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Davison, Michigan

is a wonderful place to visit when you are traveling with Limo Detroit, and when you do, we want to make sure that you have access to the best bars and restaurants. These are the ones that we enjoy most in the 48423 zip code!

♦ Whitey's Restaurant & Take Out ♦
Whitey's Restaurant & Take Out has been around for as long as we can remember, and we just love the cute and kitschy sea-styled theme with all the nets and other items hanging on the walls. Many have called this Long John Silver's plus some major upgrades, and we'd say that's pretty accurate. We love the salad bar, and then indulging in their delicious battered cod. The breaded mushrooms are one of the things that we can never bring ourselves to skip, and how about those delish fresh rolls? Yum! Great macaroni salad here too. Everybody in the area really loves this place, and we can't imagine Davison without it. Whitey's Restaurant & Take Out can be found at 10 N State Rd.

♦ Italia Gardens Davison ♦
Italia Gardens Davison is such a great place to enjoy a traditional Italian meal. The first location opened up in Flint in the early 1930s, and that rich tradition is what makes this place so attractive to us. Of course, the high quality of the food and the wonderful service doesn't hurt either! We always opt for the pasta, particularly the spaghetti! The sauce is just the best around. They've got an excellent antipasti salad here too that is a cut above the rest. Even the pizza is noteworthy, being wood fired instead of the same old thing. Top item here though? Definitely the mostaccioli with blush sauce. That's the clear winner. The service is great here and the ambiance can't be beat. You can find Italia Gardens Davison at 1141 S State Rd.

♦ Helena's Original El Charrito's ♦
Helena's Original El Charrito's is one of the very best Mexican restaurants in Davison, and we love it so much that we just had to recommend it to you! They've got really delicious chips and salsa here that are the perfect beginning to any meal. Unfortunately they're not free at this restaurant, but they are worth every penny. Our favorite item on the menu, in fact the one that we have ordered every single time, is the shrimp fajitas. For the appetizer, you cannot go wrong with the seafood nachos! We love the cozy atmosphere with the sombreros on the walls, and we find that this is the perfect spot for a cozy yet not too fancy date. It's good for families too, and they've got a full bar so you can relax with a great beer or margarita at the end of a long day. You can find Helena's Original El Charrito's at 201 E Mill St.

♦ White Panda Chinese Restaurant ♦
When you are craving delicious Chinese food, you cannot go wrong with White Panda Chinese Restaurant. Takeout is excellent here. We love the egg rolls here because they're rich... some might call them greasy, but if that sounds good to you rather than bad, then you will love them too! We have heard that the Thai food is excellent here too, but we have not had the pleasure of trying it for ourselves yet. It's very easy to miss this place because it's so small, so note that you can find it behind the Davison Computers building. Great for casual lunches with good friends, takeout for the family, or a quick snack in the middle of the day! You can find White Panda Chinese Restaurant at 230 N State Rd.

♦ Chee Kong Restaurant ♦
Another great Chinese restaurant that we love in Davison is Chee Kong Restaurant. It's true that the shopping center that it's located in barely has any other tenants at this point in time, but there's no question why Chee Kong is the one that has really stood the taste of time. The General Tso's Chicken is our favorite thing on the menu and it always has been. We love stopping in for a great sit down meal, and the takeout is excellent too. They do not offer delivery here, and unfortunately they are closed on Mondays. But to make up for that, they stay open as late as 11:00PM throughout the week and weekends! You can find Chee Kong Restaurant at 719 S State Rd.

♦ Archie's Family Restaurant ♦

Archie's Family Restaurant is one of the very few places that are open 24 hours, so when you have been out all night drinking with your buddies and you need a great place to sober up, this is the spot! Or if you're just randomly craving breakfast in the middle of the night, this is the place you'll run to. There's never a time that there aren't happy customers enjoying a meal here. You can deliberately pick the most obscure time in the middle of the night and you will not be the only people there. Like Denny's, but way better! They do accept credit cards here in case you were wondering, and they even have outdoor seating when the weather is nice. You will be able to find Archie's Family Restaurant at 625 N State Rd.

♦ Apollo Family Restaurant ♦
Apollo Family Restaurant is another one of the few restaurants in this area that has stood the test of time and hasn't closed along with so many others. Why? Because they have some of the best breakfasts around! Everybody in the area loves to come in early in the morning for some fresh eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, french toast... all those goodies that make breakfast our favorite time of day! They make everything just perfectly here, and they're always happy to accommodate our special requests. Very friendly staff and a great family type of atmosphere. We absolutely love the breakfasts here. You can find Apollo Family Restaurant at 715 S State Rd.

♦ John's Restaurant & Pizzeria ♦
John's Restaurant & Pizzeria is one of our favorite places to stop in Davison for a really delicious pizza. We love to come in with friends and nosh on a huge pizza pie, with pepperoni and all our other favorite toppings. The key here is that they use just the right amount of sauce that is perfectly crafted, not too sweet and not too salty, with delicious high quality cheese and lots of delicious toppings. The environment here is nice and comfortable, not too casual yet not too fancy, just right. And the people who work here are very friendly and quick to bring you anything that you ask for. Always a great time here, clean surroundings, and a delicious meal! Find John's Restaurant & Pizzeria at 9010 Davison Rd.

♦ Village Cafe Family Restaurant ♦
Village Cafe Family Restaurant is one of the top spots for breakfast in Davison. The eggs are our favorite thing here, whether we order them scrambled, fried, or in a delicious omelette! The sausage and bacon is just perfect here, and we love the hash browns. It's always so comfortable to come in early on a weekday morning for some wonderful food and that unbelievably old fashioned and friendly service. The menu is filled with all your favorites from the previously mentioned eggs to pancakes and waffles and drinks! The coffee is fantastic and you'll love that they keep your cup filled at all times, always piping hot. You will be able to find this great restaurant at 230 N State Rd.

♦ Lucky's Steak House ♦
Lucky's Steak House is one of the highest quality restaurants that you'll find in the area, and we'd very highly recommend it for any special occasions, dates, or business lunches. The crab cakes are one of their most often recommended items, and we love the gourmet salmon salad too. The steaks are of course the star of the show, and the prime rib is the one that we would recommend most highly. The zip sauce is excellent here. Try the potato bacon soup too! They've got a nice array of cocktails to enjoy here too, including delicious creamy white russians and crisp citrus margaritas. Excellent service and wonderful ambiance too. You can find Lucky's Steak House at 10098 Lapeer Rd.

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