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Dearborn Heights, Michigan

just like its neighboring city, Dearborn, is filled with great restaurants and bars where you can relax and enjoy a great meal or some drinks with friends. Take a look at a few of these favorites in the 48125 and 48127 zip codes.

♦ Mexican Fiesta ♦
Mexican Fiesta is our go-to Mexican restaurant in the Dearborn Heights area. It's true that this one seems more Americanized than our favorites in Mexicantown in Detroit, but it's done so well that we actually enjoy it. Like the fact that the entrees come with cole slaw instead of rice and beans (it's REALLY good cole slaw!). The chicken enchiladas and the chicken burritos are our favorite things here, and we really love the menudo and the chicken mole as well. Their carne asada is also fantastic. Though we enjoy the decor here, our one complaint is the acoustics. There's never any music playing and all the diners' voices reverberate through the back dining rooms. Sitting by the bar is a better bet. There's a crane machine here for the kids too! You can find Mexican Fiesta at 24310 Ford Rd. Very highly recommended.

♦ Del Taco ♦
Not expecting to see a fast food restaurant on this list? Well, we'd be less likely to include it if everything wasn't made fresh here, which it is, and if this wasn't one of the harder to find fast food restaurants in the area. The steak works burrito is our favorite, followed closely by the veggie works burrito, and the big fat chicken taco! The crispy fish tacos are also excellent with the lime squeezed over them and freshly unwrapped from the foil so they stay hot, and we'd also recommend the tacos del carbon, though you must be warned that they are street taco sized so you may want to grab a bunch of them! They are delish and then some. Wonderful drinks here too, though we'll skip mentioning any specific ones since they change often. They've even got great burgers here! You can find Del Taco at 5644 N Telegraph Rd.

♦ The BoneYard Bar-B-Q & Grille ♦
The BoneYard Bar-B-Q & Grille is famous in the area for having the very best barbecue around. It's been featured on many television shows, and lots of people travel from far and wide just to taste their delicious offerings. We love their thin zesty sauce and the fact that you can split a barbecued chicken with your dining partner along with delicious sides and drinks and still walk out without spending more than a twenty dollar bill. Good luck doing that elsewhere! The service is very fast and friendly too, and you can't beat the fun and casual atmosphere. Word of warning though: We have had some colossally messed up carryout orders here, so we recommend opening up those boxes and checking that they're correct before you leave the premises. VERY highly recommended for dine-in, and recommended for carryout too as long as you make sure they give you the right food. Find The BoneYard at 7010 N Telegraph Rd!

♦ Giant System ♦
Giant System is one of those old fashioned hamburger joints with the white tile exterior that we all love. The burgers and coneys are just fantastic here, and everything's greasy and good just the way you like it! These are the kind of restaurants that a certain white exteriored fast food restaurant tries to imitate (you know the one), and though we love them, they can't come close to the original. They've got great breakfasts here too. You simply will not find better prices than what you'll find here. Nice staff, convenient location, and a wayback vibe that will take you back to your youth, or perhaps your parents' or grandparents' youth depending on your age! Find this one at 21944 Van Born Rd.

♦ Red Ruby Restaurant ♦
Red Ruby Restaurant is rumored to have the best Chinese food in Dearborn Heights, and after many great meals here, plus considering its incredible longevity, we are inclined to agree! The ambiance here is deliciously retro, and if you're the type who can appreciate a restaurant that's exceptionally clean but looks like it hasn't been remodeled since the late seventies or early eighties, then you will love it here! Why mess with a good thing? The sweet and sour chicken is the best thing here, perhaps tied with the sesame chicken. We recommend that you order it hot. The chicken chop suey is also excellent! Really great family run place that's so warm and friendly you'll want to stay a long while. Found at 8625 N Telegraph Rd.

♦ IHOP ♦

How could we possibly leave IHOP, International House of Pancakes, off this list? We couldn't! Everybody loves coming in and enjoying a hearty breakfast, maybe with family or friends. We love all the old standbys on the menu like the blueberry pancakes or the belgian waffles, but what we enjoy even more is trying all the specials that pop up from month to month and season to season. There's always something new to try. We don't recommend this restaurant when you're in a hurry or on your way to work, because the service can sometimes be frustratingly slow. But the food is excellent, and when you're not in a hurry, a leisurely pace isn't that bad of a thing. You can find this IHOP location at 24140 Ford Rd.

♦ Mr Chicken ♦
Mr Chicken has been a part of the Dearborn Heights landscape for as long as we can remember, and we just love this place. If you are a lover of broasted chicken, you owe it to yourself to check this place out! There's a reason that they get such consistently high reviews. You can do without the greasiness of typical fried chicken since this is broasted, and those broasted potatoes are the best thing to go along with it! Their cole slaw too, is just amazing! You can come in and get a huge bag of delicious food to go at a price that you will not believe. Getting food this good at such a low price is one of the many things that makes this place so worthy of our recommendation! You can find Mr Chicken at 6000 N Telegraph Rd.

♦ Rose Garden ♦
Rose Garden is another one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Dearborn Heights. This one too has been here since the sixties and the ambiance has not changed much since then. Of course though the decor is seemingly unchanged, it's very clean and well maintained. We've been told that Tura Satana used to eat here a lot back in the day, and that only adds to the cool factor of this restaurant. We love the General Tso's Chicken here, and the Chop Suey is also fantastic no matter what kind of meat or seafood you order with it. They've got really great egg rolls too, the old fashioned kind that are hard to find nowadays. And their soups are fantastic too, including the hot and sour and the egg drop soup. Very highly recommended if you love a good retro Chinese restaurant as much as we do! At 5680 N Telegraph Rd.

♦ Lona's Pizza ♦
Lona's Pizza gets such rave reviews from everybody, it's a real hometown favorite here in Dearborn Heights! The pizza is just excellent, real old fashioned style with great pepperoni and cheese that's just greasy enough! Mmm. Hand spun dough, delicious sauce, RC Cola! We wish this was a dine-in restaurant because it's just so good, but carryout or delivery will have to do! This place has been going strong since the sixties, and though they have done away with some of the things that we used to love so much (like their spaghetti!), it looks like we'll never have to do without that wonderful pizza that we've all come to know and love. Always a great meal, whether you're grabbing lunch or dinner! You can find Lona's at 25877 Ford Rd!

♦ The Custard Hut ♦
The Custard Hut is such a classic here in Dearborn Heights. If you love frozen custard, ice cream, and pizza, you have got to check this place out. Our go-to item here is the vanilla custard in a cone with sprinkles. The twist is really good too. If you prefer a hard hand-dipped ice cream, you'll be happy to know that they've got that too. Delicious pizzas and hamburgers, and wonderful fries too... Everybody loves grabbing some good stuff here and then enjoying it at one of the picnic tables outside with their friends. This is a summer only establishment, like your Dairy Queens and certain other ice cream stands, so you will definitely miss it when the warm weather fades away. Forget those chain ice cream stands. This one is the winner. Find it at 25947 W Warren St!

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