televisions here so you can catch the game too. The pizzas are just fantastic here, and sometimes we stop in with a group of friends to split one, maybe even with some of their great wings on the side or as an appetizer. The drink specials are noteworthy and will definitely help you to save a few bucks, and if you're used to big city prices you will really be pleasantly surprised by even the regular prices here. After that long drive down Telegraph Rd to get to Flat Rock, there's nothing we love more than walking into Michaels and ordering a drink or two. Just a great place to refresh and unwind. You can find Michaels on the River at 28828 Telegraph Rd.

♦ Tiffany's Pizza ♦
Tiffany's Pizza would be easily overlooked, but we really love the pizza here and that's why we recommend it so highly! It's nothing fancy, not one of those gourmet pizza places by any means, just a cozy convenient carryout or delivery restaurant where you can get a great pizza on the cheap! It's much better than all those chain pizzerias that everybody orders from all the time, and you'll be supporting a truly independent local restaurant while enjoying an amazing meal. The best specialty pizza here has got to be the Hawaiian pizza, hands down. They do accept credit cards here too, which is a major plus for us. And you really can't beat that convenient location either! You can find Tiffany's Pizza at 25066 Telegraph Rd.

♦ Hungry Howie's Pizza ♦
Hungry Howie's is a place that too many people downriver take for granted, but we just love this location. They have some of the best tasting pizza in town, and one of the nicest things is that they sell their dough here so if you want to make one at home, you can do so and shave some time off the process! The delivery is the fastest around here too, so that's a plus. They've always got wonderful deals going on so you can feed your family on the cheap... for instance at the time of this writing you can get a couple of medium pizzas with bread and dipping sauce plus a 2-liter of pop for just fifteen bucks! Can't beat that, and that Hungry Howie's flavor is unparalleled. You can find this Hungry Howie's Pizza location at 24637 Gibraltar Rd.

♦ Big Boy Restaurant ♦
Big Boy's is a classic in this area, but this particular location is THE ABSOLUTE BEST BIG BOY'S RESTAURANT that you will find anywhere. We'd put money on that. We have been coming here for years and the quality is so high and so consistent. Sometimes we take a chance on the other Big Boys in the area and it just doesn't even come close. We love the slim jims here, the big boys, and of course all their fabulous homemade pies! The salad and soup bar is always a great way to get something fresh, delicious, and unlimited! You can really fill up here without breaking the bank, and it's definitely a favorite spot among friends to gather and chat while noshing on some truly delish food. You can find this Big Boys location at 27050 Telegraph Rd.

♦ Zorba's Coney Island ♦
Zorba's Coney Island is an essential in this area, and we couldn't imagine leaving it off this list. There is no better place to go for coneys, period. This one isn't open all night -- they open at 7:00 AM so you can get your breakfast grub on, and they close at 10:00 PM which is a little earlier than we'd prefer, but it's worth getting in there early to enjoy those fabulous coneys before they close! Everybody just loves this place and it's by far the best place in town to get together with your friends for a really good meal without having to break the bank to do so. There's nothing like hanging out at an old fashioned diner like this, and supporting one of the most beloved local businesses at the very same time. Always, always recommended. You can find Zorba's Coney Island at 26582 Telegraph Rd.

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