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Dexter, Michigan

is a wonderful place to visit when you are in our beautiful state, and when you're here you'll certainly need to familiarize yourself with the best bars and restaurants in the area. These are our top picks in the zip code of 48130.

♦ Terry B's ♦
Terry B's is a great American restaurant that we have been to several times in the past few years. It's a great place to go with large groups of friends for a fun night, and they have a nice outdoor seating area for those warmer summer months when you want to enjoy the starlit sky and the warm breeze. Full bar too! They have an amazing steak and eggs appetizer which consists of duck fat fried eggs over steak, and that's honestly one of our favorite things ever, not just at this particular restaurant. Once you try it you'll understand why we're so hooked on it. We really love the Oysters Rockefeller here, and the seafood chowder is just amazing. One of the signature plates here is the Dexter Plate, which consists of homemade sausages, meats, and sauces. Really amazing stuff. You can find Terry B's at 7954 Ann Arbor St.

♦ The Dexter Pub ♦
The Dexter Pub is a favorite hangout amongst those who find themselves in the Dexter area often, and you can always stop in for some delicious food, strong drinks, and great conversation. It's fantastic for lunch or dinner, and great for drinks too. The upstairs is more dedicated to the restaurant side of things, while the downstairs is definitely a traditional pub. There's a great selection of beers on draft and in bottles here, and the food is just wonderful. The prime rib is our top choice here, followed by the fettuccine alfredo with chicken. Truly delish, and very rich without being overly so. The salads, too, are noteworthy -- our top choice is the sirloin steak salad. Very good. Great service here and the kind of atmosphere that everybody loves. You can find The Dexter Pub at 8114 Main St.

♦ Red Brick Kitchen & Bar ♦
Red Brick Kitchen & Bar gets one of our highest recommendations because of their classic American atmosphere and the great food! Though it's a bar, it's still very family friendly and you will really feel very comfortable coming in with a group of your loved ones for a great meal and good times together. It's also perfect for those intimate dates that don't require an upscale quiet restaurant! It's fun to come in with your date and split a yummy pizza, plus maybe some of those delicious onion rings along with a nice array of drinks from the full bar. The waitstaff is very helpful and happy to help you choose something good. Our only complaint about this place is that they do not have any beers on draft! But they do have a nice selection of bottles. We've had nothing but good times here and we very highly recommend it to you! You can find Red Brick Kitchen & Bar at 8093 Main St.

♦ A&W Root Beer Drive-In ♦
A&W Root Beer Drive-In locations are such a big part of Michigan culture, and we love this particular location in Dexter. It's the true old fashioned drive-in style that you love, and it is in fact the only one that you will find still in operation in this city. They are very quick with the food, just like it was back in the day. Great service and a great atmosphere too. When it comes to fast food, this is really the way it should be done. The root beer here is just fantastic, and we recommend that you get it in the form of a root beer float! Nothing better than that on a hot summer day. This is the prime spot to go after a long day at the lake. Talk about refreshment and a meal that makes you feel really satisfied... this is it! You can find A&W Root Beer Drive-In at 8220 Dexter Chelsea Rd.

♦ North Point Seafood & Steakhouse ♦
North Point Seafood & Steakhouse has been one of our favorite places for steaks and seafood for quite a while now, and though we haven't been there in a little while, we are looking forward to going back as soon as possible! It's definitely one of the nicest restaurants in the area, and they have the most perfectly prepared seafood and cooked to order steaks that will really make your mouth water. The calamari is one of our favorite things here too, really some of the best that we've ever had and that says a lot. The five onion soup is also one of our favorite things. Delish! You can find North Point Seafood & Steakhouse at 8031 Main St. Very highly recommended.

♦ Alpha Coney Island ♦

When you are craving a delicious coney, there are few places in Dexter that can stack up to Alpha Coney Island! Just the best quality food, really great service, and always packed with happy customers which is a nod to how great everything is here. We should note that if you visited when this place first opened, it was a bit sub par to say the least... but now it is under new management, absolutely top notch, and worth another visit! Take it from us. We love the atmosphere and ambiance even with the overused Greek ruins theme, and we especially love the friendly service. The best breakfasts in town including some of the fluffiest omelettes around. You can find Alpha Coney Island at 7049 Dexter Ann Arbor Rd.

♦ Village of Dexter ♦
Though this is not an actual restaurant or bar, rather a location in Dexter, we wanted to note it here because it's the place where you will find some of the very best bars and restaurants in the area. This downtown area of Dexter has got an old fashioned vibe to it that we really love, with some surprises that you won't find too often anymore, like an old fashioned hardware store, camera shop, and even a theater. Of course you can stop into any one of the restaurants, bars, or coffee shops and get your refreshment along with some really good conversation. Everyone around here is just so friendly and we love to travel to the area to enjoy that. You'll be able to find Village of Dexter at 8140 Main St.

♦ Food Zone Chinese Restaurant ♦
Though this is primarily a takeout restaurant, Food Zone Chinese Restaurant has some of the most delicious and most quickly prepared food in the area, which is perfect for party bus travel! There is a small amount of sit-down dining space here too if you'd prefer to enjoy your sizzling hot Chinese food on the premises. Either way the food is always great. They've got all your classic favorites here! Our favorite thing to start off with is the hot and sour soup, and for our entree we love to opt for the moo shoo pork. Mmm! Can't go wrong with any of the lo mein either, and of course their wontons are fantastic. You can find Food Zone Chinese Restaurant at 7023 Dexter Ann Arbor Rd.

♦ Joe and Rosie's Coffee & Tea ♦
If you are seeking a different coffee shop to get your caffeine fix, you will definitely want to stop in to Joe and Rosie's Coffee & Tea in Dexter. It's conveniently located on Main St, and they have some of the best coffee concoctions that you will ever taste. We highly recommend the mocha, and you can't go wrong with a classic latte either. We think the mark of a great coffee shop is how good the black coffee or espresso is, because you can't hide the quality behind sweeteners and syrups, and theirs is top notch! They've got free wi-fi so you can get some work done or just browse the net on your phone or laptop, and great outdoor seating too. Ask about the name of the establishment and you'll get a very interesting story. You can find Joe and Rosie's Coffee & Tea at 8074 Main St.

♦ Christine's ♦
Though not a restaurant or bar, we wanted to mention Christine's flowers and gifts shop on this page for those of you who may be planning wedding transportation with Limo Detroit. They've got lots of wonderful items here that you can make use of for your special events including weddings, such as candles, gifts, jewelry, scarves, accessories, and more. They also have a toys and games section for the kids, so you might want to pick up something for your little ones while you're there. So many great things to browse through here, and you'll be helping to support our Michigan economy as well. Note that this store is affiliated with ACE Hardware, so if you have a discount card for ACE, bring it with you when you shop here! You can find Christine's at 8107 Main St.

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