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Farmington, Michigan

is definitely known for its great bars and restaurants. Just take a look at some of the reviews online and you'll see how crazy people go for some of these places! The ones that you'll find on this list are the ones that we have visited personally and that we recommend the most. All are located in the 48331, 48334, 48335, and 48336 zips. Please enjoy!

♦ Rainbow Restaurant ♦
When it comes to great Chinese food in the Farmington area, you simply cannot go wrong with Rainbow Restaurant. The people who work here are always smiling, so friendly and so welcoming! But best of all is the food. It just doesn't get any better than this. They have some of the best eggrolls that you will find anywhere in the surrounding area, and we are huge fans of their cashew chicken. The almond chicken and general tso's chicken are also very good, and we have enjoyed their sesame chicken on several occasions too. It's clear that the reason everything is so good here is that they use the freshest and most high quality ingredients. And if you're dining on the lighter side, opt for the green beans with chicken. You will absolutely love it. You can find Rainbow Restaurant at 22048 Farmington Rd.

♦ New Sahara Restaurant ♦
If you are seeking great Mediterranean food in Farmington, look no further than New Sahara Restaurant. Whereas most Mediterranean restaurants in Michigan tend to be Greek or Lebanese inspired, this one is Chaldean, and it makes all the difference. The prices are so affordable here, and yet the food is truly top notch. We particularly love the tabouli and hommous here, and you can't go wrong with any dish or sandwich that incorporates those! The lentil soup is also very good here, heart warmingly good. They've got good falafel here too, and amazing cream chops. The chicken shawarma and the vegetarian grapes leaves also earn high marks from us. The quail is impressive here too. There's not much to look at here, but that's okay because as far as we're concerned, the focus should be on the food. And it is. You can find New Sahara Restaurant at 29222 Orchard Lake Rd.

♦ 2Booli ♦
2Booli is another one of our favorite Mediterranean stops in Farmington, and come on, how could you not love that name? Very clever and cute. It's located in the former La Shish building. They have some of the most authentic and flavorful dishes that you will find in the area, and we have never been treated to anything less than a stellar meal here. Many people go wild over this place, because of the superb high quality food and the flavors that they just cannot find anywhere else. Start things off with the crushed lentil soup, you will not be disappointed. The lemon oregano chicken is our absolute favorite dish on the menu, and to go with that you can't go wrong with the vegetarian grape leaves. Just amazing flavor here, and incredible service too. You will be able to locate 2Booli at 37610 W 12 Mile Rd.

♦ Namaste Flavours ♦
Craving delicious Indian food in Farmington? Namaste Flavours is the name that you need to know. This is a buffet, and though some people are put off by buffets, we encourage you to give this one a try even if it's normally not your thing. Why? Because the food is just so good here, always kept piping hot, and it really is some of the very best Indian food in the area. We adore the chilly chicken, and the chicken 65. Their chana batura is also really excellent, and the masala dosa is nothing to be ignored either! The food is very spicy here, which we love, but if you don't like it quite so spicy this may not be the place that you want to try. We'd comment on the service here, but there's just not much of it. You get your own food and you clean off the table when you're done. We think that's one of the fastest ways to get in and out of a restaurant during the hard working day, so you won't get a complaint from us! You can find Namaste Flavours at 34749 Grand River Ave.

♦ Korea House ♦
It's great to know that you can find delicious Korean food in Farmington, though it can be a little bit hard to find in this unassuming location! Korea House is conveniently located on Grand River, but it is easy to miss. Despite that, it's nice inside, and perfect for get togethers with friends or even with dates (not a first, but perhaps a fourth or fifth). They've got delicious Gal Bi and spicy pork, and all of the barbecued meats are just excellent. Don't miss the spicy kimchee cabbage soup or the Korean chop suey! There are so many wonderful things here to try! Very nice service and old fashioned charm that is tough to find elsewhere nowadays. You can find Korea House at 32758 Grand River Ave.

♦ Sushi House ♦

Sushi House is a great spot to grab sushi when you're in the area, and what's the roll that we'd recommend to you most highly here? That's gotta be the firecracker roll. The quality of the sashimi at this restaurant is simply superb, and that's why everything on the menu turns out so amazing. They have a very nice ambiance and some of the most friendly servers that you will ever encounter. It's cool that all the meals come with miso soup and salad too. That's not always the case. If you're coming in during your lunch hour, you might want to take advantage of their house lunch box. Everything in one convenient box. Everything that they serve here is very highly recommended! You can find Sushi House at 22030 Farmington Rd.

♦ El Patio ♦
El Patio is the spot for great Mexican food in Farmington! Hands down! This is another one that's located in a strip mall, but you should not let that put you off. You get free chips and salsa with your meal which is always a good thing, and the salsa is really excellent. We like to order the number seven lucnh special, which consists of a burrito and an enchilada. The taco salads are very good here too, and you will also want to try the huevos con chorizo. Try the steak fajita burrito, it's fantastic! By the way, it's called El Patio, but there is no outdoor patio here! Some people expect that and are disappointed. Be sure to try the Speedy Gonzales! You can find El Patio at 39241 Grand River Ave.

♦ Priya Restaurant & Bar ♦
We love the name Priya Restaurant & Bar, it's so pretty sounding and the food here is just as beautiful to the tastebuds as the name is to your ears! They have some of the best Indian food here that we have ever tasted. The sauces are thicker and more flavorful than what you'll find at most Indian restaurants in Michigan, and we enjoy that change though some others do not. It's also much spicier here than at most. They hav wonderfully soft and chewy naan for you to enjoy, and our favorite thing on the buffet has got to be the butter chicken. It's sincerely addictive. The mango frozen yogurt is our favorite way to wrap up our meal, and we recommend it very highly! You can find Priya Restaurant & Bar at 36600 Grand River Ave.

♦ Bangkok Kitchen ♦
Looking for great Thai food in Farmington? Look no further. Bangkok Kitchen has got the very best. We really love their shrimp chips here. So flavorful and just the perfect start. The hot and sour soup has just the perfect level of heat, and it's packed with wonderful citrus and veggie flavors. Our favorite dish on the menu has got to be the chicken panang curry, and we order it hot, though you may prefer it a little less spicy depending on how much heat you can handle! The drunken noodles are also fantastic, especially with beef and prepared hot! We're so impressed with the quality of the food and service here. Very highly recommended. You can find Bangkok Kitchen at 34731 Grand River Ave.

♦ California Pizza Kitchen ♦
California Pizza Kitchen is one of the few chain restaurants that we really love, partly for all their wonderful pizza selections and partly because of the great service and convenient location! The servers here always seem to be in a great mood, and they bring the pizza out piping hot with the melty cheese enticing you to take a bite! The Thai Chicken Pizza is our favorite choice on the menu, and it pairs very well with the Moroccon Chicken Salad. It's nice that they have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for everyone to enjoy too! Beautiful decor and surroundings, and really good service. You can find this California Pizza Kitchen location at 31005 Orchard Lake Rd.

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