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Dearborn, Michigan

is known for its incredible restaurants and bars, and many people travel into the area just for that. For those special dates and celebrations, the places on this list are the ones that we'd recommend most highly, all within the zip codes of 48120, 48121, 48123, 48124, 48126, and 48128.

♦ Miller Bar ♦
Miller Bar is one of the places in Dearborn that has been there for as long as we can remember (and then some!), and they continue going strong because of those amazing burgers. They say that these are the best burgers in Dearborn, and though they had some "off years" in the last decade or so, they are back on top and we hope they'll stay there. You can choose to sit on the restaurant side or the bar side, but we love the bar side the most. Sometimes the wait is excruciatingly long, but you'll understand why once you sink your teeth into one of those famous burgers. We love the old fashioned ambiance here. Be sure to give this one a try when you're in the area and keep this local landmark alive, not that they need any help with that! Still going strong as always. You can find Miller Bar at 23700 Michigan Ave.

♦ Crave Lounge ♦
Crave Lounge is one of the newest sushi restaurants in the Dearborn area, and it also happens to be the most upscale of them all. We love the low booths and dim lighting, and the white curtains that billow against the tall windows overlooking Michigan Avenue. They have some of the most unique rolls that we have ever tried here, including some great ones with asparagus for the vegetarian crowd. They've got delicious saketinis which are a big hit with the ladies, and all those delicious Asian beers too. Our favorite rolls here have got to be the lobster roll and the manhattan roll. Pairing lobster and king crab, now that's a match made in heaven. Delicious cocktails here too. We recommend any of the ones that are made with Stoli. You can find the oft-recommended Crave Lounge at 22075 Michigan Ave.

♦ La Pita Restaurant ♦
La Pita Restaurant is in an unassuming strip mall, and we overlooked it for years because we didn't expect much from it. Boy, were we wrong! They have some of the most delicious Mediterranean food in Dearborn! They've got delicious lamb stuffed grape leaves, and their lamb chops and hommous are both really delicious too. The garlic sauce here is even better than that which you'll find at any other Middle Eastern restaurant in the area, and that's saying a lot. However, whereas it's free at most other restaurants, you will pay for it here. The fattoush is excellent too, and everybody loves the chicken shwarma too. For the sandwiches, we'd recommend the mujadara and tawook with tabouli. They have excellent maqanic here too (lamb sausage). You can find La Pita Restaurant at 22681 Newman St, accessible via Michigan Avenue. Don't miss it!

♦ Bangkok 96 Restaurant ♦
Bangkok 96 is one of our favorite restaurants in Dearborn, located a bit off the beaten path on Telegraph Rd, and set a bit far back off the road so it's easy to miss if you are traveling north, but easier to spot when traveling south. The flavors here are simply out of this world. We love the green curry and yellow curry the best, the former with green peppers and peas and the latter with potatoes and onions! Chicken is the best option with both. We're big on seafood but their chicken is just so good here. Our other favorite dish is the barbecue salad with beef, it has a flavor that is unmatched anywhere else and it's a very healthy option! Their soups are also excellent here, particularly the ones with clear broth. This restaurant has provided service to some of the movies that have been shooting in Detroit too, so you know it's got to be good! We are absolutely hooked on it. The spicier the better! Great Thai iced coffee too. Find this one at 2450 S Telegraph Rd.

♦ Kabuki ♦
Kabuki is a wonderful sushi restaurant on a prime corner in downtown Dearborn on Michigan Avenue. We absolutely love the clean atmosphere and the dim lighting here, which is augmented by the dark tinted windows. Very romantic for dates! The sushi boats are a great choice to share with friends, and we love their tuna roll platter too if you're in the mood for something simple. The chirashi is delicious too. Their specialty rolls are REALLY something special! Definitely impressive compared to all the other sushi restaurants we have been to in the area. If you've got non-seafood people in your group of friends, steer them toward the chicken teriyaki roll and the chicken tempura roll! They will LOVE them both! Better than any chicken rolls we have ever had elsewhere. We do wish they'd play some authentic Japanese style music instead of typical American pop, but that's just us. You can find Kabuki at 22207 Michigan Ave.

♦ O'Sushi ♦

O'Sushi is another sushi restaurant that we tried on a whim, and though we didn't expect much from it since it's just located in a strip mall, we were incredibly impressed! The ambiance is light and airy, very nice and comfortable. The sashimi is some of the best that we have ever tasted! We had a delicious roll with tuna, lemons, and lemon mayonnaise--we think it may have been called a Bahama Roll or a Florida Roll but the exact name escapes us now. Either way, it was memorable enough that we cannot forget the taste! It was the clear favorite among all of us who dined there that day. Everything was superb from the green tea to the salmon skin rolls to the ginger and wasabi. Excellent service too! Very friendly. You can find O'Sushi at 22431 Michigan Avenue. One of our highest recommendations!

♦ Rotunda Ballroom at The Hyatt Regency ♦
Archimedes is the famous round ballroom that sits atop The Hyatt Regency hotel--the one that spins and gives you a gorgeous view of the Detroit skyline. Take the glass elevators up and see what you've been missing. We love the fact that it's both classic and modern here. The bar is simply gorgeous. We have celebrated many special occasions here with a toast overlooking the twinkling lights of the city. The Hyatt Regency also happens to be our most highly recommended hotel in the area, so when you are visiting, this is a great bet all around. You can find Archimedes at The Hyatt Regency at 600 Town Center Drive in Fairlane Center.

♦ The Biergarten ♦
The Biergarten sounds like it would be an authentic pub, but instead it's a car themed bar... that's the last contradiction you'll find here though. They have some of the best burgers in town, rivaled only by Miller Bar, and some say they're even better! The prices simply cannot be beat here... you can come in and have a wonderful time and you'll be simply shocked with you see the bill. Truly the lowest prices in Dearborn, or at least the lowest ones that we have ever encountered! The beer specials are amazing. There are always happy crowds in here enjoying the good music, the great service, the drinks, and that food. We've had so many great times here over the years that we simply couldn't imagine leaving it off this list. You can find The Biergarten at 22184 Michigan Ave.

♦ Cedarland Restaurant ♦
Cedarland Restaurant is truly the BEST Mediterranean food in Dearborn. We used to love La Shish (which is supposed to be reopening by the way, and may be reopened by the time you read this!), but this place has eclipsed that. The portions are ridiculously enormous, to the point that we bring home leftovers and get multiple meals out of it. The chicken is so tender and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and the taste of the hommous is just out of this world. The rice is so fluffy, the soups are superb! And the baba ghannouj is our absolute favorite thing here. The flavor of this food is so good we'd be tempted to call it aromatic. There is zero exaggeration here. It's really that good. But don't take our word for it. Go and try it for yourself. You can thank us later! Find Cedarland Restaurant at 13007 W Warren Ave.

♦ Buddy's Restaurant & Pizza ♦
Buddy's is such a Dearborn staple, we could not fail to include it here. We've spent so many lunches and dinners sitting over a giant deep dish pizza with our friends and loved ones, eating those wonderful bacon cheddar ranch fries, and talking about our days while round after round of drinks come. You can't beat the fun and casual atmosphere here, and as evidenced by the fact that this place is always packed, it's clear that Dearborn loves Buddy's. You will not find better pizza than this anywhere in town. Tons of great appetizers too. The service is always friendly and it's always super clean here. Great for get togethers with friends, family dinners, and even first dates. Always a good time here. You can find Buddy's Restaurant and Pizzeria at 22148 Michigan Ave.

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