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Ecorse, Michigan

is one of the downriver cities that has so many wonderful bars and restaurants to visit. It doesn't matter what the reason is that you're in town, because it's never a bad time to visit these wonderful dining and drinking establishments! Be sure to check these out next time you're travelling in the 48229 zip code with Limo Detroit.

♦ Auburn Caf ♦
We've always been fans of Auburn Cafe in Ecorse, and now were even bigger fans since at the time of this writing they are offering half off all glasses of wine on Wine Wednesdays! When you're seeking good Greek food and don't want to go all the way to Detroit's Greektown to get it, this quick stop in Ecorse is a fantastic choice. We like the fact that it feels a bit more like a bar than a restaurant, and the saganaki is always great here no matter when we order it. The lemon potatoes are also mouth wateringly good, and the shish kabobs and calamari are also noteworthy at this great restaurant. Auburn Cafe can be found at 3520 W Jefferson Ave.

♦ Paco's Tacos ♦
Though Paco's Tacos is not the most authentic Mexican restaurant in the downriver area, it is definitely one of the best. If you don't mind a bit of an Americanized menu, you will love it here just as much as we do. The frozen drinks are really delicious and they pair so well with all of the entrees and appetizers too. We would very highly recommend the tacos de carnitas, and you cannot go wrong with their enchiladas or quesadillas either. Even the chips and salsa are just unbelievably good. The photo menu is very cool, and the decor is really nice too, with a bit of a tropical feel. Paco's Tacos can be found at 4002 W Jefferson Ave.

♦ Taco Especia ♦
Taco Especial is not one of the fancy downtown Mexican restaurants, but the food is absolutely delicious, and everybody who dines there raves about the high quality and the delicious flavor. The decor is cute and kitschy with rattlesnake skins and sombreros, and the staff is really friendly and welcoming. The salsa is just fantastic, and nice and hot if you like it that way! Our favorite item on the menu is without a doubt the Delmonico steak tacos. The flavor is out of this world. The tamales are also highly recommended. Can't go wrong with any item on the menu! Taco Especial is located at 278 Southfield Rd.

♦ The Shrimp Hut ♦
If you love delicious deep fried and battered shrimp, fish, and chicken, then you have got to check out the downriver institution that is The Shrimp Hut. The jumbo shrimp has always been our favorite thing on the menu, and we love that they use peanut oil here because that makes everything extra crisp and yet not as greasy as it would be if done in ordinary vegetable oil. Those who aren't fans of seafood will definitely want to dive into the fantastic fried chicken. We could go on and on about this place but we really recommend that you go and check it out for yourself! The Shrimp Hut is found where it's been since the 60's at 275 Southfield Rd. Don't miss this downriver institution!

♦ Mexico Way ♦
Mexico Way is a family run restaurant that has been going strong for more than four decades! There is no wonder why this place is such a favorite among everyone in the Ecorse area! We keep coming back to the tacos, which are so crisp and flavorful with plenty of high quality fillings. Many have called this place a hole in the wall, and we would agree with that description! But if you are the kind of person who an enjoy a hole in the wall restaurant for the incredible food, then you really owe it to yourself to check out this easily overlooked haven of delicious Mexican food. Mexico Way can be located at 275 Southfield Rd.

♦ Big-O-Cafe ♦

The Big-O-Cafe is a little dive bar in Ecorse that's just perfect for a few domestic beers on the cheap! And we say domestics because that's all they have. Don't expect your fancy imported beers here, but do expect an inexpensive good time! It's typically filled with regulars as most cozy neighborhood bars are, so if you're new you may feel a little bit out of place, but then again you may just find yourself becoming a regular after a few visits too! They've got a decent selection of liquor here, and a juke box with all your favorite classic tunes. Happy hour deals will save you a few bucks and then some! Big-O-Cafe can be found at 277 Southfield Rd.

♦ The Biergarten ♦
The Biergarten is a stone's throw away from Ecorse in nearby Dearborn, and this little German-named bar with the Motor City theme is a favorite amongst everyone we know. It is rumored that they have the best hamburgers in the area, though we'd say that title goes to the bar listed below. The Biergarten is definitely a close second though! Incredibly cheap night out, and a really fun time every single time. Great fries here too! You will be able to find The Biergarten at 22184 Michigan Ave. Very highly recommended!

♦ The Oak Cafe ♦
The Oak Cafe, or simply The Oak as it's known to the regulars, is a true downriver institution. If you went to school in Wyandotte you an expect a high school reunion every time you come in. They've got one of the greatest beer selections in the entire Detroit area, and lots of great wheat beers to enjoy too! If you love your tunes, they have a great jukebox (some say it's the best downriver!). Can't beat the prices here for both food and drinks. We'd highly recommend the turkey pretzel sandwich to you! You can find The Oak Cafe at 1167 Oak St!

♦ Miller Bar♦
Miller Bar is an absolute classic in the Dearborn area, and well worth the short drive from Ecorse. We have been going there for years for those famous burgers, rumored to be the best in the downriver area and beyond! (We believe it!) There are two sides to the establishment, a restaurant side and a bar side, and you may be faced with a bit of a wait during peak times no matter which side you choose. You can believe us when we say it's worth the wait! Great service, great old fashioned atmosphere, and the kind of hamburgers that you just can't find anywhere else. Old fashioned relish trays too! You can find miller bar at 23700 Michigan Ave in that familiar dark red building!

♦ Howell's Bar ♦
We kept hearing that there was a bar in Dearborn that could top the burgers at Miller Bar, and we couldn't believe it, but we thought we'd go check it out anyway. We are happy to tell you that the burgers were great, really juicy and thick, but the prices are also a bit higher here. The blackened Cajun catfish was really out of this world, and we also tried a bite of the soul food sides, and they were all great. The prices out this more with the new breed of Dearborn restaurants, but the quality of the food keeps it old school. Good stuff! You can find Howell's Bar at 1035 Mason St in nearby Dearborn. Very highly recommended!

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