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Estral Beach, Michigan

is a small area located in Monroe County, and if you find yourself visiting, you'll mostly be relying on the nearby city of Newport (zip code 48166, same as Estral Beach itself) for local restaurants and bars. Here are a few of our favorite places to visit when we find ourselves in the area:

♦ Newport Beach Cafe ♦
If you find yourself craving a great sandwich in the Estral Beach/Newport area, you know that Newport Beach Cafe is the place to go. It's actually quite rare to find a place in this area that offers such a wide variety of choices — there are more than two dozen sandwiches and wraps to choose from, plus plenty of yummy burgers, soups, and salads too. We especially love the Hippy Chic sandwich that's piled high with lots of yummy fresh veggies including sprouts and hommous, and they've got some excellent roast beef sandwiches too. They'll customize to your heart's content. Open at 7:00 AM on weekdays for breakfast too! Newport Beach Cafe can be found at 5071 N Dixie Hwy in nearby Newport.

♦ Vince's Drive-In ♦
Drive-ins are a dying business with the exception of one popular chain nowadays, so we love to go to the old fashioned family-owned ones as often as we can. Vince's Drive-In is just excellent. The food is so good, just like it was at the drive-ins back in the day! The fries are beyond delicious, and the hamburgers and hot dogs are on par with the quality that your parents or grandparents used to enjoy when they were teenagers! This is the drive-in that you have been searching for. Perfect for Limo Detroit travel too! Vince's Drive-In can be found at 4228 Pointe Aux Peaux in nearby Newport.

♦ Detroit Beach Restaurant & Pizzeria ♦

The If you're seeking great Italian food in the Estral Beach/Newport area, you'd be hard pressed to do better than Detroit Beach Restaurant & Pizzeria. The gnocchi casserole is truly out of this world. The pizza is what they are really known for, and it's true New York style. Seriously! The mostaccioli is really something to be admired as well, and we're huge fans of their minestrone and their fresh homemade bread. They've got the more high-falutin' dishes here too, such as veal parmesan and chicken cacciatore! Detroit Beach Restaurant & Pizzeria can be found at 3132 Newport Rd in nearby Newport.

♦ Fifth Wheel Truckstop & Restaurant ♦
Fifth Wheel Truckstop & Restaurant is a real essential in this area! You'll find it just south of I-275 along Telegraph Road, and you can't beat that convenient location when you find yourself in Monroe County. Though it's got "truck stop" in its name, it's more of a local diner than an actual truckstop, and you'll see more locals hanging out here than truckers. The biscuits and gravy are some of our favorites around, and all of the breakfasts are just excellent. Haven't had a chance to try anything else here, but if the rest of the menu is half as good as their breakfast, then you will be in seventh heaven! Fifth Wheel Truckstop & Restaurant is located at 8500 N Telegraph Rd in nearby Newport.

♦ Tiffany's Pizza ♦
Tiffany's Pizza has quite a few locations in Michigan, and they're always receiving so many awards for their high quality pizza and excellent service. If you haven't experienced their quality for yourself, we recommend that you give their Newport location a try. You won't find better tasting crust than this, especially if you are like us and like it a little more on the softer side than on the crisper side! (If you prefer it well done, just ask.) The sauce is a little bit sweet too, which we love. Fresh homemade goodness at a price that everybody can afford. You can find Tiffany's Pizza at 3132 Newport Rd, right here in nearby Newport.

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