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Fenton, Michigan

When visiting Fenton, you will definitely need a reliable list of good restaurants and bars to visit, and we took the time to compile a list of a few of our favorites, below. All of the locations below are found within the zip code of 48430 and are highly recommended by us!

♦ French Laundry ♦
If you want French food, then we suggest this place! French Laundry is one of the best known French restaurants in all of Michigan, and it's so good that every time we visit Fenton, this is one of our first stops. It's truly the trendiest place in town, and everyone has flocked to this place for their breakfasts and lunches for many years, and the dinner is becoming a major attraction now too. The atmosphere is just incredible here, very comfortable and yet upscale. We love the tenderloin rockefeller here, which comes with two tenderloin medallions and lobster, bernaise sauce, parmesan, roasted potatoes, as well as their vegetable of the day. The French onion soup is excellent here too, and they have a great variety of bakery items for dessert. The prices here are high, but absolutely warranted. You can find French Laundry at 125 W Shiawassee Ave.

♦ Sagebrush Cantina ♦
Sagebrush Cantina is a truly wonderful place for Mexican cuisine in Fenton. Not necessarily the most authentic place in town, but still one of the best. You will be hard pressed to find better Mexican food than this in the area, and the prices are very affordable too. There's a full bar so you can relax with a drink or two in the evening. The salsa is really delicious here, and the fish tacos are just fantastic! Fish tacos are quite hard to find in this area too, so you will want to make a note of this one. When you get that craving you've got to know where to go! Best thing on the menu though? That's gotta be the ultimate chimichanga. Try it and find out what you've been missing! You can find Sagebrush Cantina at 14284 N Fenton Rd.

♦ Fenton House Restaurant ♦
Fenton House Restaurant is one of the best places for lunch and dinner in Fenton. Everybody just loves this place, and happy residents pile in during the midday and after work hours to refuel after a long morning or afternoon at work. You will not believe the low prices on this menu, it offers great deals with the quality of the food you get for the money! Our favorites here are the pizza and pasta, and we love their breadsticks too. The Greek food is definitely worth a try as well, and they've got a great Cuban sandwich too! Such a wide variety of food, and somehow it's all done right. Good for large parties or intimate dinners for two as well! Visit 413 South Leroy to enjoy this place.

♦ Lucky's Steak House ♦
Steak lovers like ourselves will want to make a note of Lucky's Steak House. This is one of our favorite places in Fenton overall, but for steaks and seafood in particular, it is a real standout establishment. The prices are surprisingly moderate here, and you can even sit at the bar and enjoy a couple of stiff drinks while you watch the game. Gotta love that! We do find that the steaks are a little bit more well done than we prefer here, so for instance if you prefer your steak medium like we do, you may want to order medium rare instead. Wonderful salads, and the Maryland Chicken is truly one of our favorite things on this menu too. You'll love relaxing here with friends and enjoying that attentive service and lovely atmosphere. You can find Lucky's Steak House at 17500 Silver Pkwy.

♦ Fenton Hotel ♦
Fenton Hotel is a wonderfully charming place to stay whenever you are in the Fenton area, but for the purposes of this review we'll be focusing on the wonderful restaurant inside. It's perfect to rent for your private events, and since it's so upscale with the dark wood accents and the crisp white tablecloths, it's perfect for even the more elegant events in your life. They've got a very good selection of draft beers here that rotates on a semi-regular basis, and they also have a very nice wine selection along with some really delicious martinis. If you come in on the weekends you can enjoy live music too. Favorite things here? The ahi tuna, the prime rib, and the grouper. Everything is just superb. You can find Fenton Hotel at 302 N Leroy St.

♦ Beale St Smokehouse BBQ ♦

If you are craving some delicious steaks and barbecued meats in Fenton, Beale St Smokehouse BBQ is the place for you. This is authentically delicious barbecue, Memphis style! The prices are surprisingly moderate for this high quality of food, and we love the fact that their carryout is just as good as the dine-in meals. They have live blues on Saturdays, which makes that night a really prime night to come in. Yes, this place is connected to a gas station, and that puts us off a bit too. But don't let it bother you too much. Once you're inside you'll forget all about it. Truly one of the best places to eat in teh entire area! You can find Beale St Smokehouse BBQ at 2461 N Rd.

♦ Mancino's of Fenton ♦
Mancino's is one of our favorite local chains that is known for their grinders, subs, and pizzas! Whenever you are craving a really great grinder, you know that you can rely on Mancino's for it! The prices are low and the grinders are just out of this world. The garlic bread is really delicious too. The lunch special is super cheap and it seems to be exclusive to this location. At the time of this review it's just six bucks for a half sandwich (which is HUGE by the way), garlic bread, a bag of chips, and a drink. We love all the ingredients that they pile on and the way they melt the cheese all over it. The flavor is just out of this world. Great pizzas here too! We have never had anything but a hearty filling meal here, and the service is very friendly and fast too. You can find this Mancino's location at 4019 Owen Rd.

♦ Buffalo Wild Wings ♦
Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the few chain restaurants that we really go "WILD" for, and once you get a look at their incredible array of sauces, you will understand why. The wings are of course what they are known for, both traditional and boneless, but they also have a full menu that includes delicious appetizers (we love the fried pickles!), salads, entrees, and desserts. Of course the bar side of things is a major attraction here, and everybody loves to come in to throw back a few great beers and watch the game. This is one of our favorite places to gather with friends to celebrate the good times in life and to drown our sorrows in some strong drinks when things aren't going as smoothly! No matter what's going on, a trip to "B. Dub's" always makes it better. You can find Buffalo Wild Wings at 3190 W Silver Lake Rd.

♦ Moy Kong Express ♦
Moy Kong Express is primarily a carryout restaurant, but that makes it perfect for party bus travel! You can call ahead, order a huge meal for you and your friends, and enjoy it on the bus. They've got all your classic Chinese favorites here, and we have never had anything but truly excellent food, prepared perfectly and served piping hot! Definitely not fancy, nothing to look at here! But it doesn't matter. The food is great. You can come in and get a bunch of delicious food, bring it on the bus, and really nosh on all that good stuff with your friends and loved ones. The fact is, there's just not much Chinese food in the Fenton area, and this is the best around. You can find Moy Kong Express at 911 N Leroy St.

♦ Lockes Party Shoppe & Deli ♦
Lockes Party Shoppe & Deli is such a classic place to stop for snacks and drinks when you're in Fenton! Needless to say, that makes it a perfect party bus stop. You can actually get everything you need here for a great trip. Stocking up in one place where the price is right is a great idea. Their selection of beer, wine, and liquor is just huge, and the prices are the absolute lowest allowed by the law. No joke! Lots of great deli food too so if you need a quick and cheap lunch that's flavorful and filling, this is your spot. Just grab a ton of good stuff and bring it right onto the bus! You cannot beat that. You can find Lockes Party Shoppe & Deli at 1228 N Leroy St.

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