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Eastpointe, Michigan

is known for many things, one of which is their great bars and restaurants! When you find youreslv visiting this area, perhaps with Limo Detroit, please consider visiting one or two of our favorite restaurants in the are. These are all located within the zip code of 48021. Enjoy!

♦ Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant ♦
Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant is a cozy little pub that is known for its delicious pizza and great stiff drinks. Some have said that this place has the original Detroit pizza recipe, and that those other guys at Buddy's just stole the recipe and the glory. We don't know if that's true, but what we do know is that it's damn good! Great crisp salads here too! The fried mushrooms are fantastic, really huge and juicy. They have a great deck that you can enjoy when the weather is warm, and who doesn't love that? The only thing that's a little hit or miss is the service, but even that isn't really that bad. This is just one of the best, on a good day or a bad day! Always an instant pick-me-up to dine here. You can find Cloverleaf Bar & restaurant at 24443 Gratiot Ave.

♦ Salvatore Scallopini ♦
We have been to some Salvatore Scallopini locations that were not so great, but we'll kick this review off by saying that this is NOT one of them! We really love this place and have been treated to nothing but high quality food and excellent service every time that we come here. We love to sit outside when the weather permits, and perhaps sip on a delicious drink from their full bar. The interior is one of the most beautiful that we have ever seen, with large windows that really let in a lot of light. Your meal comes with soup or salad. What are our favorite entrees here? We'd have to go with the chicken francese and the villo de creama. You can find Salvatore Scallopini at 22611 Gratiot Ave.

♦ Granma's House of Pancakes ♦
If you love a cozy breakfast restaurant that's part waffle house and part grandma's house, then you will absolutely adore Granma's House of Pancakes! They serve really enormous portions here, and yet the prices are super affordable. If you love omelettes this is a great place to get one in the AM, and they also have wonderful crepes too. You'd never know based on the unassuming exterior that this place held such wonderful food, but there it is, and yes it does. They've even got blintzes and palistine pancakes. A nice surprise on the menu was the gyro omelette, which includes actual gyro meat, feta, onions, and juicy tomatoes. Definitely a nice break from the norm. You can find Granma's House of Pancakes at 17271 E 9 Mile Rd.

♦ Hummus Mediterranean Grill ♦
When craving delicious Mediterreanean food in Eastpointe, you just can't do better than Hummus Mediterranean Grill! This restaurant specializes in delicious Mediterranean food, and you will definitely enjoy their generous portions at their very fair prices. They serve you deliciously fresh baked bread out of their oven when you arrive, plus that creamy garlic sauce that's so good you'll lose your mind. They also have a wonderful Lebanese salsa that's served with it for a nice change of pace. The whole chicken is our go-to item here, and we love the nutty rice pilaf that comes alongside it. It's cool that they let you upgrade your salad to tabouli, fattoush, or Greek salad, because we're never big fans of the usual salad at Mediterranean restaurants. It just makes us crave tabouli of fattoush! This solves the problem completely You can find Hummus Mediterranean Grill at 22151 Gratiot Ave.

♦ Plaza Mexico Mexican Restaurant ♦
Plaza Mexico Mexican Restaurant really gets rave reviews from everyone who dines there, and that includes us! We have had so many wonderful evenings at this restaurant, enjoying the quality service and the delicious food. Yes, it's in a strip mall, but don't let that put you off! They have delicious salsa verde here, and a really generously sized California burrito that is sure to fill you up and then some! You'll be surprised at the high quality of the steak here, and for steak lovers like us, that makes a big difference. This is primarily a carryout restaurant, but we have no complaints about that. Perfect for dining on the party bus too! You can find Plaza Mexico Mexican Restaurant at 18322 E 9 Mile Rd.

♦ Villa Restaurant & Pizzeria ♦

If you want some really excellent Italian food when you are in Eastpointe, we recommend Villa Restaurant & Pizzeria very highly! It's family owned and operated which is always a plus, and you simply will not find higher quality food or better service than this. We love their superbly crisp salads with delicious house dressing. The very best deal at the time of this review is the $8.99 Villa Special. That lets you choose your pasta and sauce, your soup or salad, and of course you get that excellent bread basket too! This place could win the speed award for fastest service, even faster than some Chinese places in the area, and they are always fastest! Just an all around great dining experience! You can find Villa Restaurant & Pizzeria at 21311 Gratiot Ave.

♦ Grand Dimitre's ♦
Grand Dimitre's is another one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Eastpointe, and we just love it here. They have some of the very best food here, including a chicken lemon rice soup that we crave, truly delicious fish and chips, and even amazing macaroni and cheese! Most things here are homemade and it really shows. On Fridays and Saturdays Grand Dimitre's is open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays so you can chase that beer buzz away with a great hearty meal after the bar. One thing is clear--no matter what time or date you come in, you will be welcomed and given some really delicious food. You can find Grand Dimitre's at 25001 Gratiot Ave. Don't miss this one.

♦ Olive Garden ♦
Though we don't generally recommend chain restaurants on our lists, mostly just because people are already so familiar with them, this particular Olive Garden location is one of the best in our opinion and we didn't feel right about leaving it off the list. We love the ambiance at this spot, and they also always seem to have much better service than what you'll find at their other locations. We love all the seasonal and rotating specials, and their endless soup and salad deals will also help you to fill up without breaking the bank. Coming in on your birthday is always great because they've got some of the best tasting chocolate cake, and of course on that day it is free! Gotta love that. You can find Olive Garden at 24845 Gratiot Ave.

♦ Weekday Cafe ♦
Weekday Cafe is one of our favorite places in the area overall, and it's so highly recommended by everyone we know too. If you are looking for a great breakfast and brunch spot, as well as a good place to get a hearty lunch, this is it. It's run by a husband and wife team, and the only downside to that is when they go on vacation and the place closes up until they come back! However it's in good hands with them, so we don't mind waiting for them to return. The soups are really delicious, homemade, and they vary each day. They have wonderful sandwiches too, and salads that are really worth a try. You'll love the Southwestern Steak Salad. Very highly recommended anytime you are in Eastpointe! You can find Weekday Cafe at 16749 E 9 Mile Rd.

♦ Dublin Pub ♦
Dublin Pub is such a great spot in Eastpointe. Very relaxed and authentic, with lots of great drink specials and a great selection on tap. We love to come in and enjoy their fish along with a pint or two of whatever's on draft that strikes our fancy. The service is very good here, very friendly and fast. This is a prime spot for karaoke, and they always have a great mix of songs from all the decades. There's nothing too wild here, just your standard bar fare, and great beers on draft. But really, what more do you need? We think this place is an absolute winner. You can find Dublin Pub at 19080 E 10 Mile Rd.

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