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Ferndale, Michigan

is known for its fabulous restaurants and its lively bars and nightclubs. Many of the restaurants in the area have been featured on television, and there's no question why! You can find all of these great dining and drinking establishments in the zip code of 48220.

♦ The Fly Trap ♦
The Fly Trap is one of the most famous restaurants in Ferndale if not the most famous. It's been featured on television many times and everbody just seems to love it. It's cheap, yet everybody will tell you that this is five star food at its best. No joke! The red flannel hash is one of our favorite things here, and we also love their heuvos rancheros. They have surprisingly great pho, and even good old fashioned American macaroni and cheese. The jam is made on the premises, so even if you're not a big jam person you may want to give that a try. They've got a delicious omelette complete with crisp bacon, yummy spinach, creamy avocado, and fresh tomatoes, plus plenty of melted cheese. We can't remember the name of that one but we have had it several times and it's excellent! We would not hesitate to recommend every single item on the menu here even though we haven't tried them all, because everything is just so high quality and they are known for having the most amazing food in Ferndale. You can find The Fly Trap at 22950 Woodward Ave.

♦ Anita's Kitchen ♦
Anita's Kitchen is a Lebanese restaurant that serves some of the most delicious Mediterranean food in the entire southeastern Michigan area, and the price is right too! The quality will really blow your mind here, and yet the prices are just so low. When they bring your food to you, you'll be shocked at that big platter, and you'll want to dive right into it and enjoy! The lemon lentil soup is one of our favorite things, and you'll adore the chicken feta fattoush. The phoenician pizza is a very nice choice here too, and of course their tabouli, hommous, and rice are all excellent and go perfectly with any meal. Don't skip the chicken shwarma or the beef shwarma, they are just fantastic, especially with extra garlic sauce! For dessert, the baklava isn't even a question, it's an essential. You can find Anita's Kitchen at 22651 Woodward Ave.

♦ Woodward Avenue Brewers ♦
If you are looking for a great brewery that also offers wonderful food (not as easy to find as you'd think!), Woodward Avenue Brewers is the place for you! We love the boisterous atmosphere here, and the fact that they use primarily local produce and recycle. Those of us who are trying to go green and stay that way can feel good about eating here. The environment can get quite noisy, but we love how lively it is. You'll have fun playing your favorite songs on the jukebox, and you can even opt for outdoor seating when the weather is warm to escape the din and enjoy the breeze instead. The pumpkin beer is one of our favorite things here, and the raspberry blonde is also fantastic. For your meal, you can't go wrong with a french dip sandwich. We think that's the best thing on the menu. You will be able to find Woodward Avenue Brewers at 22646 Woodward Ave.

♦ Como's Restaurant & Pizzeria ♦
Como's Restaurant & Pizzeria has been going strong in Ferndale for as long as we can remember, and we just love that gorgeous location on the corner. The outdoor seating area is intensely popular in the warmer months, and even the inside is always packed, so we recommend reservations or just arriving plenty early. It is worth whatever wait you may have to put up with, trust us! The pizzas and pastas here are just out of this world, and the ambiance is nothing short of gorgeous. We love sitting at the classic wooden bar too. Our highest recommendation here is just to order a great big pizza along with your favorite alcoholic beverages, and just enjoy the ambiance with your friends! This is as good as it gets! You can find Como's Restaurant & Pizzeria at 22812 Woodward Ave.

♦ Toast ♦
Toast is our favorite brunch spot in Ferndale. It's very trendy yet casual enough too, and the prices won't break the bank. The bourbon french toast is one of the best things that we have ever tasted, and we love to pair that with a hearty serving of fresh fruit or maybe even some eggs. They have both grits and home fries here, and it's nice to have that choice instead of just one or the other. The bacon and brie omelette is one of our favorite things here. Of course, with a name like Toast, you won't be surprised to find out that they have specialty toast available at no extra cost, like cinnamon raisin, and cheddar jalapeno! Yum! Truly the best breakfast in the area, with really great service and awesome ambiance. You can find Toast at 23144 Woodward Ave.

♦ Rosie O'Grady's ♦

Rosie O'Grady's is one of our favorite bars in Ferndale, and you simply will not find a more authentic or more cozy spot to celebrate the good times with friends! We especially enjoy the outdoor seating when the weather is good, and there are TVs inside the bar at almost every table (flat screens!) so you don't have to miss the game while you're here. Happy hour is one of the best times to come in for their amazing drink specials (call for details and current info), and when they've got a live DJ here, things just can't get better. The food is fantastic here, with one of our favorites being the barbecue chicken sandwich. All your sports bar favorites, good stiff drinks, great crowds, and nothing but good times. Definitely one of our highest recommendations. You can find Rosie O'Grady's at 279 W Nine Mile Rd.

♦ The Emory ♦
The Emory is another great pub in Ferndale, and it's not just the beer that is great here, it's the food and the service too! And let's not forget that wonderful atmosphere. We love all the rich wood accents here. For your meal you can't go wrong with a pot roast sandwich or even some sliders, and to drink, you'll definitely love that bloody mary bar, and that selection of beers is really noteworthy too. They actually have gluten-free beer here, which is a rarity. There's one pool table here and a jukebox that's hooked up to the internet so you can always find your favorite obscure songs and big hits alike. If you're getting a burger, opt for the angus burger or the turkey burger, and tell them not to skimp on that fabulous red pepper mayo! Dee-lish. You can find The Emory at 22700 Woodward Ave.

♦ Cantina Diablo's ♦
Cantina Diablo's of course means the devil's kitchen, and if you love your Tex-Mex food nice and spicy, you will definitely fall in love with this place just as much as we have! Yes, it's a chain, and we normally don't go too crazy for the chain restaurants, but we do love this one. We love the fact that when there's a wait, they'll text you when your table is ready. Our favorite things here have got to be the shrimp bruschetta and the street tacos, but you cannot go wrong with anything on the menu. We love the fact that they use cilantro in most dishes here, but if you are not a cilantro fan you may want to ask that they omit it. For a really filling lunch you can't go wrong with the one pounder burrito piled high with all your favorite toppings (you specify what you want on it!). Very cool. You can find Cantina Diablo's at 175 W Troy Ave.

♦ Club Bart ♦
Club Bart is a really great place to go for breakfast and brunch, and you can also get your fill of jazz and blues here! Their bloody mary cocktails are just fantastic, and priced right too! That reads like a list of our favorite things in this life, and probably yours too! Some of the best things that we have had here include pumpkin pancakes, eggs benedict, cinnamon roll french toast, macaroni and cheese omelette (plus ham!), Mexican omelettes, delish hash browns, the loaded omelette, and even the hamburgers are excellent! We also really love the coffee here. Wouldn't recommend a breakfast spot unless they had fantastic coffee! And this place definitely does. You can find Club Bart at 22726 Woodward Ave.

♦ Chrinstine's Cuisine ♦
Christine's Cuisine is one of the most popular places to go in Ferndale, and once you have tried it for yourself you will no longer wonder why! This is deli style food at its best. We adore the black bean salad here, and the roasted red potatoes too. We'd very highly recommend the bomb burrito if you are a burrito lover like us, too! The pierogies are really fantastic here with lots of fried onions and rich sour cream. We've also enjoyed their broasted chicken and stroganoff, and even the saurkraut is just excellent here! We could go on and on about every single item that they offer here, but instead we really recommend that you just head on over there and check it out for yourself. You can find Christine's Cuisine at 729 E 9 Mile Rd.

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