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Concord, Michigan

can be found within Jackson County, and it's covered by the zip code of 49237. We've really become big fans of some of the restaurants in this city, and we think that you will enjoy them just as much as we do. Here are our top picks — please enjoy them when you are traveling with Limo Detroit!

♦ The Silver Spoon Cafe ♦
The Silver Spoon Cafe is known as THE place for breakfast in Concord! Their corned beef hash is just out of this world, and everybody falls in love with their deliciously fluffy omelettes! They have fresh seasonal fruit served on top of their wonderful homemade pancakes and waffles too, which is a nice treat, especially in the summer. The weekends are really packed here, so there's a lively atmosphere and everybody always enjoys themselves. You can find The Silver Spoon Cafe at 122 N Main St right here in Concord! One of our highest recommendations for this area, particularly for an early AM breakfast!

♦ M-60 Grill ♦
M-60 Grill is basically just a cozy truckstop diner located conveniently in Concord, and everybody really enjoys the country atmosphere here! They've got great breakfasts, and the atmosphere is really lively on the weekends when they're packed for that very same reason! The people who work here are fantastic, and the prices are unbelievably low! You'll enjoy everything on their breakfast menu, but don't overlook lunch or dinner either — their hamburgers are really out of this world, and that's not all they've got! We love their coffee here too. You can find M-60 Grill at 13350 Spring Arbor Rd right here in Concord!

♦ Subway ♦

The Subway is always a healthy choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner when you really have to have fast food! It's a quick stop when you're traveling with Limo Detroit, and everybody can get something that they really love. The meatball marinara subs are really excellent in our opinion, and the sweet onion chicken teriyaki is a hit with just about everybody. Now and then they feature a chicken chipotle melt that will really knock your socks off. And vegetarians will appreciate their veggie delite and their salads! You can find this Subway location at 200 Spring Arbor Rd, right here in Concord!

♦ Riverside Express Pizzeria ♦
Riverside Express Pizzeria is a quick place to pick up a delicious pizza when you're on the go with Limo Detroit. You won't find a more delicious pizza in the area — just the perfect crust, sensational sauce, yummy gooey melty cheese, and all the high quality toppings you could ever want. They're happy to do it a little softer or a little crispier depending on what you prefer, and you'll never hear any complaints about ordering half and half different toppings on your pizza. True professionals here, and we appreciate it! You can find Riverside Express Pizzeria at 107 Spring Arbor Rd right here in Concord.

♦ Cadet Tavern ♦
Finally we've got Cadet Tavern, which is the main bar in this area that all the locals really love. You'll always find it full of regulars, and that's due in part to the fact that they've got great food here, as well as to the fact that they have the best drinks in town! The pizza is surprisingly great for being bar fare, and really that can be said for everything else on the menu too. The people who work here are so friendly and welcoming, and that goes for all the regulars too! This place is definitely a valued one amongst all the Concord residents, and we think you will value it too. You can find Cadet Tavern at 113 N Main St right here in Concord!

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