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Corunna, Michigan

is located within Shiawassee County and the zip code is 48817. Many of our passengers travel to the area of Corunna and Owosso, and they want to know where the best places are to eat and drink. We put together this comprehensive list of our favorites in this area, and we hope that you will be able to enjoy some of these next time you find yourself in this area with Limo Detroit! Please enjoy.

♦ Wrought Iron Grill ♦
Wrought Iron Grill regarded as our preferred place to visit in the Corunna and Owosso area, and that's partly because of the pleasant atmosphere and partly because the food is so wonderful! Of course, the moderate pricing definitely helps. We particularly enjoy sitting in the bar area, which is really beautiful with plenty of wines to choose from, even by the glass, and a lot of wonderful microbrews too. This is definitely a meat and seafood lovers paradise, with not many vegetarian entrees to choose from, but if you're of the carnivore variety like we are, you will be more than pleased with what they offer. Amazing rack of lamb, and delicious lobster, spinach, and artichoke dip that we are absolutely hooked on! Wrought Iron Grill can be found at 317 Elm St in nearby Owosso.

♦ The Grille on Main ♦
The Grille on Main, yet another one of our top choices in this area, this one actually located within Corunna itself, and is it ever a gem! We especially enjoy the five dollar walleye basket that you'll find on their lunch menu — what a deal, and what wonderful flavor! The breakfasts are also really sensational. You won't believe how low the prices are on everything here, and they've even got a nice outdoor seating section for seasons that permit. Family friendly and fun for groups too! Definitely one of our highest recommendations. The Grille on Main is located at 307 N Shiawassee St right here in Corunna!

♦ Roma's Back Door ♦
When you're craving a pizza in Corunna/Owosso, then you will want to make sure you visit to Roma's Back Door. People go wild for this place, and there is absolutely no question why. The service is out of this world, and so is the food. It's one of the more upscale restaurants in the area, and all of the Italian entrees and pizzas are truly superb. We've been known to talk, at length about the wonderful experiences that we've had here, but really we just recommend that you go and have some of your own! They've got a private room for your special events, so you may want to take advantage of that! Roma's Back Door can be found at 200 E Comstock St in next door Owosso.

♦ Courtside Cafe ♦
Courtside Cafe is such a wonderful place to gather with friends for a delicious meal. Our favorite item on the menu is without a doubt their New England Autumn Sandwich, and we order that year round despite the name! Very highly recommended. Many people say that the layout here is a bit odd, and we agree, but it's pretty comfortable anyway and the food is the star of the show, so as soon as you are served your appetizers or entrees, you won't be thinking about that anymore! Definitely a first ballot choice in this area, and always a high recommendation. Courtside Cafe is easy to find at 1460 N M-52 in nearby Owosso!

♦ Greg & Lou's Family Restaurant ♦
Greg & Lou's Family Restaurant is a hugely popular place to go for breakfast in this area, and as such, you may want to plan to get there plenty early if you don't want to wait long! The prices are on the higher side here for the rest of the day in comparison to other local restaurants, which is required for higher quality experiences, we believe that it's worth it, and it kind of falls under the heading of "getting what you pay for." That is definitely true here. Great for carryout too, and very family friendly. Greg & Lou's Family Restaurant can be found at 1460 N M-52 in nearby Owosso.

♦ Journey Cafe ♦

The Journey Cafe is such an amazing place to get some delicious food in this area. We absolutely love the coffee here, and the cozy ambiance is really nice. We're big fans of their breakfast wraps, gourmet muffins, chicken cucumber wraps, and vegetarian wraps, and from the drink menu we'd recommend a con panna or a macchiato. Note their limited hours — they are open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday, and from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturday. We appreciate the fact that there's a bigger goal here too — part of these profit goes to supporting worthy causes, including most recently Water for Ethiopia. Closed Sunday. Journey Cafe is found at 1302 W Main St in nearby Owosso.

♦ BJ's Fine Foods ♦
BJ's Fine Foods is another particular favorite when it comes to delicious breakfast in the Corunna and Owosso area. They've got lots of wonderful home cooked specials for you to choose from, and we especially love the fact that they have a diabetic menu that's also very heart-friendly. If you are seeking a healthier option for a breakfast restaurant, this is definitely it. Their daily specials for lunch and dinner are also noteworthy, with our favorites being the pork chop dinners and their casseroles.Even their hamburgers are just so delicious! BJ's Fine Foods is located at 1900 E M-21 in nearby Owosso.

♦ El Potrero ♦
El Potrero is really wonderful if you are craving Mexican food in the Corunna/Owosso area. It's really your only option for Mexican food in this area unless you count Taco Bell, but we're happy to say that they made this list on their own merit, not because they're the only Mexican restaurant around here! The quesadillas are so much better than most places, and the tamales and flautas are also fantastic! They provide wonderful service and the ambiance is very welcoming and cozy too. Moderate pricing, and even a full bar! Very highly recommended for a nice night out with friends. El Potrero can be easily found at 1706 W M-21 in nearby Owosso.

♦ Taco Bell♦
The Owosso Taco Bell location was recently remodeled, so we figured it deserved an honorable mention here! As far as fast food goes, Taco Bell is our favorite, and for lunch or dinner you really can't beat the value of their five buck boxes. You can also get plenty full on just one grilled stuft burrito, because they're so huge and packed with just about every ingredient that they have! Smaller items that we are also big fans of include the chicken meximelt, and the steak enchirito. Fourthmeal is a necessity when you're coming in late from the bars, and since Taco Bell is probably the one establishment in town that actually stays open that late, it's an after-bar favorite with just about everybody around here! This Taco Bell location can be found at 201 E Main St in nearby Owosso.

♦ Celia's Corner Cafe ♦
Celia's Corner Cafe is another one of our favorite stops for breakfast in the Corunna and Owosso area. We have only been to this one for breakfast and we're not sure about their hours for the rest of the day or how their lunches or dinners are, but we have had several mouthwateringly good breakfasts here, and we recommend them highly for that! The ambiance is very cozy and quaint, you just find yourself feeling relaxed and at ease when you are here, after a full meal you may even want to take a nap. We can't imagine a more pleasant breakfast experience than this! Celia's Corner Cafe can be found at 437 W Stewart St in nearby Owosso.

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